How to Hide Browsing History from ISP?


How to Hide Browsing History from ISP? If the term internet privacy means keeping your online data private in your dictionary. So that nobody access it, then you really need to rethink now. The US government wants you to amend this definition. Which according to the government’s book. It is data which is kept private from everybody except the ISP. So now you have to exclude ISP from the word “nobody.”

If you really think that your fundamental right of keeping your internet data private. Is still preserved, then you need a wake-up call. Yes, your online data and browsing history is no more private. Bear this fact with me. That the government has now authorized all the leading ISPs. To keep the logs of your internet data and browsing history.

Isn’t it frustrating? Don’t you feel this as an attack on your basic right? Of protecting your internet privacy from absolutely nobody? And nobody should mean not even the snooping ISP. This means this is the high time to take necessary measures. So as to take your internet privacy and security in your hand. This is why we have compiled some ways. To circumvent this immoral act and by which you can hide browsing history. From ISP in order to maintain your online privacy.

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Why Do You need To Hide Browsing History From ISP?

Fortunately, the Americans are the people who concern their privacy the most. Be it personal privacy, financial privacy or online privacy. The people here are mostly well aware of the fact that breaching any sort of privacy is considered. As the violation of the human right to maintain their privacy. So, this is the core reason for you. Wanting to hide browsing history from ISP. It is because nobody among us likes to hand over their data. Personal or financial to any third party. Just because of some inhuman bill sanctioned by the Trump regime. ( also read the ultimate privacy guide)

What Does this Deregulation Mean?

This may sound bitter to you. But sometimes the ground reality seems like this. The regulation that was passed by the Obama Administration last December. That addressed the concerns of the internet consumers. To save their data from being retained by the ISP. That regulation required the ISPs to sell the data of the users with their consent. And without consumer’s permission. Such selling could be claimed in the court. But what pro-business regime of Trump has done is to deregulate this law.

This means the new US government has nullified. The Obama Administration Consumer Privacy Right under the Congressional Review Act. According to this deregulation. All the ISPs are now sanctioned to retain your internet data. And sell your browsing history to the third-party. This may sound terrible to you but yes. Not online your browsing history is exposed to the ISP. But also it has been sold out to the third-parties. That means if you don’t do anything to hide browsing history from ISP. You need to forget about the internet privacy.

Why the Government Authorized ISP to Sell Your Browsing History?

However, the data retaining act is not something new. But this time the government has played the shot even farther than the metadata retention act. The present sitting government of the US. Has legally endorsed the ISPs’ act of selling browsing history of the internet consumers. With no requirement of any sort of consent of the consumers. The primary purpose of this repeal in the Consumer’s Privacy Right Bill. Is to strengthen the business of ISPs. That has been given permission to keep your browsing history. And sell it to some third parties for the targeted ads.

However, this has been already done by the edge providers like Facebook and Google that shows relevant ads based on your browsing history. In the same vein, the ISP is also sanctioned to do the same thing so as to be profited by the sale of your browsing history. But in an effort to benefit the ISPs, the government seems to forget about the consumer’s right to online privacy. So, it calls for some security suits to be in action and protect this internet privacy right of every netizen out there. Read on to know more about how to hide browsing history from ISP. (also get your eyes on 5 Facebook Settings You Need To Know)

How To Hide Browsing History From ISP?

Here we have brought some nifty ways by which you can successfully hide browsing history from ISP to protect your fundamental right of browsing anonymously over the internet. So here we go:

HTTPS Everywhere:

HTTPS with the address shows that the website is not retaining the logs of your data and the browsing history is likely to be safe. In this regard, there has been a Chrome or Firefox extension HTTPS Everywhere that helps you to save your browsing from being preserved and sold out later. But this is not as effective as the ISP’s tool to snoop you.


The other way to hide browsing history from ISP is to use the onion routing technology. This security suite is designed to help you browse safely and anonymously without leaving any footprints that could be traced back by the ISP. This is a free software that funnels your internet data traffic into multiple tunnels of encryption that is nearly impossible for anyone to intercept not even your ISP.

The reason why it is called onion routing is it has multiple layers of virtual tunnels just like the layers of the onion. This virtual network of tunnels is to help the consumers to add an extra level of security to their browsing and maintain their online privacy. ( also get acquainted with our Comprehensive Guide to IP, DNS and WebRTC Leaks)

Undoubtedly, Tor is an excellent choice in order to hide browsing history from ISP, but sometimes the connection becomes deadly slow especially when you are streaming videos, downloading or playing online games. This happens because of the web of tunnels through which the internet traffic routes and ultimately reaches the destination making the network slow and sluggish. So, if you are habitual of using fast speed internet and can not compromise on the quality of speedy, then Tor is not the right choice for you.


Here comes the best cybersecurity suit out of all the other, VPN or Virtual Private Network. This is the high time when the need for VPN is felt the most. The time when the government turns deaf ears to the concerns of the consumers to protect their online privacy. In such circumstance, VPN is your armour that can save you from being snooped by your ISP. VPN works best to hide browsing history from ISP and stop him from selling it to the third parties in order to inject targeted ads.

How this security software works is by routing your Internet data traffic to an encrypted tunnel that contains the military grade high level of end-to-end encryption to provide you with the safest and non-interceptable connection. This encrypted tunnel is connected at the other end to a remote server, keeping your data and browsing history safe from the reach of your ISP. (Read our VPN Guide)

Moreover, VPN is a lot more than just encrypting the tunnel by which your internet traffic passes; it also enables you to alter your IP virtually from the full range of server locations offered by the VPN provider. These virtual IPs are helpful in unblocking the banned websites of your region by bypassing geo-blocking.

Don’t Opt For US Based-In VPN:

Here I want to present a morsel of advice for you to not opt for the VPNs based in the US. It is because of the strict mass surveillance law enacted across the US and the recent repeal in the Obama Administration Consumer’s Privacy Right that allows the ISPs to retain and sell you browsing history. So it is better not to trust the VPNs headquartered in the US for they might be held requisite to keep your browsing history and pass it to NSA. This will surely kill the purpose of using VPN that is to hide browsing history from ISP. Hence, you should go for the VPNs other than the US VPN in order to not risk your online privacy. ( check out our VPN Buying Guide)

Say No To Free VPN:

Besides the US VPN, the free and cheap VPNs should also be avoided because such VPNs have a weak connection to offer and they are often known for passing your online data to the authorities from the back door. Thus, this is the time when you can trust neither ISPs because they are sanctioned to sell your data legally nor the non-reliable VPN providers.

On the other hand, there are some good VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN that never compromised on the consumer’s privacy and are designed to provide you the lightning speed connection with almost no lagging in an affordable price.

Conclusion- How to Hide Browsing History from ISP?

To cut a long story short, I would like to recommend these cybersecurity suites to use in a bid to hide browsing history from ISP so as to maintain your online privacy that the government keeps on its least priority.

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