How to Unblock Netflix at School?


How to Unblock Netflix at School? Many school’s network administrators do not allow to open Netflix at school, and they deliberately block Netflix in school network so that the students and anyone on the school network cannot access Netflix at school. However, it is not something to unblock. For every problem there is a solution; Likewise, we have brought this guide for you to tell you those ways by which you can successfully unblock Netflix at school.

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In this article, you will get to know that how useful VPNs are to unblock Netflix at school. But choosing on a right VPN is a hell of a task. There is an extensive list of factors and conditions that you need to consider before you opt for any VPN. To cut a long story short, we have two best VPNs recommendation tested and tried by our experts.

School can sometimes become an annoying and tedious place where students spend most of their time with books, learning, drilling, experimenting and things like that. Such stuff often bows down the students, and they tend to feel exhausted more often. This calls for some refreshment or entertainment for the kids to rest their mind that can only be calm down by variant fun stuff like playing games, watching movies and listening songs.

On the other hand, the management of many schools think contrary to this; they want their school to be more disciplined and maintain the decorum of a professional institution. This is why the school management blocks such websites like Netflix and does not allow the students to access it. But here we are to get you out of this restriction and unblock Netflix at school.

Why Is Netflix Blocked At School?

Most of the schools think that the websites like Netflix that are of pure entertainment have no use to be accessed in a school where the students come to get the education and such sort of movies can affect their performance as well as it will influence the professional decorum of the school. Though many experts think that students at some level need to energize themselves and it is okay to let them get their eyes on Netflix, the school management is still somewhat orthodox in this regard and sees Netflix as a complete distraction for the students from their studies. ( also read 5 Best VPN for Netflix – Watch Netflix from anywhere 2017)

The network administrator of the school usually blocks Netflix using a Firewall on the school’s network. A firewall enlists Netflix address as the banned website in its database, and when anyone using the device from school campus requests to access Netflix, the Firewall identifies the request and denies its access. But calm down, you can still unblock Netflix at school, just keep on reading the article.

How To Unblock Netflix At School?

Many students find it really annoying that after spending much of their time with dry and dull books when they want to access sites like Netflix to cheer their soul up, they end up getting their request denied. If you are one of those cases, then you have landed on a right place. Here we are to tell you the methods that can help you unblock Netflix at school.


A security software which is primarily designed to serve the netizens with best of cyber safety and make their connection threat-free of hacking, snooping and other cyber crimes. In, addition to security and privacy, the VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to bypass the geo-restriction or firewall in order to access the blocked websites.

(also see our VPN Guide-Everything A Beginner Should Know)

The VPN works by swapping your original IP address with the IPs listed in the wide range of server locations from across the world offered by your VPN provider. This altered virtual IP address fools the Firewall or geo-restriction and makes them think like you are actually accessing the website from the location of which you have chosen that virtual IP address.

For instance, if you want to unblock Netflix at school using VPN, you just need to get the right VPN, open it, choose an American IP (where Netflix original content is accessible) and visit the website of Netflix. This will disguise your school IP with a virtual American IP, and the server will give you the access in no time.

  • Subscribe to a VPN service.
  • Install their software.
  • Login with the credentials you were provided.
  • Choose an American server location.
  • Click connect.
  • Now go to browser and type Netflix’s URL
  • Enter and let the fun begin.


Using a proxy to unblock Netflix at school is an easy way and quite similar with that of VPN because it also masks your original school IP. But it is risky to use a proxy if you are concerned about your online privacy and security because it does not offer you any encryption, unlike VPN.

  • Choose any proxy of your choice
  • Copy and paste Netflix’s URL
  • Hit enter and enjoy

Smart DNS:

The third way that comes in handy to unblock Netflix at school is using Smart DNS. However, it also works in a similar way that is to hide your IP address but only for one site at a time, not for the whole network. Also, it comes with no encryption that can benefit in no speed throttling but will also have security threats.

  • Get a Smart DNS service.
  • Tweak with configurations.
  • Choose an American DNS server
  • Connect and start chilling out.

Conclusion – the Preferable One!

The best-known tool to unblock Netflix by far is a VPN. It is because not only it allows you to access blocked content but also ensures you complete connection security with high-level end-to-end encryption that makes your internet connection super secure and saves you from snooping and hacking. The only downside in VPN is that it generally slows down the speed of internet because of the encryption.(check out 5 Fastest VPN Services 2017) But there are now some good VPNs in the market that offer you a good speed, best security, and affordable prices. All you need to do is to make a wise choice.

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