How’s ExpressVPN For Torrenting?


ExpressVPN is a favorite (but expensive) premium VPN provider. They allow torrents/p2p, but how is ExpressVPN for torrenting? That’s what we’ll cover in this article.

How’s ExpressVPN For Torrenting?

A bit About ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is known for their fast speeds, excellent software, reliable tech support. Of course, this also comes at a price, and even their cheapest plan is over $8/month.(also see, How Is the Speed Of ExpressVPN? Know How Fast ExpressVPN Works?)

Top ExpressVPN Features

  • 256-bit Encryption: (highest strength)
  • 4 VPN Protocols: (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP)
  • Kill-Switch: (a kill-switch security feature useful for torrents. It prevents IP-leaks if the VPN fails)
  • No IP address logs: (This is good for torrent privacy, but they’re still aren’t a true ‘Zero-log’ VPN.
  • Custom VPN Software: Excellent VPN client available for all major platforms
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Does It Allow Torrenting?

This is the most significant question to answer when considering purchasing a VPN for torrents. We investigated their tech support directly whether ExpressVPN allows p2p/torrents.

Well, this answer is Yes. ExpressVPN allows torrenting and p2p filesharing.

ExpressVPN Logging Policy/Privacy Policy

In general, we only like to recommend true ‘Zero-Log’ VPN providers for downloading torrents, because of the offer the extraordinary level of privacy (at no extra cost).

However, the logs we worry most about are IP address logs (does the VPN record what IP address you enter their servers from and what IP you are designated).

It turns out that the ExpressVPN does keeps some insignificant connection logs, but they may only include information like the:

  • The duration of the connection
  • The amount of data transferred (in KB)
  • The protocol employed, etc.

So what about IP addresses?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t apparent. In the past, ExpressVPN has said that they don’t log IP addresses. Nevertheless, their Terms Of Service currently don’t specify IP addresses at all. They only mention their logging policy is on one of their steering pages:


As you can see, the list of items they don’t log apparently doesn’t include IP addresses. We can only suppose this means that ExpressVPN is not indeed a ‘Logless’ VPN unless they pledge publicly to such a policy in their privacy policy.

How To Download Torrents Securely With ExpressVPN

Using a VPN to anonymize your torrents is very easy, but here are some suggestions to maximize your privacy with ExpressVPN.

Tip #1 – Use a torrent-friendly server location

ExpressVPN doesn’t limit p2p activity to specific servers, but they’ probably prefer you didn’t torrent from particular server locations (such as the United States or the UK).

Good server locations for torrenting are Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Tip #2 – Enable the Kill-Switch

If you use a VPN as your primary method for anonymous torrenting, you should always activate the VPN kill-switch.

A Kill-switch is a tool that will kill all internet activity on your system in the dubious event of a downed VPN connection (disconnect). The only way to recover internet access is to either 1 – reconnect to the VPN, or 2- reset your network adapter.

ExpressVPN’s kill-switch is found in the software settings under the ‘General’ tab.

ExpressVPN kill-switch

Tip #3 – Always connect to ExpressVPN before you open any of torrenting website

This may sound understandable, but it’s astonishing how many people make this stupid mistake. You should always make sure your VPN is connected when you access any torrent client. And never disconnect until you are done with downloading torrents and make sure you exit it before disconnecting the VPN.

Conclusion- How’s ExpressVPN for Torrenting?

ExpressVPN is hands down the best VPN for torrenting. The reasons backing this claim; is the speed it offers which is best for downloading torrents; features like Kill switch to not get caught while torrenting and robust security and privacy features that facilitate you the best for torrenting.(Also check, What are the Security Features Of ExpressVPN?)


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