MPAA Issued ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Block Order in Singapore


According to the recent reports, MPAA has issued a ‘dynamic’ pirate site block order right in Singapore itself. Here, it will allow different ISP’s to resist the efforts by pirate sites to circumvent different blocking orders.

Now, talking about the different sites which are affected by the all-new circumvent blocking order includes:

  • The Pirate Bay
  • Solarmovie
  • Kickass Torrents

and tons of other torrenting sites.
Speaking about the new ruling, it was declared by the High Court of Singapore after a series of research and investigation.

A Take on the ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Block Order         

Since four years ago, Singapore was the latest of all countries which were against pirated content. Here, they used copyright laws to block every single pirated content in their country itself.

Here, the amendments were passed in summer 2014 and the same took effect on December the very same year.

Now, after a break of almost two years, a request by the MPAA has shaken the torrent service providers all over the world.

Hence, the different major ISP’s said the High Court to block different streaming platforms within Singapore.

Further, in April, MPAA got another victory when their applicant to block 53 sites operating across 154 domains such as Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents was inaccessible in Singapore.

Here, ISP’s such as Singtel, M1, MyRepublic, StarHub, and ViewQwest blocked every single torrent site in Singapore.

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What about the Blockage Process in Singapore?

In an attempt to successfully complete the ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Block Order, the MPAA did several things to prove their point.

First of all, the High Court must be enough satisfied that the torrent sites are “flagrantly infringing” i.e. are breaching copyright & are disrespecting the copyright law.

On the contrary, when it comes to the site defense, they are free to defend themselves. But still, till now, none of them have come forward.

Finally, seeing quite a number of experiences of sites all over the world using different tactics to prevent blocking, the copyright owners returned to the High court of Singapore to do the necessary proceedings.

Hence, they said the High Court to block new domains or IP Addresses which have a connection with those sites. And, without any surprise, the MPAA has now said the Court to adopt a precise way to block Pirated Sites.

A Word of Mouth by Justice Jee Seiu Kin

“Without a continuing obligation to block additional domain names, URLs and/or IP addresses upon being informed of such sites, it is unlikely that there would be effective disabling of access to the 53 (infringing websites),” as quoted by the TodayOnline.

Final Word of Mouth: MPAA Issued ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Block Order in Singapore

Without any doubt from the above scenario, it doesn’t seem that the MPAA will spare any pirate site in Singapore. They are applying all their force and probably will succeed with time.

On the other hand, none of Pirate Site owners are showing any power to suppress the efforts of the MPAA.

Hence, as the story of “MPAA Issued ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Block Order in Singapore” goes, one thing is clear. The MPAA looks in the ruthless and unstoppable state. And, they will block every single Torrent Site, at the earliest.


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