Is TeaTV Safe?


Some people would not give up their TeaTV for all the tea in China; but others might be tempted when they realize it could have some unpleasant consequences for your device.

TeaTV apk is a free app that gives users access to the latest free movies and television series. No login is required to access the content; and TeaTV claims that no illegal or pirated content is included on its site.

Nevertheless, TeaTV does log a fair amount of its users’ activity, including your IP address, cookie data, and device type. While TeaTV doesn’t expressly state that this information is shared with any third parties; equally, it doesn’t state that it isn’t; so viewers should err on the side of caution and use a VPN to reduce the amount of personal data available.

Why a VPN Will Keep You Safe When Using TeaTV

Notwithstanding TeaTV’s reassurance that their apps and programs are safe to use, they still pose a risk.

A VPN gives privacy by encrypting any data that is sent to or from your devices. It will stop your online activity being seen by your internet service provider, the government; the sites you visit, the apps you use, and the copyright holders looking into who streams their programs.

When you use a VPN; it won’t matter if TeaTV collects your IP address because the VPN server you’re connected to will mask your real one.

This is because you can only truly watch free; legal video content through network TV or via an official online service. Downloading or streaming video content from anywhere else could mean you’re engaging in copyright violation or piracy.

There has recently been lots of pressure from the entertainment industry on many of the world’s governments to eradicate copyright piracy. This means ISPs are taking extra steps to catch people streaming illegally.

By using a VPN, you’re giving yourself that extra protection from the prying eyes of mass surveillance, meaning you can sit back and relax while watching your favorite content on TeaTV.

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What to Look for in a VPN for TeaTV

Several features are essential for high-quality streaming and fast downloads while using TeaTV.

You need a VPN with fast speeds so that you can stream interruption-free. You’ll likely also want one that is recognized for its reliable connections and no drop-outs.

If you plan on watching many movies or want to binge a series, you’ll want a VPN with unlimited bandwidth so you won’t be restricted or capped.

Finally, you’ll want a VPN with plenty of servers so that you won’t encounter any problems geoblocks.

Below is a list of the top VPNs we recommend for streaming content on TeaTV.

Is Terrarium TV legal?

Apps like Terrarium TV are always a bit of a legal gamble. While Terrarium TV does scrape from some online sources that offer content legally, most of its content violates copyright laws.

Terrarium TV attempts to protect itself by not hosting any of the content itself. However, as we have learned from some notable Kodi addon examples recently, this is not exactly a foolproof method. Once-popular streaming addons such as ZemTV and Phoenix (which has since returned as Bennu) went offline after an anti-piracy trial. And the Kodi site TVAddons hit many influential news websites after the owner was hit with a rather harrowing lawsuit and home search and seizure.

To put it simply, Terrarium TV exists in a legal “gray” area, but even then, much of what it does is increasingly getting labeled as copyright infringement. While it is unlikely any users will be hit with legal consequences, this may not always be the case. Without a VPN or other proxy method to hide your streaming activities, your ISP and any government agency can see that you’re streaming from the pirate websites connected to Terrarium TV.


When you use a VPN with TeaTV, you’re blocking third parties from monitoring your online activity or seeing your IP address.

NordVPNis definitely one of the best, but there are plenty of VPN options to suit your individual needs, so check out our list of the Best VPNs Overall to see which works for you.


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