How to Fix Lagging Issue in PUBG Mobile?


You’re living in the stone-age if you’re not familiar with the lagging issue. Pretty much every player has gone through it, and it is the most frustrating part of the game. For sure, you have experienced lagging issues sometimes when playing the game. Most of the time, the ping goes too high or sometimes you find yourself playing a few seconds back because of some disruption. Therefore, we jump in to help you make your gaming experience smooth. Having a lagging issue may take you out of the game within a few minutes, which possibly affects your stats and may de-rank your character. Therefore, a guide to fix your PUBG Mobile account lagging contains three sections that help you play smoothly once fixed. 

  • Mobile Setting
  • Graphics Settings
  • Ping Issues 

Mobile Setting

Most of the time, the mobile setting causes the lagging. Therefore, we will teach you how to set your mobile setting before jumping into the game. When start playing the game, you should make sure that your device has free storage; if not, then we recommend you delete some unusable apps. Furthermore, follow the given instruction to keep your device running smoothly: 

  • Free Storage 
  • Use Game Acceleration Feature 
  • Clear Cache before start playing PUBG Mobile
  • You should turn on overclock mode if available
  • Turn off Battery Optimization
  • Don’t use Power Saving Mode 

 The latest devices come with Game Acceleration and Game Booster features that prevent any disturbance to give you a smooth gaming experience. Next to that, whenever you put your device in power saving mode, most of the time it closes all apps from the background, as well as creates problems when you playing the game like low brightness and others. 

Graphics Settings

Upon detecting the game lagging issue, we suggest you revisit your graphics setting. Maybe you are playing the game using extreme graphics for that your device isn’t designed or can’t handle. Therefore, you should choose the perfect graphics setting your device is comfortable with to avoid game lagging. Many times, the game starts with by default setting, but you can change it to experience better gameplay. 

Ping Issues 

If the above-mentioned methods don’t worth the solution, then you should check your ping as it could be the main reason for lagging, and many times it is detected easily. To get rid of the high ping issue, we suggest you use a good ISP (Internet Service Provider). Other ways to maintain your ping are below: 

  • Install Gaming VPN 
  • Restart Your Modem
  • Switch to Data Connection 
  • Use Pinger Latest Version
  • And more. 

If all said methods don’t work, then you should change your device may be some hardware issue is creating lagging. On the other hand, you can use any application like KillPing to maintain your ping to enjoy the amazing gaming experience.

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