How To Fix VPN Errors In Simple Steps?


Who isn’t aware of the fact that how useful a VPN is? VPN or Virtual Private Network is security software. That provides a secure connection. To help you bypass the censorship and geo-restrictions. And to shield your internet connection against privacy threats. (read how a VPN works in our VPN Guide). As nothing is perfect in this world. Sometimes this amazing software can also have a few common errors. However, these errors are nothing to worry about. (get the best VPN Services). When you encounter any of the following errors. You can quickly fix those errors in almost no time. Here we go with the VPN errors and how to fix VPN errors.

List of Common VPN Errors

  • 800-code VPN Error 
  • 633-code VPN Error 
  • 806- code VPN Error 
  • 868- code VPN Error 
  • 628- code VPN Error
  • 624- code VPN Error
  • 647-code VPN Error
  • 766- code VPN Error code:
  • 807-code VPN Error code:
  • 711-code VPN Error code:

How to Fix VPN Errors?

Here a question arises what the reasons behind these VPN errors are. Well, you may encounter VPN error because of different reasons. It can be because of wrongly done system setting, error in configuration, driver issue, network problem, and invalid proxy settings. But thankfully these are not hard nuts to crack. You can fix VPN errors yourself, All you need to do is to go through this article and educate yourself on how to fix VPN errors.

  1. VPN Error Code: 800

About the VPN Error: When this error occurs, it makes the VPN connection unable to establish.

The Reasons for VPN Error: The why this error occurs is when the setting of the VPN tunneling type is Automatic. This makes the tunneling connection unable to connect.

The solution to fix the VPN Error: Firstly you need to ensure that your VPN username, password, and server address are written correctly. Now, ensure that your firewall and antivirus software settings are not creating hurdles for your secure VPN connection. GRE Protocol 47 should be enabled or opened for PPTP VPN connection, and allow PPTP and VPN to pass via TCP Port 1723.

There is one more option for Windows users, they need to go to Security Tab and change the type of VPN to PPTP. And Macs device users have to remove HTTP:// and / from server address to get rid of this error (see best VPN for Mac).

  1. VPN Error 633

About the VPN Error: If the port is already in use or it is not set for remote access dial out then this error can occur.

The Reason for VPN Error: The probable cause of this error can be the TCP port. If the TCP port is not configured or it is in use of any other software, then you may encounter this error.

The solution to fix the VPN Error: To solve this error you need to restart your device.

  1. VPN Error 806

About the VPN Error: If this VPN error occurs then it means the connection between your device and the VPN server left incomplete.

The Reason for VPN Error: This error may happen when the device between your computer and VPN server is restricted to GRE packets. Or it can also appear when the internet speed is slow.

The solution to fix the VPN Error: In the case of this error, you should check the setting of your router or firewall and make sure whether GRE packets are not being restricted. If there is any speed issue, then you should confirm it by trying to ping the connection manually and fix VPN errors.

  1. VPN Error 868

About the VPN Error: This is the error that appears if the remote connection could not be established due to the wrong remote access server name.

The Reason for VPN Error: This error can occur if you are using a wrong remote access server name or if something went wrong with DNS settings (learn more about DNS leaks in our comprehensive guide to IP, DNS and WebRTC Leaks).

The solution to fix the VPN Error: Firstly you need to check whether you have a valid remote access server name or not. If this error persists, you need to have a look at your DNS settings. Try connecting to a VPN with an IP address rather than a hostname.

  1. VPN Error 628

About the VPN Error: This error can appear if the port gets unplugged or the remote connection gets disabled while establishing a VPN connection.

The Reason for VPN Error: Modem issues, dial-up, or disturbance in a phone line or port malfunction by the ISP can bring this error.

The solution to fix the VPN Error:  Get your phone line checked and resolve the noise issues in the phone line. In case you still face this error than trying updating the modem or router firmware. And check your login credentials and account setting of firewall or your router.

  1. VPN Error 624

About the VPN Error: The phone book file can not be written or updated.

The Reason for VPN Error: When the operating system is unable to write or update the information to the phone book file. This usually happens when the file is wrongly configured or damaged.

The solution to fix the VPN Error: Firstly locate the phone book file which you will find in the System32 folder (Windows OS). After finding the file, check if it is configured to read-only. If not, then there are high chances that your phone book file is damaged. In case it is damaged then you have to rename it with the old file and run the setup of the new file.

  1. VPN Error 647

About the VPN Error: Disabled account

The reason for VPN Error: This happens due to frequent connecting or disconnecting sessions that are exceeding the limit allowed by the provider, or you might be connecting the VPN to more than the allowed number of devices. Moreover, one more reason can also be your financial information that is invalid or missing. This can lead to error 647.

The solution to fix the VPN Error: When you face this issue, you should keep checking your email as the provider will send you the email containing ways of resolving the issue. Act upon the email and disconnect all the other devices.

  1. VPN Error 766

About the VPN Error: This error will likely show you one of the following errors.

  • Problem finding a certificate.
  • The security layer is unable to authenticate the remote computer and hence resulted in the failure of the L2TP connection attempt.

The Reason for VPN Error: You can have this error when the device is unable to find the computer certificate.

The solution to fix the VPN Error: If you are using the PPTP protocol, then you need to set Automatic from the VPN protocol type option. In the case of L2TP try to install a certificate on the computer, or you can also download it yourself, but it is better to take your provider’s help.

  1. VPN Error 807

About the VPN Error: Interruption in the network connection between your computer and the VPN.

The Reason for VPN Error: Problem with VPN data transmission can result in this error.

The solution to fix VPN Errors: Disconnect the VPN and alter the location then connect again. If this error remains, try doing the following.

  • Disable firewall and antivirus
  • Delete browser cookies
  • Check your login information and log in again.
  • Change your connection type to PPTP VPN or remove from HTTP:// and / from the server address.
  1. VPN Error 711

About the VPN Error: Remote access connection manager service is unable to load.

The Reason for VPN Error: You can face this issue in the case of disability of Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager, and Telephony.

The solution to fix the VPN Error:  To resolve this issue all you need to do is to enable disabled services.

Conclusion – How To Fix VPN Errors In Simple Steps

As nothing comes with perfect, VPN can also sometimes come up with errors that are entirely resolvable. With the help of our guide. You can quickly fix these common errors that you may face while using a VPN.


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