Is Peerblock for BitTorrent still safe?


Is Peerblock for BitTorrent still safe? Peerblock is preferred by point-to-point users and by BitTorrent users for a faster and anonymous download. Peerblock for BitTorrent is theoretically a possible and real choice for safer downloads. But when we consider the practical scenario, it blocks so many IP addresses that are not malicious. We may even say Peerblock is doing a lot of unnecessary blocking as a measure to enable safe torrent downloads. Perhaps, it does not consider that we also require a quick connection and it is better that it avoids such junk works.

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What is Peerblock?

Furthermore, Peerblock is free software that works on the principle of blocking suspicious Internet protocol (IP) addresses which might be of government agencies or hackers. By stopping such intrusions in our transmissions, we are safe with our data. The block list is often provided by third parties either for free or for payments. These third parties manage massive databases that contain the most suspicious IP addresses. So, when we activate a Peerblock, those IP addresses are blocked, and they cannot keep an eye on us anymore. It is a safety measure to protect a user from as much as possible malicious IP addresses.

Problems of using Peerblock

Slower Download Speeds

The top three popular blocklists contain over 1.1 million IP addresses, and if it tries to block this IPs, it will take much time. This time delay results in slower download speeds. On the other hand, we need to reduce the block list’s count, so we can attain faster downloads.  In such a case, our need for ensuring safety is not fulfilled, and there is a possibility of leaving certain IP addresses, and those can still watch us. So, we can even say that Peerblock for bittorrents offers slower downloads than others apart from exposing other related issues.

No Encryption

Peerblock does not encrypt our data and hence our Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see all the details of our connections through the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technique. Therefore, it is not 100% accurate that a Peerblock can help us in safe BitTorrent usage.

Blocking all malicious IPs is impossible

We cannot say an IP is malicious to us because it belongs to a government agency.  Also, it is practically impossible to block all such malicious IPs around the globe. Even if we block a valid malicious IP, it is not a matter of fact for them to get a newer one within a few minutes.

IP not hidden

Peerblock does not protect our IP address, and it does nothing apart from blocking certain IPs. Thus, we are exposed to various online attacks, with our unique IP being visible to others. Anybody could easily track our personals details such as name, country, even the address,. by getting hold our IP address.

Why is Peerblock not safe for BitTorrent?

It is for the following reasons Peerblock for Bittorrent is not considered as a more secure option.

Information sent with no encryption

Peerblock does not encrypt our data, and it sends to the target as it is. Therefore, the hackers can just maintain to get out of the block list to gain access to the data. It is simple to change to a newer IP, even if they are already blocked by their current IP. Thus we can say Peerblock for BitTorrent is not safer at all.

IP becomes visible to others

Anybody could track our IP address when we use a Peerblock, as it gets to appear in the torrent swarm. With the IP being displayed in the pool, they can easily trace our country and other needed information. If there is a possibility of exposing such details to those attackers is not at all an online safety measure, and hence Peerblock is considered being prone to attacks.

Best Alternative of Peerblock – A VPN for BitTorrent

From our above discussion, it is clear that the Peerblock is not a good option for bittorrents. A fantastic alternative to this is the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). A VPN can overcome the drawbacks that the Peerblock has and let us discuss how it does that, in the below section.

VPN encrypts data

VPN uses an encryption protocol and a key to encode the data we send. The encrypted data passes through a secured VPN tunnel to a VPN server, and from that server, it reaches the appropriate destination. Only on the target server, the data gets decrypted. In the middle of the transmissions, the data is in encoded form, and nobody could use it even though they manage to trap it. Therefore, an encrypted VPN for BitTorrent is a highly safer option.

VPN hides IP Address

A VPN connection reaches a suitable VPN server first and then it connects to the actual destination server. So, for the destination server, it looks like the request is from the VPN server. Therefore, a VPN connection hides the original IP address from where the request has been originated. So, a VPN can overcome the IP exposure issue associated with Peerblock, and again it proves itself as one of the best choices for bittorrents.

VPNs offer relatively faster connections

When we compare a VPN with a Peerblock connection, the steps involved in establishing a connection is lesser in VPNs. For example, a VPN has to establish just two connections; one from the sender to the VPN server and another from the VPN server to the destination server. But a Peerblock connection has to check the blacklisted IP addresses, and it needs to block them all completely. The more the list it, the more the time it takes. Hence, the fastest VPNs always offers  faster connections than a Peerblock can do

VPNs allow no malicious intrusions

In a VPN connection, the data we send is in encrypted form, and no stealing is possible. Even if there are malicious intrusions, they cannot use the data as it is encrypted. Hence, anonymous VPN services do not allow malicious intrusions at all, and therefore, VPN for BitTorrents is always safe.

How a VPN Works to Download BitTorrent?

A VPN encrypts the torrent files and passes it through a secure tunnel. By this technique, even our ISP could not identify our torrenting habit and others could not identify our IP address. A VPN for BitTorrent should have certain advanced features so it supports torrenting to a great extent.

DNS Leak Protection

When a VPN allows domain name leaks, then the usage of such a VPN is not complete as an alternative to Peerblock for bittorrents. Fortunately, most VPN guards us from DNS Leaks just with a single check button being enabled. It makes sure that all internet traffic goes only through the VPN tunnel and nothing can escape via the ISP’s network.

VPN Kill Switch

This is an advanced feature that enables us to kill all our bittorrents or other sessions, in the case of internet connection failures. This is extremely useful when we use an unreliable network such as a public Wi-Fi etc. This feature is not there in Peerblock, and hence VPNs are superior to it.

Server Selection and Server Switching

VPNs select their servers dynamically based on the target server and the VPN server loads. It always chooses a server with the least load possible and also nearer to the target server. If in case, the VPN detects that the selected VPN server is overloaded and takes a slower response time, then it switches to a next possible VPN server. These selections should be automatically made if the VPN offers an excellent BitTorrent service. This is often termed as ‘Smart server selection,’ as the selection process is done on the go and not a static one. Almost all VPNs provide these functionalities, as BitTorrent is gaining popularity day-by-day. When more people opt for it, then the VPN has to support their demands.

Variable Encryption bits

VPNs support different encryptions such as 64-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit etc. The strength of a VPN encryption mainly depends on the number of bits used for the encryption process. On the other hand, the speed of data transfer gets slow down when the bits are higher in the count. Some people need less security and faster connections. In such cases, the VPN offers connections by varying the encryption bits. But this is not at all possible with Peerblock as there is no concept of encryption at all.


Peerblock can provide us BitTorrent service, but it always has restrictions. When it is for simple unblocking of geo-restricted contents, etc. then it would be useful. But it cannot offer us complete anonymity and also privacy as provided by the VPNs. VPN for BitTorrent is regarded as a wise decision by most technocrats and thousands of people are using it for faster downloads. Apart from fast connections, we can trust the privacy and security features that a VPN offers but there is no guarantee in the Peerblock connections. Just because we have blocked certain IPs, we cannot say we have eradicated the malicious IPs from our connections. These malicious IPs can be the ones we have already allowed in our connections. So, be sure to use VPNs for bittorrents and enjoy safe and anonymous downloads.


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