How to do anonymous Torrenting?


For all the Torrent lovers who are absolutely addicted to the amazing downloading and uploading style of all Torrenting websites, it is really hard these days as BitTorrent is not as safe as it was some years ago, people throttling the connection which alters the upload and download speed and all of this because your IP address is visible to all the people present in the network and the best way to avoid this annoying situation is to use a software which can hide your IP address and enables you to do anonymous Torrenting absolutely anonymously and that is possible by using a VPN.

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How a VPN Works for Anonymous Torrenting?

To understand how anonymous torrenting is done by a VPN you need to read the article. When you download a Torrent immediately you are connected to a number of other people called a ‘swarm’, and all those people can easily view your IP address that’s how it works they have to see your IP address so that they can share files with you, that is very convenient when you can easily download or upload files even large files with fast speed due to peer-to-peer downloading mechanism where you download most of the files’ chunk from the users’ PC who shared that file which saves the downloading time and gives fastest downloading speed.

But in this swarm, it is not necessarily only people with file-sharing purposes are there, but there can be some piracy monitoring groups who are hired and paid to monitor people on such BitTorrent swarms and they can ruin your anonymous Torrenting experience by several means including notifying your ISP. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works as a protective privacy shield when you are on such a Torrenting network it hides your original IP address and location so no one can see the real you and you can do absolute anonymous Torrenting over the networks.

How to select a good Torrenting VPN?

When you google a good Torrenting VPN you may come across hundreds of options that could be quite perplexing for a beginner to choose from. Some free or cheap VPN services also claim to provide you anonymity but in real scenario fail to do so, always remember anonymous Torrenting is never free, the free VPN service providers who claim to provide you anonymous Torrenting must not be fair with you and they must keep your log which can be accessed by any third party on request, so getting such fake-faced VPN service is of no use, always go for a reliable premium Torrenting VPN which never keeps user’s log and provides you absolute anonymity. Here we are illustrating some core features you must look for when opting for an anonymous Torrenting VPN;

Number of Strong Servers

The more the number of the server the better your anonymous Torrenting experience will be, as more servers can allow BitTorrent traffic which will enhance your Torrenting experience from anywhere in the world.

Zero Log Keeping Policy

A reliable VPN service for anonymous Torrenting must not keep any log that can be accessed by snoopers and can harm your online identity by any cyber attacker like hackers or spammers.

Allows BitTorrent Traffic

Always make sure that a VPN allows BitTorrent traffic on most of its servers so that you can enjoy a broader and enhance the torrenting experience without any hassle.

Unlimited Downloading with Fastest VPN Speed

Some VPN slowdowns your internet connection speed which ultimately results in slower downloading or uploading speed which can be really annoying as no one wants to wait the whole day for a file to be downloaded or uploaded so always choose the fastest VPN service for an unforgettable and anonymous Torrenting experience.

Final Words

Even though most of the countries don’t allow Torrenting on their networks, millions of people use a VPN service to get safe and secure access to all Torrenting website, in this article we just tried to help secure your IP address from the snooper while Torrenting and enjoy a safe and anonymous Torrenting experience.


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