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How to Download VPN in China? If you are traveling or planning to move to China; one thing you need to make sure that China gives you a hard to recall what you have left behind in your home town. That means accessing your favorite websites that you used to enjoy back home; is somewhat prohibited in the land of Chinese civilization. When you go to China, you will probably be surprised to know that most of the popular websites are blocked in China. And if you want to access them; there is no better way than using a VPN. But, bear it with me, the Great Firewall of China has now blocked all the VPN websites; stopping you from accessing the website.

Apparently, if you can not access the website; how come you download VPN in China. To that end, we are here to present you a way that can help you access VPN website in China; and hence enables you to download a VPN in China. Because we understand, living in China without a VPN can be a total misery for any expat.

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In recent times, the digital privacy seems to be in dire straits. Since the privacy-killing laws have been enacted in many prominent countries of the world. Following that, the clouds seem to be on the horizon, and many other countries will likely follow their footprints. Where the actual sufferers are no one but the netizens. It is their privacy that has been compromised for quite a long time. Fortunately, there is a ray of hope for the netizens who are privacy savvy. That hope is none other than a VPN. But, unfortunately, some countries have started being even crueller and killing our privacy by blocking the biggest boon for cybersecurity, a VPN. China is one of those countries who are against VPN and has blocked all the VPN websites on their land. But there is still a way out that can help you download a VPN in China. So, read our article to know how you can download VPN in China even after the government’s official ban on VPN websites in China. (also read, How to Access the Deep Web and Darknet Anonymously)

Why Do You Need VPN In China?

There are a plenty of reasons that can make you want a VPN when travelling to China. In fact, I think a VPN is a must to use if you are an expat or going to move to China sooner or later. As I told you there is much reason that makes VPN use essentially in China. Here they are:

1. To Evade Internet Censorship:

China is among those countries that have the strongest internet Firewall. The Great Firewall of China is known to block many popular international websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. There is the local version of these websites which are not used for any tourist or expat. This is why most of the people subscribe to a VPN service when they plan to travel to China. (also see, 5 Best VPN for China 2017)

2. To Enjoy Speedy Internet:

However, broadband speed in China is way better than many other countries. But sometimes the speed issue comes your way when you try to access the websites that are hosted from outside China. Here a VPN comes handy to mask your IP address and host the sites via the local server.

3. To Bypass Geo-Restrictions:

You may need to bypass the geo-restrictions many times in China. Because many websites are region-restricted in China. Moreover, you may also want to use a VPN when availing any discount for any particular location. For instance, you got to see a 50% off on Amazon deals only with the US citizens. And you are currently in China. Now, what will you do? Will you go back to the US and get the offer? Of course not! You can avail this discount by using a VPN in China.

4. To Improve Security:

Last but not the least; in fact, it is the primary purpose of using a VPN. Some local Chinese websites are the house to viruses and scams. If you are a casual web surfer and moving from site to site. You are doing nothing but invite a handful of trouble into your system. These websites are full of viruses and automatic downloads of malware that can eventually lead you to hacking and ransomware attacks. So, it is highly recommended to download a VPN in China before you start web surfing.

Why Are You Unable To Access VPN Websites In China?

Previously, it is allowed to access those websites of VPNs that have government muster; But now the government of China has made all the leading Telecom of China to block the access of all the VPN websites and remove their apps from the App Stores. You may also have noticed that neither you are able to access the VPN provider site nor you can download their app from the App Store. And if not, then it will get into effect from the February 2018. This is because of government’s furtive campaign against VPN. However, it is still not possible to completely wipe off the use of VPNs from China. But blocking the websites of VPN provider can affect majorly. (Also, check How to get US IP Address)

Why Has China Blocked VPN Websites?

The latest directive comes as China prepares for a twice a decade political meeting in Beijing in late 2017, with various factions within the government jockeying for dominance in any possible shuffle of top officials. It also comes on the heels of a 14-month “cleanup” of internet services announced in January, part of President Xi Jinping’s push for so-called “internet sovereignty.”

This will inevitably affect the Chinese students, the software developers, researchers and many people in business in China. As many researchers have already been reported that they face a heck of problem during their research while accessing the overseas websites of journalism. At the same time, it will also affect the common users; especially those who are Chinese native and live there as an expat. Though the government claims to be an operation conducted in a bit to maintain internet sovereignty, by no means, it seems to bring fruitful consequences to that.

How To Download VPN in China?

When the VPN providers got to know about the Chinese government intentions. Many of them have recorded mixed gestures. Some marked it as a cat and mouse chase; that seems endless. The government keeps on putting hindrance in the way of VPN providers. But, every time they find ways to continue their struggle against cybercrime and internet privacy killing laws. Many VPN providers claim to have an alternative link that can redirect them to their website from where they can download the VPN. Thus, the VPN providers have already found out the way by which their users can access the site. So, that means you can now download a VPN in China.

Pre-install the VPN Software When You are Travelling To China:

We recommend you not to take any risk and download a VPN for China before your visit to the respective country. This way, you will be carefree, and the government will not be able to come in your way. So, pre-installation of a VPN before you travel comes as an essential task to do when you plan to visit China to access the unfettered web.

Access ExpressVPN In China With the Following Link:

No worries if you have not installed a VPN app or desktop software before you move to China. And all those expats who are currently living in China; they do not need to go back to their homeland and install VPN there. Now, they can access ExpressVPN website and download VPN in China. We got to know about this link when we approach the customer care center of ExpressVPN, and they told us about the link. Here are the screenshots.




All you need to do is to click here. This link will redirect you to the website of ExpressVPN, and from there you can subscribe to their service by choosing any package and paying via any of their payment modes. After payment, you will be given the access to the area from where you can download the software. Also, through email, your account credentials will be sent to you. That you can use after downloading the VPN software.

Conclusion-How to Download VPN in China?

All I want to add in conclusion is that the government will always be producing hindrance in the way of our internet privacy. Which is actually our fundamental right. But unfortunately, the states like China has no consideration for such basic human right. So, it is the high time to stand up for our privacy and circumvent the Great Firewall of China with the help of a VPN in hand. And if you can not download a VPN in China; then follow our guide to do so.


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