How to watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One outside the USA?


There isn’t any doubt how popular Netflix has become. Be it its original content or any movie there are millions of viewers who are subscribed to this one of the most leading on-demand streaming platforms. And you know what Netflix is now available on different platforms like TV and the gaming consoles. That means if you have its subscription, you can watch it on your gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or One. It will offer you similar content as it does on your computer. But what can make the difference in its content is your location; as Netflix is the region-restricted site that does not cater to every location with the same content.

So, if you live outside the USA or planning to move outside the US, then you will have to find a way by which you can watch American Netflix on Xbox 360/One outside the USA. For that, you do not need to go anywhere else, because today we have brought several ways for you that can help you evade the geolocation and watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One anywhere in the world. (also check, HOW TO UNBLOCK AMAZON FIRE TV OUTSIDE US?)

Why Is American Netflix Inaccessible Outside the US?

The need of having a tool that can help you watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One arises when you get to know that if you are not living in America, you are unable to access the content of American Netflix. However, Netflix is available for many countries outside the US; but every other region-based version of Netflix has a different library, and American Netflix is considered to the best one in this regard. But, you can not access that American Netflix library if you happen to live in the UK, Canada, or somewhere else other than America. So, in order to watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One, you need to look for a tool that can help you circumvent the geo-blocking; and allow you to watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One anywhere across the world. (Also read, How to get US IP Address)

How To Watch American Netflix On Xbox 360 or One?

Now your gaming console is not just your console to let you play the games. In fact, you can now watch your favorite show on Netflix on Xbox 360/ One or any other gaming consoles. But, if you want to watch the American Netflix and access that library which only American Netflix offers you; then you do not need to fly back to America. Instead, you need to read our article and get yourself acquainted with the following ways by which you can watch Netflix on Xbox 360/One from anywhere around the globe. (also see, 5 Best VPN for Netflix – Watch Netflix from anywhere 2017)

Using VPN:

One of the most top-rated cybersecurity tools that not only secures your internet connection but also enables you to evade the geo-restriction and unblock any website or any other blocked content irrespective of your location. Moreover, there is a common myth about VPN technology that slows down the speed to a level that you can not even stream anything. Let me pop up the bubble of your misconception; there are many good and reliable VPN services in the market that does not believe in speed throttling. However, it is true that with VPN connection speed affects but a good VPN offers you the service with less speed throttling and lagging; with no compromise on your security.

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How VPN Works?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best cybersecurity software that proves to be a sigh of relief for all the privacy savvies and those who hate geo-restrictions. It secures your internet connection to the level where it becomes impossible for any hacker or intruder to make his way into your device or network. It makes use of VPN protocols and the most secure end-to-end encryption that encrypts the tunnel through which your internet traffic passes and that tunnel is connected to a remote server. This ensures your security and privacy that no one can breach.

In addition to security, VPN also allows you to evade the geo-blocking and unblock any website. The VPN masks your IP address and change it into some virtual IP based on the location you choose. For instance, if you are not in American and want to watch American Netflix on Xbox 360/One; then you need to get a VPN, and choose an American server location from the hundreds of server locations offered by your VPN provider. This will fool the Netflix server, thinking that you are requesting Netflix’s access from somewhere in America. And this way you will be given the access to watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One. (you may also like, 5 Best VPN for Xbox in 2017)

Using Smart DNS

Those who do not want to get their original IP masked; but still want to watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One; then Smart DNS will suit their needs. Smart DNS does not work by changing your IP address; instead, it changes your DNS and connects the Xbox console to the DNS located in the US. What this means is that you can unlock online streaming services; and channels from various regions at the same time.

As compared to VPN, Smart DNS does not affect the speed of your connection; but it does not do anything for your internet security. There are no encryption layers to protect your connection; hence leaving your connection vulnerable to hackers and other cybercriminals. Moreover, it does not come as easy to set up as VPN does.


So, there were some ways by which you can watch American Netflix on Xbox 360 or One. Both VPN and Smart DNS can help you access American Netflix library no matter in which country you are living. But, we recommend you to go for a VPN; as it also secures your connection and it is easy to set up.


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