Install News 12 on FireStick: Complete Installation of News 12


If you are looking to watch and listen to world news right from your place, the News 12 application is the perfect bet. Indeed, despite their country news, people have become more curious to know world news. Hence, in this guide, I will let you know the complete steps to install News 12 on FireStick.

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Still, coming back to News 12 app, it brings 24-hour exclusive news that also covers every single local news. Also, the application comes free of cost where you just need the FireStick and a good speed internet connection.

Further, for every single Amazon FireStick fan, let us move ahead and discover the steps to install News 12 on FireStick.

Steps to Install News 12 on FireStick

  1. First of all, while installing News 12 on FireStick, you don’t need any download or ES File Explorer for downloading the application.
  2. Here, all you require is to visit the App store for which, get ready to see each and every step.
  3. Firstly, Turn ON your FireStick and visit the Amazon App Store.
  4. After opening the Amazon App Store, go into the search bar and type News 12. For typing, you can use the keys of your Amazon FireStick keyboard.
  5. Now, as soon as you will get the list of options, choose News 12 from the same and press the GO button.
  6. Here, if you have a faster speed net connection, the downloading process will not consume much time. Proceed with the downloading process and let the download to complete.
  7. After download, proceed with the installation process. Now, even the installation will consume a few seconds altogether.
  8. Hence, after the completion of download and installation, you can open the News 12 app .
  9. Right after opening, you will see an initiative interface where every single World News will be right in front of you.
  10. Choose any news, have a good net connection and you will find no difficulty browsing on the News 12 app.

Even more, if you don’t like using the News 12 application, FireStick gives the option to easily uninstall the application.

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Final Word of Mouth: Steps to Install News 12 on FireStick

We are in the end phase of the article and I hope you have gone through each and every single step. Yes, I have tried my best to explain the steps to you, the simplest way.

Even more, in any case, if you get stuck while installing the News 12 application, you can go revert back and follow the steps.

Hence, with the News 12 application, you can’t really miss any news of the world. Regardless of region barrier or geo-restrictions, News 12 does the best to bring live news, for every people of the world.

Therefore, now that have known to install News 12 on FireStick, you can do one good thing. Move ahead, download, install the same and watch different country news, from your own comfort location.


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