ibVPN Review 2019


Highlights of ibVPN

  • Speedy accesses.
  • VPN, Proxy & Smart DNS – all at one place.
  • Complete Privacy.
  • 100 worldwide servers.
  • 500,000+ satisfied customers.
  • Good Customer support.
  • Allows Bittorrents in 7 countries.
  • Secured browsing with advanced features.
  • Extremely compatible with platforms.
  • Supports Play stations, routers, other devices.
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec/IKEv2 protocols support.
  • Good installation manuals.
  • Add-ons & Browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
  • Exclusive VPN Apps for Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS.
  • Multiple language support.
  • 2000+ dynamic IPs.
  • Access geo-restricted contents.
  • ibDNS integrated to provide Smart DNS service.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.


  • Servers in 47 countries and in 63 locations.
  • 15-days Money Back guarantees.
  • No Log policy.
  • Military grade AES-256 Encryption.
  • Auto-reconnect on connection failures
  • Internet  kill switch facility.
  • 6-hours free trial available.
  • Maximum of 3 simultaneous connections.
  • Client VPN Apps for most platforms & devices.


  • Weak handshaking RSA-1024 encryption.
  • Unreliable connections.
  • Live chat facility is not available 24×7.

15 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Know ibVPN

It is a Romanian-based VPN provider, and the country is free from strict data regulatory laws. The complete no log policy is liked by us when we carried out the ibVPN review, and the services are cheaper too. Apart from the VPN services, the availability of Smart DNS and proxy services impresses the users who stream live contents. The unlimited bandwidth connections and the Socks5 proxy for its customers are added benefits. Besides providing a 15-day refund policy, it also offers a 6-hour free trial for the new users. The cheaper cost of the VPN along with these offers is worth to be tried (learn more about best cheap VPN services).

Price & Unique Offers

The VPN services are quite cheaper for the quality of the service that it provides. On an average, we can get an ibVPN connection with just $2.50 per monthly even for the monthly subscriptions. The ibVPN review revealed us that it had developed four different kinds of pricing plans to help its customers.


Ultimate VPN: This plan combines the VPN, Smart DNS, and Proxy services just for $4.83 per month when billed annually. So, we need to pay $58.06. When we pay on a monthly basis, it comes to $10.95 per month. It forms a complete package with three concurrent device connections and faster Torrent services (see more best VPN for Torrenting). It allows Socks5 proxy and browser extensions too.

Standard VPN: As per this plan, the monthly charges are $3.08 per month for an annual subscription, and it comes to $36.95 for the whole year. Otherwise, we can also pay $4.95 per month for the monthly subscription. It includes only the VPN services, and those who seek security and privacy in their transactions can go for this plan. It guarantees higher speed connections with unlimited bandwidth, but it allows just a single device at a time.

Torrent VPN: This plan offers unlimited bandwidth VPN connections at the cost of $3.08 per month, and it comes to $36.95 for a year. This offer is only for the annual subscribers, and those who pay on a monthly basis need to pay $4.95 per month. It allows Socks5 proxies, but only one device can be connected to the VPN network at a time.

IBDNS or Smart DNS: This plan combines smart DNS and proxy service, but there is no associated VPN service (learn more about it in our article of VPN vs Proxy vs smart DNS). The annual subscribers have to pay $36.95 for a year, and it is same as the cost of Torrent VPN plan, i.e., $3.08 per month. Similarly, the monthly subscribers have to pay $4.95 per month. This plan can unblock more than 300 live streaming channels at turbo speeds (get the best VPN for streaming services). This package is specifically designed to target the customers who need high-speed streaming services and proxy services. Though it supports web browser extensions, it allows only one device connection at a time. Live streaming can be more enjoyable if more devices can be connected simultaneously by different members of a family as each of them stream different contents.

Free trial

The ibVPN review has helped us identify that it allows a free trial for the duration of up to 6 hours from the time of creation of the account.  Also, it should be noted that the duration starts as soon as our account gets created and not after we start using it. The ibVPN team takes ten minutes to activate our account, and this option is quite faster and useful to test the features. The important aspect is that it allows all of the features to be tested with this trial account. There is a condition associated with this free trial, which is we should not access their network through any proxies, and it leads to suspension of our free trial account.

15-Days Money Back Guarantee

The VPN provider is ready to refund the money when the user is not satisfied with their service. But the refund request has to be made within 15 days of the activation of the subscription.

VPN, Proxy & Smart DNS – all at one place

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Payment Options

The ibVPN accepts more than half a century international payment modes. Some of them are Credit or debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Maestro, JCB, etc. It accepts eWallets such as WebMoney and other payments such as AliPay, iDeal, PayPro, Paypal, Payza, AstroPay, Yandex, Perfect Money, and Bank Wire transfers. It also accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple (see more best bitcoin VPN).

Core Features of ibVPN


Security & Privacy features

No Log policy

The ibVPN review impressed us with it’s excellent no logging policy and by offering complete freedom to its users. There are customers for the VPN provider, exclusively for this feature and logging is a headache for those who wish online privacy. It is for such users that the ibVPN takes every possible measure to ensure the privacy of its customers.

