How to Watch Counting Cars


There’s a new season of Counting Cars heading for History Channel, and we are quite eager to watch Count’s Kustoms restore some new wonderful cars. We want to watch Counting Cars online, so let’s go figure out the best way to do this.

Counting Cars is a really cool reality TV show that premiered on History back in 2012. The show follows the crew at Count’s Kustoms, operated by legendary Danny Koker – also called The Count – who restores cars for customers. He also finds cool deals that he brings back to their former glory and sells them off again. However, that is until he falls in love with a certain car and keeps it for his own collection.

With a new season heading for History, we cannot wait to see what other treasures he gets his hands on.

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When and Where to Watch Counting Cars?

Counting Cars will premiere on History on June 4th. New episodes will be available starting at 9 PM. So, clear up your evenings if you want to watch the crew back at what it does best.

How Can I Watch Counting Cars?

In today’s world, we rely on the Internet to work, learn new things, listen to music, watch our favorite shows, and more. Another thing we can do nowadays is to watch TV online, which enables us to be wherever we are required while still keeping up with our favorite channels on the devices we enjoy most. One of the platforms we like best to watch TV online is Hulu, which has a single bundle of networks.

Unfortunately, Hulu only works in the US, and people outside the US will have to resort to some other way to bypass this geo-restrictions. To this end, the VPN exists. You can watch Hulu shows from anywhere across the world using a good VPN for Hulu. Here is how it works:

  • You need to choose a reliable VPN for Hulu first. Make sure your pick has servers in the US.
  • Then you need to subscribe, download, and install the chosen VPN app on your streaming device.
  • Signing into your account will let you launch the app. Look for US-based servers.
  • Once you found US servers, connect to it, and voila! You are all good to watch Counting Cars on Hulu.
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Conclusion -Watch Counting Cars

There you go! With VPN invention, circumventing geo-blocks has become a breeze. It can no longer be a problem for you to access your favorite shows from back home when traveling abroad. So choose the best VPN for streaming shows, and you are all set to binge your favorite show from anywhere across the world.


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