How You Get Caught While Downloading Music, Movie Torrents?


How You Get Caught While Downloading Music, Movie Torrents? If you are a BitTorrent downloader like many other millions of users. You must have heard of the risks attached to it. And how a VPN or proxy may help you keep you downloading torrents anonymously. From BitTorrent and keep you safe from the snoopers on the network.

All the torrent users are aware of the importance of a VPN for Torrenting. Furthermore, they know how to do Anonymous torrenting. If you are not sure what a VPN for Torrenting is. Then you need to know what the best VPN for Torrenting is.

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How You are Trapped and Get Caught While Downloading Music, Movie Torrents?

Moreover, All the giant torrent sites. Like the Pirate Bay and uTorrent. Which provides hundreds of movies, music, games, etc. torrents. The people love downloading torrents from such torrent sites. That is not liked by the media industry. So, these sites now are the target of these media giants and copyright freaks. As the torrent sites have eaten up their share of profit from the media industry. So battle off this scenario Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) have come up. With a wicked idea to catch the torrent downloaders online. And send them warnings. How do they do it? Although it is not a simple explainable procedure. However, despite many laws and court orders. It seems people have not stopped downloading torrents throughout the US. And this forced MPAA and RIAA to plan something effectively. So to identify the people who download illegal torrents online.

Substantial Proof that MPAA and RIAA is after You

Additionally, According to a report published by BBC in 2012. By a computer scientist at Birmingham University. Conducted to find out how risky it is for file-sharers to upload and download files online. Most file-sharers on torrents are logged within an hour. It doesn’t matter if you are a bulk downloader. Or just download a single movie. When someone downloads a torrent file from unprotected and open sites. Like the Pirate Bay or uTorrent. Their IP address is exposed to many people. Who have either shared that file or downloaded that file. And the IP address is logged by the people hired by MPAA and RIAA. (read our Torrent Guide if you are new to the torrent world).

These torrent monitoring copyright agents are lurking under your nose. On torrent swarms and log people IP addresses who download illegal torrents. To trick and trap you they sometimes share files. On the torrent to monitor who downloads it. It like a bait to catch the fish. As per the lead researcher of this study at Birmingham University. “If the content was in the top 100 [most popular downloads] it was monitored within hours. Someone will notice, and it will be recorded.” And as Torrent Freak reported. In the US it is not unconstitutional. For MPAA and RIAA to sue for pirated music or movie download.

Role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Against People Downloading Torrents

Hence, after several trials. MPAA and RIAA successfully convinced the Department of Justice. To shut down and halted all such torrent sites. That means a dark future for all torrent sites. These copyright holders like MPAA and RIAA have gone one step further. To completely stop piracy online. By involving and compelling the internet service providers (ISPs) throughout the US to keep an eye on their users and send warning letters or a subpoena those who found downloading torrents online.

As reported by Lifehacker, ISPs throttle the bandwidth to stop their users from downloading files and sometimes even a temporary shutdown of the internet connection can happen. This is very frequent and common in Canada (see the best VPN for Canada to avoid ISP monitoring.)

How VPN Makes you Anonymous While Downloading Torrents?

When you are connected to a torrent site to share files with the people there, without any anonymity tool like a Torrent VPN, then your real IP address is exposed. As mentioned above all the torrent lovers know how risk it could be to get your real information exposed on torrent sites. A secure and anonymous VPN protects you from such scenario by hiding your real IP address and masking it with other fake IP address (read our comprehensive guide to IP,DNS and WebRTC leaks).

For downloading torrents anonymously IP masking is not enough, your VPN must provide advanced features like; AES 256-bit encryption, internet kill switch, port forwarding, etc. to make you safe online while downloading torrents.

When you are connected to a secure Torrent VPN and download torrents you ISP can see you are using a bypass tool, but it is unable to monitor what you are doing online. Similarly, all the people on torrent swarm will see your fake IP address assigned to you by your VPN. Your DNS WebRTC and other sensitive login information are also hidden from the eyes of snoopers keeping an eye on you on the torrent sites.

When you only Think you are Safe while Downloading Torrents

When you search for a Torrent VPN online, you will get hundreds of VPNs in the search result, claiming they are best for anonymous torrenting, but selecting the actual and right VPN for Torrenting is important. To do that it is important to read what some top VPN review sites recommend for downloading torrents anonymously and opt for the most recommended service in common, it may cost you more, but it is worth paying for a VPN for torrenting.

Whichever VPN you select, it is important to check if it is making you anonymous or not. You can do it by visiting some IP checking services which will let you know which IP the internet can see when you are online. If you can see your real IP address, DNS or other real details, then your VPN is not good enough.

How to Make Sure Your IP is not Leaked While Downloading Torrents?

Thanks to technology advancements, you can now check specific torrent IP as well. Which means there is a service now which lets you check which IP address the people on torrent sites will see when you are connected to a torrent swarm. Yes, you heard it right, Doileak is free a service that performs not only general IP address check but also specific checks for torrents. It reports the IP address used by your torrent client by loading a test torrent.

torrentiptestYour VPN is perfectly working and good for downloading torrents anonymously if you can not see your real IP and your ISP’s DNS address in the torrent IP and torrent DNS section of Doileak. This is a foolproof way to check whether you are anonymous while downloading torrents or not.

Conclusion-How You Get Caught While Downloading Music, Movie Torrents

Many people think they are using a proxy or VPN and believe they are secure, but in real their anonymity tool is not secure enough and they leak their real IP address on torrent sites and get caught.

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