How to get US IP Address?


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How to get US IP Address? There are several reasons that could make you want to change your IP address with a US IP address. As there are different ways of using the internet, the need for people using it might also be the variant. So, if you are looking for the means to alter your IP with an American IP, you have rightly landed here. At The Best VPN Analysis, we are going to guide you how you can successfully get US IP address anywhere in the world. Read the article to know about the simple ways.

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Inevitably, one of the several ways of getting a US IP is using a VPN. But as always, it does not come with ease, choosing the right VPN is a real challenge. There are many factors to consider, and one should do a bit research before opting for any VPN service. Safe to say, this will require you to give your precious time in researching and then making any decision. For this reason, here we bring quick recommendations for you that you can blindly trust on. There are two best VPN that we have tested, tried and researched about them. These are ExpressVPN and NordVPN which are reliable, safe, speedy and affordable.

This should not come with any doubt that the internet is an excellent tool that connects the world and it is a source of getting instant information. As millions and billions of people from across the world are using this boon, this way people use it also differs. Some people use it for work, others for fun and entertainment and some for getting information. Moreover, the internet needs a device to connect with, and you need an ISP to get the connection. When you subscribe to any ISP, they assign you an IP address that shows the information on your computer’s identity and your original location. Now as the technology has become diverse, many tools can mask your original IP address with any other virtual IP address like US IP. Undoubtedly, there are many benefits of using US IP address. Here we will make you acquainted with everything about US IP and how to get US IP address.

What Is US IP Address?

Before we talk about US IP , it is important to explain what is an IP address . An IP address is the identifier of your system that is connected to the internet. No matter how many devices you connect, every other device gets a unique IP address assigned by the ISP. This IP address contains the information of your ISP and location. And where ever you move on the web, the website’s server trace your location with your IP address. Moreover, the US IP address is the IP address that ISPs assign to the US citizens.

Why You May Need US IP?

Many reasons can make you want to get US IP address. Since, many of the online video streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. are region restricted. This means if you can only access the original content of US Netflix, if you live in the US. So, in a bid to bypass this geo-restriction, you need to get US IP. Moreover, many videos games are only accessible in the US. Or you may want to switch to the US IP address to unblock the websites banned outside the US. (also read 5 Best VPN for Netflix – Watch Netflix from anywhere 2017)

Furthermore, you may have heard that many discounts are only for any particular region like offers on online booking of flights, hotel room, etc. may be with more discount for US citizen than others or vice versa. So, for seeking some good discount that is only for US citizens can also make you want a US IP address.

Ways By Which You Can Get US IP:

Following are the ways by which you can get US IP address.

How To Get US IP Address Using VPN?

VPN is one of the most robust cyber security software that not only provides your connection security but also lets you unblock any blocked content. It works by altering your original IP address with the broad range of IPs and server locations provided by your VPN service provider. So, once you choose any other IP to change your IP, this makes you the citizen of the selected IP address country virtually. For instance, if you choose any server location of the US, the VPN will assign you a US IP. Hence, the website you visit, their server will trace your US virtually location. This will give you two benefits; one is that you can access any US content that is not accessible outside the US and you can stay anonymous over the internet. Follow the simple steps given below to get a US IP address using a VPN. (also see 5 Best VPN For USA 2017)

  • Subscribe to a good VPN service and get the account credentials from the service provider.
  • Download the VPN software from the website of your VPN provider.
  • Once you download VPN software, open it and input the username and password.
  • Now choose a US server location before connecting the VPN.
  • Hit the connect button to get  US IP on the web.

Using A Smart DNS:

This internet tool is somewhat similar to VPN, but it offers you no encryption and hence can bring security threats. It also masks your IP address just like the VPN does. All you need to do is to get the subscription of any leading Smart DNS service and tweak the manual configurations. Then you need to choose the US Smart DNS server and connect it to get the ball rolling and get US IP address.

Which Is Better?

If you can not compromise on security and privacy, then you should go for VPN as it encrypts your internet traffic and minimizes the chances of cyber attacks. But if you are least concerned about security and want the best of speed for video streaming and gaming then Smart DNS is a right choice for you as there is no speed throttling in Smart DNS because of no encryption. (also check 5 Fastest VPN Service 2017)

Conclusion- How to get US IP Address?

Subsequently, US IPs have their alluring benefits because many of the leading websites and streaming channels are US based. This makes many netizens outside the US want to have some tool to bypass the geo-blocking and access the US content. And for that VPN seems to be a right choice because it provides you both security and US IP address. As far as speed is concerned, many VPNs in the market offer you best of speed with no lags or throttling. (see our recommendation).


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