Apple App Store Rule Change Can Ban the Facebook Onavo


    Apple App Store Rule Change: Since few days, Apple is having a good amount of time. According to the fresh updates by Apple, it will stop the FBI from using the GrayKey device for hacking into the passcodes. In addition, pretty other new updates were a part of the Apple Announcement which will ban Facebook’s Onavo Protect Legal.

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    Facebook’s Onavo VPN Insights

    As the Apple App Store Rule Change is in place, Facebook is adding some new features to its VPN. Recently, it added the “Protect” feature to their mobile as well as desktop platforms which was surely a great thing.

    By Facebook, the Onavo VPN is a free VPN App but there are still pretty much mysterious things to it. A normal VPN redirects the entire traffic through a secure server and further keeps all the data private and encrypted. But, in the case of a VPN, it does think in a bit different manner.

    On the basis of Experts who have analyzed Onavo, they have found some interesting things. They said that despite being a regular VPN app, Onavo was a tracking tool for Facebook. Being a spy tool, it passes all the user data directly to Facebook including other confidential ones. In addition, it also passes the information like how much you visit them and which are the websites you are visiting.

    In simpler words, it does the harvesting of user data on apps which are outside of Facebook and Onavo. With this, it sends all the data back to Facebook and this data is of much importance to Facebook. With these data, Facebook can monitor the popularity of apps and can define apps which are less usable. Hence, with the above things happening, Apple App Store Rule Change is surely a good step.

    Further, with harvesting data, Facebook will be much aware of its rivals, recent startups and can provide further help to Facebook. Since Onavo is providing a sense of usefulness to facebook, it is still breaching the security rules. However, Facebook is preventing the allegations and is trying its best to stay clean.

    Apple standing up for User’s Privacy

    In the midst of Apple App Store Rule Change, Apple is bringing a stringent level of security. And, they are exposing Facebook’s Onavo to some great extents. With this, the new set of rules forbids the collection of “Information about which other apps are installed on a user’s device for the purpose of analytics or advertising/marketing.”

    This is not the very first time that Apple has done some massive security in terms of security. With the new security update, Apple has the ability to monitor the activity of the users without the support of user authorization. But, the latest update from Apple is looking a lot more on the decisive side.

    Now, other Apple App Store Rule Change, you can even choose some other VPN company. At present, there are different reputable VPN Service providers which can enhance the security of your system. If privacy is your concern, freely opt for the best VPN Service provider and increase your privacy to great extents.


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