How to Download Torrents in Germany?


How to Download Torrents in Germany? Germany has always been the state that follows the laws strictly. Be it cybercrime laws, copyright infringement or any law of this land. Germans are the people who abide by their rules and regulation. This land is also the member of the European Union. That is not at all pro-torrenting. So naturally, Germany is bound to implement some stern laws against this boon P2P file sharing.

On the other hand, there are still some people in Germany. And the international students and expats want to download torrents. And Google for the safe ways of downloading torrents in this land of strict laws. Here are we to tell how you can circumvent this strict law against torrenting and download torrents in Germany.

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How To Download Torrents In Germany?

In order to avoid getting caught while torrenting. You first need to stop your ISP from snooping your online activities. For this purpose, you will have to hide your IP from everyone. Including your ISP or choose the anonymous ways of using the internet. There are two traditional ways by which you can achieve the anonymity over the internet. Or can hide your IP even from the ISP. Following are those two ways. That can help you to download torrents in Germany safely.

Using VPN:

VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the leading cybersecurity suites. A VPN allows the users to use the internet anonymously. Where no one can see the IP of the user. Hence, can not snoop through it. This security software passes your internet data traffic. Through a tunnel that is locked with military level end-to-end encryption. And connected to a remote server at its other end. This high standard of encryption is impossible to intercept even for the ISPs. All the ISPs could see is your data packets. Those are going through an encrypted tunnel that they are unable to decipher.

Moreover, the Virtual Private Network also enables you to swap your IP address. Virtually in a bid to unblock the websites. That have been banned in your region by geo-blocking. For instance, if you want to access the US-based website of Netflix. That is blocked in your area, you will have to open your VPN. Then select any server location from the US and connect the VPN. Once your VPN is connected with the US IP. You will be given access to all the websites. That have been blocked in your region but runs smoothly in the US. ( read Top Ten Torrent Websites of 2017)

Using Tor:

Tor or The Onion Routing is also a security software. That allows the users to browse anonymously. And not to let the world see your IP address including your ISP. This program works on the concept of onion routing. That actually routes your internet traffic to the various layers of encryptions. Hence, making your connection anonymous and safe.

This multiple layers of encryption are hard to track. And hence it hides the IP of the user And makes him anonymous over the internet. This security suite comes free and does not charge you a single penny. But because of its multiple layering of encryptions. The Internet traffic reaches late to the requested destination. Making the overall connection sluggish and throttled. ( also see Is Using Tor Safe For Privacy).

Why VPN Is Our Recommendation:

If you want to experience a safe and less or no throttled torrenting. Then we recommend you to opt for VPNs rather than Tor. The rationale behind this recommendation is. That a VPN does not slow or throttle the connection. So that it will not be likely to affect the downloading process because of slow speed. (also read VPN vs. Tor-Which Is the Best For Privacy). Though the VPN does not come free as Tor does. There are some speedy yet affordable VPNs out there in the market. Like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Apart from this, the VPN could also help you unblock the torrenting websites. And indexers that might be blocked in your region. But for this, you need to make sure that your VPN provider must offer the server locations. From the pro torrent nation like Netherland and Holland. So that you can unblock torrent websites and download torrents in Germany.

Is Torrent Legal In Germany?

Let me clear it here, that any state including Germany is not particular against torrenting but downloading copyright protected content like any movie, TV show episodes, any video game or book. It is because this act is against copyright laws that are the right of the original creator of any content and this copyright give him the legal right to claim any kind sort of infringement of his copyright protected content. This works same in the land of Germans, where the government considers this act as one of the cyber crime and takes serious actions against the doer.

In the name of protecting the right of original content, the government has parted the ways of torrenting for the German netizens. But still millions of Germans are using this boon called torrenting, and they still find a way to download torrents in Germany. Whereas there are also numerous lots of Germans and foreign expats who travel to this land of laws for studying or for the work purpose, they are often found seeking the ways by which they can safely download torrents in Germany.

How Can You Be Caught While Torrenting?

Do you still believe getting a copyright infringement notice after downloading torrents in Germany is just a word of mouths? ( also read How You Can Get Caught While Downloading Music, Movie Torrents) Let me beware you! Getting a legal notice of copyright infringement at your doorsteps means more than just a rumor that you might hear when you plan traveling to Germany. The ignorant netizens are often not aware of the fact that how they would be caught while torrenting in Germany.

Well, let me pop the bubble of your turmoil here, the government of Germany monitors your each and every activity that you do over the internet and this authority is legalized in this state of law under the legislation of Data Retention Law, which has been implemented and followed across the nation. This law demands the ISPs to keep a hawk eye on your online activities and retain the metadata.

With the help of this practice, the government gets catch hold of the cyber criminals through the ISPs who use your IPs to snoop your online activities. So those who download torrents in Germany freely should now look for the ways of doing it safely or with no chance of getting caught. ( also read The Comprehensive Torrent Guide For Everyone)

What Are the Consequences If Caught?

To cut a long story short, the consequences or aftermath you could likely face after you download torrents in Germany with no protection are really grave. This could lead you to spend some part of your life in the jail and could also get you trapped in the web of hefty amount penalty. This is very common in Germany, and other netizens who come to this land from the pro torrent nations are likely to do this crime as they lack the awareness about the copyright infringement law that is strictly enacted in Germany.

So you should be cautious while downloading torrents in Germany and opting for unsafe methods to download torrents in Germany. Read on to get yourself acquainted with the safe ways by which you can get your hands on torrents in Germany with getting any legal notice of copyright infringement.

Protect Yourself From Paying For Others’ Crime:

Surprised? Or Freaking out? Yes, it is worth warning you that if you leave your Wifi connection unprotected, then there are many chances of getting the punishment for the sin that you have not even attempted. Consequently, if your internet connection is less secured or unprotected than anyone on your network can download the torrent and trap you in the case of copyright infringement laws. Here VPNs can also play their role if you download VPNs on your router than anyone using your internet will be benefited with the services that the VPN provides, including the members of your home. But for other, you are advised to set the password on your Wifi so that it becomes secured and nobody can use the connection without your consent. (also read 10 Cyber Security Tips You Need To Know- You May Get Surprise)

Conclusion-How to Download Torrents in Germany?

There is no denying the fact that Germany’s laws are way too strict to bypass them. Besides, the government also has writ there and takes severe and immediate action against any crime that has been reported. So if you still continue to download torrents in Germany without using VPN, then you are likely to be rewarded with a legal notice of copyright infringement that could knock your door anytime. So, rather than living with this fear, grab a VPN subscription now and make your torrenting hassle free and fearless. ( also read 5 Best VPN for Germany in 2017)


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