How to Watch World Cup Cricket in USA?


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How to Watch World Cup Cricket in USA? We understand the feeling. When you are stopped from watching World Cup Cricket in the USA. Despite the fact that there is not much craze of cricket in the USA. As they do not have their own team, but there are millions of cricket fans in the USA. Whose hearts beat faster during the cricket world cup season. So, here we are to guide you in the ways. By which you can access all the geo-restricted sports channels in the USA. And get your eyes on the sports channels. To watch world cup cricket in USA. And follow every match of your favourite game.

In this article we are going to discuss two ways. By which you can access those channels. That stream world cup cricket in USA. Namely, VPN and SmartDNS. Also, we will guide you which is the better way. Out of these two to unblock those sports channels. Airing live world cup matches.

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Cricket is a sport which is just not confined to England of any particular land. Rather, it is the game of every sporty soul across the globe. The cricket fever reaches to its higher temperature during the world cup cricket season. This is the time when the maniacs could not wait long. To watch the live streaming of all the world cup match. And especially enjoy the games between arch rivals. Like India Vs. Pakistan or Australia Vs. England. But if you are living in USA or planning to move there. You would probably be unable to access the channels. That stream live world cup matches in the USA. But that does not mean you are going to miss cricket world cup in any case. Here we have brought in some ways. By which you can unblock Sky Sports, Ten Sports, Super Sports and ESPN GO in the US. So that you will not miss any of your favorite cricket world cup match. (also see 5 best VPNs for Netflix).

Why You Can’t Watch World Cup Cricket in USA?

The rationale of your inability of watching cricket world cup matches is the geo-blocking of those sports channels. That stream the live transmission of world cup matches. Not only matches these sports channels also bring highlights, scoreboards. Heated up talk shows about cricket and experts’ analysis. And prediction about each world cup match. Missing on such an amazing content during the cricket season. When every young soul gets high of cricket, is really a misfortune. However, we have some ways for you. To watch world cup cricket in USA.

How To Watch World Cup Cricket in the USA?

Gone are those days when you have to empty your pocket for watching all the matches of the world cup. On the channel like ESPN Go that charges a hefty streaming fees. With the following ways, you can unblock all the world cup cricket live streaming channels. And feed your cricket crazy soul with these exciting matches.

Watch World Cup Cricket in USA Using VPN?

Watching cricket in the USA has never been easy and comes inexpensively. In fact, the sports channel that air cricket matches have paid streaming policy. But you can unblock all the geo-restricted sports channels in the US by using a VPN. If you do not know what a VPN is. Then allow me to bring light to it. ( also check best VPNs for Hulu)

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is software for cybersecurity. However, it also enables you to mask your IP address. With any other IP of the country’s server location provided by your VPN provider. This will fool the website server about your location. That looks you are in that country whose IP you have virtually masked.

For instance, if you want to unblock Star Sports which unblock outside India even in the US. You need to alter your American IP with an Indian IP. Now according to the server, you are requesting the website of Star Sports. Hence, you will be given the access to the channel. And now you can have fun and ultimate enjoyment. While watching World Cup Cricket in the USA.

Some Usefulness Of A VPN:

  • VPN comes with the ease of installation on any device with Android. iPad, iPhone, PC and  Mac.
  • VPN ensures you the best of network security by routing your data traffic. Through an encrypted tunnel. Connecting to a remote server on the other end.
  • VPN allows you to circumvent geo-blocking. And access any blocked channel from across the globe.
  • Though VPN usually slows down the speed. The right VPNs come with a negligible reduction in connection speed. That will not spoil your cricket match. ( check out Fastest VPN Services 2017).

How To Watch World Cup Cricket in USA Via Smart DNS?

Smart DNS enables you to watch world cup cricket in USA with no need of swapping your IP address. It needs to be worked on the configuration of DNS to unblock channels like iPlayer, Star Sports, Sky Sports, Ten Sports, etc. Moreover, it is compatible with all the streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.

Which Is Better?

This depends on the level of your preference. If you prioritize connection security and HD resolution with ads free cricket streaming, then opt for a VPN.

If your concern only about speed and can not even bear the nominal reduction in streaming speed then go for Smart DNS. (also read VPN vs PROXY vs Smart DNS – What is the Difference?)


To wrap this article, all I want to add is my morsel of advice that is to prefer a VPN because it gives you multiple benefits. Not only it enables you to woo your cricket crazy soul but also make your connection extremely secure. Whereas, Smart DNS is also a nifty tool to watch world cup cricket in USA but nothing should come before your security and online privacy.

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