Movie Companies Sue the Popcorn Time Operator In US Court


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Major filmmakers of the movie “Mechanic: Resurrection” and “Once Upon a Time in Venice” are trying their best to shut down the Popcorn Time Fork. This is being done by taking orders from the Hawaiian federal court. The Popcorn Time Operator is looking in complete vain as they are not left with many options.

At the very same time, different media companies are fighting the never-ending battle of piracy. Therefore, with an intention to let you know more about the current movie company sue operation, let’s move ahead and get some more information.

Movie Companies are suing Popcorn Time Operator straight in the US Court

If we talk about five years ago, Popcorn Time took the entire Internet by storm. The software gave BitTorrent driven streaming services to the users. Here, the interface was Netflix-style which made it much easier for usability.

While the original developers closed their project for a few months after getting pressure from the Hollywood Industry. They were suing on different lawsuits which made the developers to close the ongoing project.

Popcorn times is one of the greatest standing forks and the application is running since the year 2014. Still, today, its fully functional and have made great progress over the years.

As of now, they have launched their torrent tracker which is being used by plenty of the users.

Now, for the Hollywood studios, they are switching their effort towards different pirate streaming boxes. These boxes have made huge revenue and the entertainment companies have come under heavy losses.

Still, for the smaller firms, Popcorn Times is on the radar and they will catch it, much sooner.

Complaint by the Movie Companies

“Plaintiffs bring this action to stop the massive piracy of their motion pictures brought on by the BitTorrent protocol software application Popcorn Time,” the movie companies write in their complaint.

“Defendant STANISLAV AMELYCHYTS distributes copies of Popcorn time and promotes it for the infringing purpose of ‘watch torrent movies instantly’, including Plaintiffs’ copyright protected Works.”

Here, the defendant is clearly responsible for the entire blunder. This includes a copy of the software which spread throughout the entire Google Play Store as well as on the website.

In the later times, the Popcorn time was even advertised in the form of a ‘pirate’ tool.

Further, even Uptodown is a much famous source from where people got millions of software on a daily basis.

What’s more interesting about the lawsuit is that it all started as a case against the BitTorrent Pirates. Now, all of the cases are over and Popcorn Time has come into the main highlight.

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Final Word of Mouth: Movie Companies are suing Popcorn Time Operator straight in the US Court

As of now, the attorney of the movie studios has filed the same complaints against the pirate TV boxes. Such services include Dragon Box along with Showbox which has millions of customer using these services.

Therefore, as the Popcorn Time Operator is under the radar of Movie companies, they will have to find a solution, much sooner.

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