Latest Law Will See Different Pirate TV Services To Be Blocked By Latvia ISPs


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Yesterday, new laws took effect into the Latvian region where it will block different Pirate TV services with immediate effect. The ISPs have started blocking pirate sites which are delivering TV streams without a license. This blocking will be carried out after the orders given by the National Electronic Media Council.

With this, plenty of unauthorized sites will become inaccessible for the duration of six months. Even the consumers are eager to view pirated content as it is absolutely free and doesn’t involve any costing.

Therefore, to let you know complete information about the latest law on Pirate TV services, let’s move ahead and discover each thing.

New Law will See Different Pirate TV Services Blocked By the Latvia ISPs

If we see the present date world, a massive amount of content is available via cables, satellites and even through the Internet. Even in the case of piracy content, it is available in huge numbers and people are consuming it free of cost.

With the blooming nature of the Internet, legitimate platforms have arisen but with that, different pirate platforms have found their place too. The share of pirate audience is definitely large and they are slowly spreading over the entire internet.

Now, with no precise answer to stop piracy, countries have turned to web-blocking and taking help of local ISPs. Of course, the ISPs are an integral part to block pirate websites at immediate effect.

Therefore, this time, its Latvia which has brought a new set of laws on January 1, 2019. This is done to reduce the consumption of illegal viewing.

As of now, the sites which rebroadcast different “audiovisual programs” without having a license are now facing blockage. Here also, ISPs are the one who is blocking such contents taking the support of anti-piracy companies.

While this process works in an extra-judicial manner, it will follow the same rules as per other countries.

Even the National Electronic Media Council will administer the blocks whereas it will send cease-and-desist notices to the pirate site owners.

Since broadcasters are using illegal means to transmit shows, such a council can catch them and levy certain improvements.

 A Take on the Investment by Delfi

On the basis of an investigation by Delfi, the state will pick up the bill for administrating on different blockades. Here, an amount of 333,000 euros will be spent in 2019 followed by 280,000 in the year 2020 and 2021.

Most of this money will be spent on the 10 new official salaries whereas other money will be spent on new software for monitoring different pirate sites.

The company even talked with TorrentFreak whereas they told to block access to infringing portals. This even includes complaints by the big copyright holders, anti-piracy groups and other anti-piracy associations.

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Final Word of Mouth: New Law will See Different Pirate TV Services Blocked By the Latvia ISPs

As far as the current scenario goes, Latvia’s government looks in full force to ban copyright infringement portals. With such a crucial step, you can see a decrease in the number of Pirate TV services with time.

However, as the case for the pirate companies goes, there will definitely find a way to fight such anti-piracy measures.

content credit- Torrent Freak


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