How to Download Torrents on iPad?


How to Download Torrents on iPad? This is the era of internet and its innovative technology. That has made our lives a lot easier than ever before. Be it video chatting, online gaming, or torrenting. Every other web innovative technology has bestowed the humanity the best of entertainment and facilities. One of which is the peer to peer protocol of BitTorrent file sharing and downloading. Torrenting is widely famous across the world. Among torrenters who download and share. Large amount files using this technology. But this boon has now somewhat become a crime.

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How to Download Torrents on iPad Safely by Using a VPN?

Furthermore, It is because torrenting could download any copyright content. Like a movie, book, video game, etc. And downloading copyright protected content can land the downloader to the jail. Hence, many stern actions have been taken. By the governments of many countries to cull the cause of copyright infringement. Got an iPad and want to download torrents on iPad? Stick with this article as we will tell you. That how you can safely download torrents on your iPad.

Due to which in many countries ISPs are allowed to keep an eye on the activities of the netizen. And inform the authorities in case of any illegal attempt like copyright infringement. Here arises a question then how your ISP could know your location. Well, ISP tracks your online activity via the IP address assigned to you. This IP address can reveal your location if deciphered. So your ISP keeps the log of your online activity. And use your IP to trace back to your doorstep. To send you lawsuit notice against copyright infringement. Previously Apple did not have good terms with torrenting. And Apple users were unlikely to download torrents. But things have changed for the good now.

So all the torrenters out there here is the good news for you. That you can now download torrents on iPad. This will require you to download some supporting app. About which we are going to guide you in this article. So stick with us till the end. To get yourself acquainted. With how you can successfully download torrents on iPad. (also read our comprehensive torrent guide).

Steps Of Downloading Torrents On iPad Safely

Using iPad itself is enough to excite your entertainment streak, imagine what if I tell you how you can successfully download torrents on iPad. Excited? Or Super Excited? Well, that is what I am going to tell you right here:

  • Kick off the process by going to iTunes App Store and look for iDownloader. It is an app that does not cost you and lets you download files and programs. Install iDownloader on your iPad.
  • Now the second step is to launch the iDownloader and search for the browser in the app.
  • Make use of iDownloader browser and type in any of your favourite torrent websites like The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, IsoHunt.
  • Now you are required to look for the particular torrent you wish to download on your iPad.
  • Now find the download torrent link and click and hold this button.
  • This will open a new pop-up window that will likely to show you three possibilities Copy, Open and Cancel, click the copy option.
  • Now go back to iDownloader and access browser to reach “’”
  • Open and paste the link of the torrent that you have copied earlier and hit the Go button to get the ball rolling.
  • Now you will see a downloading link generated by Hit this link, and you will be directed to three possibilities once again. These will be; Open, Copy and Download. Click the download option to proceed further.
  • Now your torrent file is all set to download and will soon leech the file.

Why downloading Torrent On iPad Is Prohibited?

Let me remove the clouds of your turmoil about torrenting being illegal and prohibited. The fact the act of torrenting or downloading torrents itself is not considered as a crime but downloading copyright protected content is surely that crime which has some severe laws against it in various countries across the globe.

Copyright is the legal right given by the legislation of any state that means if any content like movie, book, video game, music or any downloadable stuff is copyright protected, the downloading of such material will be considered as a violation of copyright law and the right of the actual creator to attain its genuinity. This crime is called copyright infringement that can lead you to some grave consequences. But still people across the world are getting benefited by this boon called torrenting and here are we to tell you more about the ways to download torrents on iPad.

What are the Consequences If Caught?

The effects of torrenting could be grave and to cut it short it could put you behind bars and could charge you a hefty amount of penalties that will vary according to the law of the land where you have attempted this so called crime. Even in the countries where the writ of the government is not so tight, though they ensure the implementation of this law and charge a hefty amount of penalties in order not to let the cyber crime overshadow the land. While in welfare states it is considered as one of the major cyber crimes and violation of the right of the copyright holder and the original producer of the questioned content.

Irrespective of the aspect that torrenting could violate the right of the copyright holder, it is a great boon that is a free source of entertainment to billions of torrenters out there. Moreover, torrenting has also affected the business of platforms where these contents are commercially run like cinemas, book fairs, etc. But since we know the ways to download torrents on iPad without getting into the trouble of unfolding copyright infringement notice and spend years in the jail.

Make Sure You Always Use VPN while Torrenting

Besides the above-mentioned method, there is also one more way that let you download torrents on iPad safely without worrying to get caught by the authorities or get a lawsuit by the copyright holder. That way is none other than using a VPN. Setting up a VPN on iPad will give you the experience of safe torrenting by which you can download torrents on iPad as much as you want with the military grade encryption and pretty much fast speed if you chose the VPN correctly.

Virtual Private Network offers you a safe experience of torrenting by hiding your IP address even from your ISP to not leave any loophole by which you could be caught while torrenting. The VPN directs you internet traffics through an end-to-end encrypted tunnel that is impossible to intercept.

Not only this, VPN allows you to unblock your favourite torrenting websites that have been blocked due to geo-blocking by giving you the ability to alter your IP address virtually with the IP address of any pro- torrent region like Netherland and Holland. This will fool the website server, thinking you are accessing the internet site from the region where it is not blocked. So VPN is an affordable and safest way to download torrents on iPad. ( also read best VPN for iPhone and iPad 2017)

VPNs For Torrenting

Choosing VPN for downloading torrents makes much difference than finding a VPN for the normal type of work.

Speed: As far as torrenting is concerned, you should make the selection wisely. In order to download torrents on iPad, your VPN must not be sluggish for it could ruin your downloading experience. ( see Testing your VPN speed)

Bandwidth: Additionally, there should not be any bandwidth limit so as not to hung up between downloading and cull the file downloading and sharing the process.

Server Location: You should make sure that the VPN you are thinking to opt for must offers server locations in pro-torrenting countries so that you can choose these locations to access the blocked torrent websites.

Furthermore, there have been some good but affordable VPNs that work best in order to download torrents on iPad like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. These VPNs offer affordable packages and give best services as compared to the other VPNs. So, before torrenting from your iPad, you should always make sure you use anyone of these two VPNs in a bid to protect yourself from being caught by the authorities. (check out best VPN for torrenting)

Conclusion-How to Download Torrents on iPad?

So all the iPad fanatics, hold your nerves because you are going to get the torrent files to download on your iPad soon and can enjoy the free downloading and sharing through BitTorrent peer to peer protocols. Now look around for the upcoming famous movies and thrill yourself with the interesting movies, games, books, etc. for free.

But never forget to use a good VPN while torrenting for it can save you from getting into the hassle of legal issues and penalties charged by the court after sued by the copyright holder. So better be safe and protect yourself with the best VPN for torrenting.


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