Data Encryption

The ibVPN uses the military grade AES-256 bit encryption to secure the transactions through its tunnels (read more about VPN encryption in out VPN Guide). This encryption scheme is enough to provide security in every aspect, and it remains very hard to crack by the online hackers. Hence, we can enjoy secure accesses in each of our communications. But our concern is that the ibVPN uses RSA-1024 for handshaking purposes, and it can be cracked by hackers. Just by improving it a little, the VPN connections can be secured more.

VPN Protocols

It supports OpenVPN on Windows, Mac, Android, and in DD-WRT routers. Automatic installations are available for Windows and Mac with the All-in-one VPN client. For the rest, manual installation procedures are provided, and the required configuration files are also included. Similarly, the PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP protocols can be automatically installed with the all-in-one VPN client on the Windows and the Mac platforms. The manual installation of the PPTP just takes few minutes, but this protocol is not recommended as it is not that safer (learn more about which is the best VPN protocol). The manual installation of L2TP consumes a little more time, but it can provide secured accesses than the PPTP. SSTP is one of the protocols that cannot be blocked even in countries like China and in the Middle East. This protocol is available even for Linux.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

The ibVPN connections use PFS by Diffie-Hellman-Exchange keys (DHE). It uses Blowfish-128 to encrypt the VPN tunnels.

Dynamic IPs

From our ibVPN review, we could identify that the VPN provider has more than 2000 dynamic IPs to serve its customers. These IPs help in hiding the actual IPs of the users and accessing worldwide contents more efficiently (learn more about shared IP vs dedicated IP VPN services).

Internet Kill Switch

The ibVPN also offers advanced security features such as the internet kill switch to safeguard its customers against the issues related to connection failures. In the case of unexpected connection failures, the VPN provider closes all the opened sessions and never allows any of our data to go to the hands of the wrong persons. Nobody could even track our data through such interrupted sessions or transactions.


This is yet another interesting feature that the VPN provider offers its customers. With this option, the VPN connects automatically to its network during connection failures or interruptions. We could even say from our ibVPN review that the VPN provider has a concern for its users to ease their communication.

Server Switching

The ibVPN allows server switches, and it never limits the number of such switches. So, its users can choose any server and can jump to other servers at any point in time.

DDoS protection

The VPN provider has more than 100 servers around the globe, and all of them are protected against DDoS attacks. It follows specific strategies to balance the load among its servers and to offer faster connections. Even if any of the servers get stuck, our connections never get any interruptions (learn more how a VPN provide DDoS protection).

Access geo-restricted contents

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DNS leak & WebRTC leak protection

The ibVPN review helps us to identify that the network has taken measures to guard its users against such leaks and it is appreciable. These leaks are common problems with the Windows operating systems, and most users are unaware of such potential leaks associated with their system (read more about it in our comprehensive guide to IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks). Therefore, it is good that the VPN provider by itself handles such issues to safeguard its customers. `

Bit Torrents & live streaming

People go for a VPN connection, exclusively for live streaming services such as their favorite entertainment programs; to watch live sports events, to play online games, etc. These are a means by which they enjoy being at their place and it is a kind of pass time activities for those who wish to relax out of their hectic work schedules. From our ibVPN review, we could figure out that 7 of its servers are dedicated to supporting such services. It is a great treat for its customers, and they can enjoy streaming services and geo-restricted contents at their place.

Fast & Secure Browsing 

The ibVPN is known for its faster data accesses and for providing speedy connections (get the fastest VPN services). For those who wish to get still faster connections can choose the Smart DNS services. These services are faster than VPN connections, but we should compromise on the encryption.

Simultaneous connections

The ibVPN review helped us to know the fact that it allows simultaneous connections based on the pricing plan. The Ultimate plan allows three concurrent device connections, and that forms the maximum number allowed by the VPN provider for ordinary subscriptions. The other plans just allow only one device connection at a time and it could have been better if it allows more. However, there are provisions to get more such connections upon extra payments.

Other Features

Add-Ons and Browser Extensions

The VPN provider helps its users to deploy their network in an easier manner by offering add-on and extension services. It has separate installations available for Chrome Extension, and Add-Ons for Firefox and Mozilla web browsers. These add-ons can encrypt our data that goes out from our web browsers and guards us against online data threats even when we use public Wi-Fi networks. These can be utilized in multiple platforms such as Linux, Chrome OS, OS X, and Windows. The installation process is very simpler, and we can even turn it off when it is not required.

Smart DNS services & Proxy Services

The Smart DNS is designed to unblock geo-restricted contents with faster transmissions. These servers do not use any encryption, and therefore the speed of connections is quite faster than the VPN connections. We can go for such services when security is of least importance, and the speed is of most importance when you need to watch a live sports event, entertainment programmed, etc. Whereas the proxy services do a similar functionality but it is more prone to online attacks.

