Algeria Will Shut Down Internet Access During Exam Time


    Algeria Will Shut Down Internet Access: As and when the exam time approaches in any country, students stay determined for work. Here in Algeria, the Exam Fever is on high and the government is looking for some way or the other. For the youngsters, they are turning down to the Internet for their study material. But, the Algerian government have a different set of plan for their country’s students.

    At present, Algeria Will Shut Down Internet Access which will surely be a setback for their country’s students.

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    Third Annual Shutdown of the Internet in Algeria

    On the basis of the Algerian Authorities, this strategy will prevent the Algerian student’s to cheat in their exams. But for many individuals, there are seeing this as a sign for Government Censorship. Such censorship is done on behalf of the Presidential elections which will happen in 2019.

    Houda-Imane Feraoun who is the Algerian’s communication minister has said that the government will restrict the online access. These restrictions will occur throughout the country in the very first hour of exams between June 20 to June 25.

    According to Houda, this step will stop the Algerian students to share exam information online. Such blocks will affect the ISP’s all over Algeria and different mobile service providers.

    As Algeria Will Shut Down Internet Access, VPN’s will suffer to a great extent. The Algerian authorities are taking huge steps to block different VPN Services. And other proxy ones which are active in the country.

    In the series of blockage, both TOR and ZenMate are in the process to become inaccessible in Algeria. Although, over the course of time, Algeria has been trying to block VPNs and have failed each and every time.

    Algeria Growing its Internet Censorship

    Since Algeria Will Shut Down Internet Access, it is relentlessly growing its Internet Censorship. In the recent months, Algeria is on the road of blocking different websites and their focus is on the Kabylie Region.

    Meanwhile, in the court case which took place in Algeria, Merzoug Touati who is an Algerian Blogger was sent to jail for 10 years. He was the culprit of providing the “Intelligence to Agents of a Foreign Power”.

    As of now, in the heating climate of the presidential elections, shutting down the Internet can pose some serious issue. In other countries, the exam time scenario is a lot different. In other countries, the government bans students from accessing Internet-driven devices all over the country.

    Report by the Middle East Eye Website

    In the recent report by the Middle East Eye Website, an IT Security official said, “We have been under a lot of pressure from the authorities to install network monitoring and interconnection equipment to monitor the internet and, if necessary, disconnect the connection. Net censorship [this year] will be better coordinated and more effective [than previously].”

    Now, Algeria Will Shut Down Internet Access but there are other ways for accessing the Internet. Despite a number of efforts to ban VPN, there are some reputable brands which are working perfectly fine. Hence, go ahead, choose the best VPN Service provider and use the Internet in a much freeway.


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