How to Unblock IMO in UAE?


How to Unblock IMO in UAE? Majority of the Middle East countries are notorious for obstructing access to specific Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP), websites, and apps. IMO is yet another application that has toed the line in the UAE. As accessible as it may be with 500 million installs, IMO is blocked in the UAE most probably for its VoIP features. Guess Etisalat and Du haven’t thought this ban through because gaining access to IMO in the United Arab Emirates is manageable with a virtual private network that operates on all devices Mac, PC, Android, iOS, iPhone, and iPad.(also see, How to Unblock FaceTime in UAE?)

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What’s IMO?

IMO is an app that enables users to send messages and make video calls and supports both Android and iOS operating systems. IMO in the UAE is blocked as well as other voice and video calling services. Unfortunately, people living in the United Arab Emirates cannot make use of that means of communication due to the country’s severe internet restrictions.

How to Unblock IMO In the UAE?

The thing standing between you and IMO access is your IP address because what connects you to the country (where restrictions apply) you currently live in is your IP address. You won’t have any difficulty accessing IMO had you been in a different state. This is why the best and most secure way to go around these geographical barriers is to use a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network encrypts your online traffic going to and from your device and sends it to a server of a different location.

Using A VPN to Unblock IMO In UAE

Accessing IMO in UAE couldn’t be more straightforward, and it starts with signing up for a VPN service provider. This is how you use a VPN to do so:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service provider.(also see, 5 Best VPN for UAE 2018)
  2. Click on the link to download the VPN software.
  3. Install the VPN software.
  4. Connect to one of the servers offered by the VPN
  5. Now that you’re browsing using a different IP address, you can surf the Internet anonymously.

Best VPN to Unblock IMO in UAE

ExpressVPN is a leading VPN provider for its impeccable encryption standards and no logging policy. The app connects within seconds and is super easy to use; not to mention the speed, in which all of its services are delivered.

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Conclusion -How to Unblock IMO in UAE?

Blocks can be lifted; restrictions can be bypassed, blocked content can be accessed. Basically, anything is possible with modern Internet technologies like VPNs. Put an end to your texting struggles in the United Arab Emirates by subscribing to a VPN service; that will surely grant you the non-restricting experience you want and need. Let us know how satisfied you were when you were able to use IMO in the UAE.


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