How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers?


How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers? You may not know how vulnerable your Gmail account is to hackers; like all other accounts. In this article, you will learn the ways by which you can protect your Gmail account from hackers. Whenever there’s any online security concern; we always recommend using VPN. The best-tested VPNs are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Just like all other online accounts, your Gmail account, is also vulnerable to the hacker intrusion and other different cyber fulminations. These if conducted out favorably, could make your life quite unfortunate as most of our private and sensitive data is generally saved in our email accounts.

Anyone getting unethical or illegal access to your credentials(password) could completely erase or imperil all contacts, confidential attachments, schedules, as also personal conversations at the snap of a mouse, or a few mouse clicks! Additionally, your bank accounts and investments could get cleaned out, too! (also see, 10 Cyber Security Tips You Need to Know – You may get surprised!)

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How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers

Your Gmail hack could occur a never-ending nightmare. That’s why it is better to protect the account by going through the following steps:

Restrict All the Apps Having Access To Your Personal Information

Every time you press the button for an app asking authorization from a Google account; you authorize the app to obtain your personal data. This information remains to be open to the app even when it is not in your use anymore. Hence, to get a complete list of all apps connected with your Google account, head to this Google page. You will get a thorough description of all approved apps and the whole data they can collect.

Uncheck all apps that are no longer in your use or any shady app that abruptly arises on your list. In future also, beware of all the apps which request for data on your Google account as also the websites that support signing up with Facebook or Twitter, instead of first forming a personal account. To check the safety of a site, get Mywot installed on your web browser. It sends out alerts about dubious websites or other different online threats.

Create An Impenetrable Password

The password is the primary key to your Gmail account’s security. Using the same password for more than one account reveals it to hacker jeopardy as getting way to one password could drive to other sites getting illegally accessed as well. Lengthy passwords are expedient with words that are not usually used or seen in a dictionary. Test out a distinct password by feeding it into the password strength meter that will indicate you how reliable it is; to protect your Gmail account from hackers.

Change Your Password Regularly

It’s beneficial if you keep editing your password regularly, say, once every three months. Set your password with a complicated aggregate of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and symbols, writing it down in a journal, in case you forget. Keep the journal out of range of course so that the data doesn’t go into the wrong hands. Also never disclose your password to anyone. Should you have to, modify it as soon as you can and make it something that only you will know.

Your Gmail email account is to be used like your own safety deposit box, the passkeys to which you just don’t give to anyone strolling down the street, not even your relatives or family members. For editing your password, go to this page and do the needful to protect your Gmail account from hackers. It’s really very simple.

Get 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification is an additional security layer for any Gmail Account. This arrogates particular significance when the account is reached from public computers. You can set it up by hitting this page. This guarantees that every time you attempt to get into your Gmail account from an unrecognized device, Google requires a verification code it sends via SMS, voice call or mobile app. Once this code is fed, you get the access to your account. So, always set the 2-step verification to protect your Gmail account from hackers.(also read, The Ultimate Privacy Guide)

Investigate Regularly

There are possibilities that your Gmail account may be opened from locations that are somewhat suspicious or dubious. While keeping track, should you notice that there has been an effort to access your account from an overseas location, up the red flag up immediately!

You can keep track by scrolling down to the Gmail inbox page’s bottom and clicking on the details icon on the screen’s right just under the last account activity. A window pops up as you click on the link showing the various locations from which your email is being opened. Any unfamiliar place on it should immediately attract attention for necessary action, if required. Also, keep the alert on for any unusual activity.

Keep All Your Gmail Account Settings Updated

Regularly updating your Gmail settings is a time-tested and proven way to ward off hackers. This can be done by clicking on the gear icon located on the Gmail inbox page’s top right-hand side. Select settings and subsequently click on the accounts tab on the menu to protect your Gmail account from hackers. This is to ensure that all email addresses that fall under the “send mail as” segment are emails owned and used by you.

Once this is done, click on the General tab, scrolling down to the “Browser connection.” Select the “Always use https” option as the “s” at https’ end implies an additional protection layer. So when checking your email on a public computer, make sure that the https exists. To ensure that your mail isn’t getting forwarded to unknown email IDs, check out the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMPAC’ tab.

Conclusion-How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers

It goes without saying that you should never click on links or download files that look suspicious. Services you have signed up with will never send you an email asking you for your account’s details or password. Finally, for an additional layer of security and privacy, using VPN is always recommended to protect your Gmail account from hackers.(check, 7 Ways to Avoid Being Hacked)


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