Metadata Retention Law in European Union


Metadata Retention Law in European Union- European Union has not been any of less than. The other pro data retention law nations like the US. The metadata retention law in the European Union has been there since 2006. Despite the opposition and protestation by the netizens and many cybersecurity advocates. There has been no effect on the policies about metadata retention law in European Union.

The countries fall in the European Union Council. Have to abide by this law of metadata retention in their home ground. Be it Germany, Brazil, Uk or any other European country. The government has been implementing the metadata retention practice. With full force without thinking about the privacy concerns of the netizens. Living in the misery and fear of their data breach.

This is nothing but an utter attack on the fundamental human right. Of the citizens in Europe who wish not to be watched by any of the agency. Moreover, the right of every netizen to use the internet anonymously. And this must not be taken under any circumstances. And all the flock should not be punished because of a few black sheeps.

The government of these nations hides behind the wall of the reason. That metadata retention law is a way. To reach any state-sponsored criminal. Hence, this law is enacted to prevail the national security. But what I think is, obtaining national security. At the cost of a citizen’s fundamental right is not a wise step. Furthermore, many Europeans are even not acquainted with the fact. That what is this law and how it has been widespread across Europe. If you are among such lot of people. Then you landed here rightly. Here are we to tell you about the metadata retention law in European Union. And how you can take your online privacy in your own hand.

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What Is Metadata?

It is important to know what is metadata. In order to understand fully what your government is doing with you. However, many of us are not accustomed to thinking the depth of this term. To put it into simplest words. Metadata refers to data about data. Why is it used here? And what you have to do with it will be further explained below.

Your internet data may include. Your emails, bank transaction details, messaging app details, VoIP software records and much more. These are termed as “data.” Whereas metadata is the data about these data. For instance, the call duration, caller ID, your location, IP address, browsing history. The website URL, message time, email sender and receiver information. Along with time sent and the location of the receiver. These all are categorized as metadata. What government has attempted successfully. To retain and use it when it is needed.

What Is Metadata Retention Law In European Union?

Metadata retention law in European Union. Is not less powerful than any other country. The law was first introduced back in 2006. And after few amendments, it has still been implementing across Europe. This law is known as the Data Retention Directive or DRD. According to this law. All the member countries of European Union Council. Have to retain the data of their citizen. Such as call details, message details, IP address, location, email details and all other metadata.

The states of Europe then implemented this law. By asking the ISPs to preserve the data of the internet users. And also telecommunications to retain metadata of the users. And these parties must provide the required details. When asked by police or any other law enforcement agencies. In a bid to combat crime. However, the law agencies are required to get a legal notice from the court before accessing the data. So, this how metadata retention in the European Union debuted. And became widespread across the region.

Why Government Supports This Law?

The government thinks it is a safe and easy way. Of getting the catch hold of any criminal. Moreover, the government’s stance on this issue. Is to reduce the rate of crime in the state. But who can assure this that it can progressively eliminate corruption from Europe? If it could, it would have been removed. As data retention in the European Union is being practised for many years.

In this advanced era, where the government is making use of technologies. How can the criminal be of any less, won’t they go for security software. To protect their identity as to not catch into the trap of government metadata retention law in European Union. Thus, treating all the innocent citizens. With the same doubtfulness is not at all a good way. And it is also an absolute violation of human rights.

How It Kills Your Privacy?

Bear this fact with me for a moment that in Europe your all the internet activities have been watched, and your internet data has been preserved by your ISP. And the worse news is that you can not even sue your ISP for that because it is not at all crime in Europe. The governments of members of European Union have made the ISPs requisite to conserve your data and hand over it to the agencies when needed. So what could be worse than knowing that you are being snooped round the clock by your ISP due to metadata retention law in European Union. (also read our ultimate privacy guide)

How To Evade Metadata Retention Law In European Union?

Metadata retention law in European Union feels like using the internet in suffocation, where you constantly feel somebody is watching you day and night and keeping your data. But never worry until VPN is there. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a dedicated cybersecurity software that is designed to direct your internet data traffic route from an encrypted tunnel that linked with a remote server on the other end.

This encrypted tunnel is impossible to intercept even for anyone including your ISP. Hence, VPN makes your ISP unable to see your data and IP, and thus you will not be affected by the metadata retention law in European Union. So go, grab a VPN to protect your internet data from being retained. (see best VPN services)

Use A VPN Located Other than Europe

For the safe side, you are advised not to go for the VPNs based out in member states of European Union because if all the internet provider are required to keep your data and pass it on, there might be the same agreement with the VPN providers too in European Union ( go through our VPN guide).

Thus, if your VPN provider also retains your data, it will kill the purpose of using VPN in Europe. You can look up to VPN like ExpressVPN based in British Virgin-Island and NordVPN from Panama that is not the members of the European Union.

Bottom-Line- Metadata Retention Law in European Union

Despite many critics and protests. The governments of member states of the European Union seems affectless. And continue to implement metadata retention law in European Union states. With maximum power in the name of reducing crime. Thus, this is the high time. To take your internet security on hand in Europe and opt for the right VPN.

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