Japan is Planning A Two Years Prison For The Manga Pirates


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While downloading copyright infringement music videos and movies is illegal in Japan, downloading of static Images such as Manga is not. As per the local reports, Agency of Cultural Affairs is intending to criminalize the practice where the users will be sent to jail for a period of two years. At this point in time, the Manga Pirates is about to come under trouble and people caught will have to serve jail period.

While just uploading any sorts of illegal content is said to be illegal in many countries, downloading and streaming are a different matter.

Therefore, to let you know the entire story behind Japan’s planning on Manga Pirates lets move ahead and discover everything in detail.

Japan Is Planning 2-Year Prison For Manga Pirates

Specifically given in the EU law, streaming laws are not much stringent and regions are lacking clarification on this matter. In some countries, even downloading is legal where people can download their wishful videos from torrent sites.

In Japan, there is a larger loophole which the pirate companies are using to some really good extents. As we said above, downloading Music and videos is illegal in Japan but people can download still images.

To explain a lot simpler, photographs and country’s manga material are available on a demand basis.

However, as per the Mainichi source, government planning has already begun. Their teams of officers are doing the investigation and are even considering different online portals.

The Agency for Cultural Affairs is also mulling the copyright image downloading criminalization.

What does the 2012 law say?

Also, as per the 2012 law, penalties for downloading static images and manga could be jail for two years. For fines, the person will have to pay an amount of yen (US$17,729) with the required money for damages.

More interestingly, the claims will apply to people who will download images on their devices. For people who simply view such images, they will remain safe from the hands of the government.

In order to view those images, they will have to be download first and that is where all the confusion lies. So, technically, even if people are just viewing images,  they must have saved them and then went on to view.

 A Take by Unknown Sources

According to different anonymous sources, the latest restrictions have come into practice into the drafts of the copyright act. The panel of copyright subcommittee of the Council of Cultural affairs is taking such decisions.

Indications are quite clear that the final draft will be available for public comments in a few weeks.

Even the laws which the government created to criminalize pirate content were ineffective. They had no effect on piracy and Japan is still under a big pool of piracy firms.

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Final Word of Mouth: Japan Is Planning 2-Year Prison For Manga Pirates

Being said that, Japan’s intentions are on the right side. All they need is an effort to stop Manga and still image file downloading. The new laws are made and will soon come into effect to stop copyright infringement of such stuff.

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