Multiple language support

The website supports multiple language translations with the help of Google Translate. This feature is helpful for those who are not exposed to other languages than their native ones. Also, it can help most people to understand the installation guides quickly by reading them in their language.


Platform Compatibility

The ibVPN is compatible with the operating systems such as Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP), Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It deploys multiple protocols to be used in different platforms as per the requirement of the users. The level of security in every platform can be chosen by selecting an appropriate protocol from the supported list. Each of the platforms has individual VPN clients, and few of them deploy OpenVPN with proper manuals. We should appreciate the efforts taken by the ibVPN team to develop such an exhaustive knowledge base that has supporting documents for all the platforms.

Allows Bittorrents

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Device Compatibility

The VPN provider is extremely compatible with a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, Smartphone, routers (DD-WRT, Sabai), gaming consoles (Playstation) and other entertainment devices such as Xbox, Roku Streaming Player, etc. The availability of installation manuals and procedures are helpful to deploy its services in different kinds of devices.  

Server Locations

The ibVPN has more than 100 servers across the globe to provide faster and secured VPN services. Those servers are distributed in 47 countries and 63 worldwide locations.  It can offer service even in the most restricted countries like the China, and the Middle East.  Apart from the VPN servers, it has ibDNS Smart DNS servers and the proxy servers too. The Smart DNS servers are meant to unblock geo-restricted contents and to enjoy the streaming services with no time lags. The proxy servers are also meant for the same purpose, but they cannot hide our actual IP. So out of its other servers, only the VPN servers can guarantee us secured as well as optimal connections on speed. There are 130+ servers of ibVPN that deliver VPN, Proxy, and Smart DNS services all-in-one-hand.


VPN Apps of ibVPN

VPN Client for Windows

The Windows VPN client integrates different customization options all at one place to simplify the usage process (see more best VPN for Windows). The App looks simpler and is loaded with useful functionalities such as internet kill switch and auto-reconnect. As with any other VPN client, this one can also be launched automatically at the start. Also, it uses click and enables checkboxes to activate its functionalities.


Extremely compatible with platforms

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VPN Client for Mac OS

The ibVPN review has helped us to know that it has exclusive apps for most platforms and one among them is the Mac OS. It can be downloaded and installed automatically by following the links provided on its website (see more best VPN for Mac).

VPN Client for Android

The number of Android users is getting increased day-by-day and supporting those users, the ibVPN has come up with an exclusive app for the Android platform. The video presentation made available to carry out the installation process makes it still easier (get the best VPN for Android).


VPN Client for iOS

The ibVPN goes a step higher to offer a separate app for the iOS users. As with any other ibVPN app, it has good manuals to accomplish the installation more quickly.


Google Chrome Extension

When we access the internet through the Google Chrome browser, we may be exposed to potential threats like leaking our IP to others. But when we deploy this extension, all our information that goes through the Chrome browser gets encrypted. So, we are free from potential hacking (see more best VPN for iPhone).

Firefox & Opera Add-on

As with Google Chrome, we can change our IP by using proxies even with Firefox and Opera browsers. By this manner, we can safeguard our communications and all possible means of transactions.

Customer Support Response

We are euphoric with the kind of customer support that the VPN extends to its users, and indeed we could quickly figure them out during our ibVPN review. They are listed as below.

Remote Assistance: The ibVPN team extends its help to its customers through the remote assistance feature. It is useful for non-technical persons who are unaware of the deployment techniques. We can schedule an appointment with their staff members through their website and at our convenient time.

FAQs & Forums: There is a list of FAQs and a support forum to discuss the possible issues with the ibVPN service. The related solutions were also mentioned wherever possible. These issues and solutions help the customers not to waste their time by seeking the team’s help.

Knowledge Base: There is an excellent knowledge base to answer what we need for our problems. It includes a variety of guides and installation manuals to carry out smooth installation processes on different Operating systems.

E-mail support: If the customer is not able to find answers through any of the pre-mentioned answers of through their knowledge base, then the ibVPN team is happy to help them with proper answers through email. The responses are quite faster, and we get quick answers to solve our issues.

Live chat facility: There is a Live Chat facility associated with the VPN provider, and it is useful to seek quick help from the VPN team. The only drawback is that it is not available 24×7.

Servers in 47 countries and in 63 locations

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Conclusion-ibVPN Review

The VPN provider combines the usefulness of fast live streaming via a proxy or a Smart DNS service along with the VPN connection. This combination is a real advantage for its users and from our ibVPN review; we could say that the prices are cheaper for all such services combined. The excellent customer service along with a free trial and 15-days money back guarantee to make it worth to be tried. The availability of Apps for almost every platform simplifies and eases its customers to deploy its services. The browser add-ons, internet kill switch and the auto-reconnect options are added benefits for its customers. Though we can argue on the less security of RSA-1024, the users who require turbo-speed streaming services would never give much weight to the factor. Therefore, the ibVPN excels in offering connections at a lower cost and by including a bunch of features too.