MPAA Reports Scandalous Pirate Sites to the US Government


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As of now where the scenario goes, the MPAA is looking in full-fledge to disrupt every other notorious pirate site. Hence, this time, MPAA reports scandalous pirate sites straight to the US Government.

Well, here, the MPAA made a list of the most scandalous pirate sites and the same will be taken forward by the US government. Here, there are tons of different pirate sites such as the Pirate Bay, Russian Social Network, Openload, and many more.

Hence, to let you know the whole scenes behind MPAA reports scandalous pirate sites, let us move ahead and discover some really deep information on the same.

MPAA reports scandalous Pirate Sites: Real Story

Now, as far as the situation goes, the MPAA is reporting every other pirate sites to the US Government. And, as far as the investigation goes, we don’t really think that any other site will be spared.

Other than that, even the hosting and ad-network companies are highlighted. Whereas the pirate IPTV is calling such things as an emerging threat.

How does reporting help the US Government?

As and when the MPAA submits such type of requests, it becomes easier for the US government to guide through foreign countries. And then imply a more stringent copyright enforcement.

Now, as and when we dig deep into the “MPAA reports scandalous pirate sites” story, we discover some really deep things.

Here, the MPAA is targeting plenty of other sites such as the Pirate Bay, RARBGm 1377x, Torrentz2 and the Rutracker.

In addition, the Chinese P2P client site Xunlei even makes a comeback. But has failed to reach a mutual agreement with the MPAA.

What’s new in this story?

Here, the IPTV services are truly an emerging threat for MPAA. And the MPAA is visualizing and snapping every other platform of this type.

A Word of Mouth By the Industry Group

In a meeting, the Industry group said, “An emerging global threat is a piracy from illegal internet protocol television (IPTV) services that provide stolen telecommunication signals/channels to a global audience via dedicated web portals, third-party applications and piracy devices configured to access the service,”

On a more precise note, the MPAA highlights, and Where they added that these companies generate revenue through the method of subscriptions. In addition, the even provide access to hundreds of TV-channels as well as to on-demand video content.

Coming down towards the final category, it covers every piracy devices, apps which even includes the streaming boxes.

In addition, the Hollywood group even has their anger towards the third-party intermediaries which includes the advertisers and hosting providers.

Wrapping Things Up: MPAA reports scandalous pirate sites to the US Government

As long as the fight between MPAA and pirate site goes, the road seems to be an unending one. In either case, if you want a full report on the same, you can download the PDF by clicking here.

Till then, the story of MPAA reports scandalous pirate sites will continue to be in full force. And the pirate sites will have to find every alternative way if they want to survive in this censorship based world.


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