How To Decide Whether You Need A VPN?


Isn’t the term VPN coming across your eyes too much these days? People are talking about it everywhere and googling for its use and benefits. Yes, there is no doubt in saying that VPN had gained hype during the past few years when the internet got infected by the unfair geo-restriction and so-called censorship (learn how to unblock geo-restricted sites). This resulted in the inaccessibility of many famous websites by geo-restrictions. On the other hand, the rate of hacking and scamming has also boosted up in no time, learn 7 ways to avoid being hacked. People these days are concerned about their internet security and privacy, and they obviously do not like to be monitored by the government or the internet service provider because it makes them feel like their privacy is at risk. When we talk about privacy, we all are concerned about it and ready to spend a lot for the sake of privacy Learn more about internet privacy, the threats to it, and how you can enhance it in our ultimate Privacy Guide. And when it comes to online privacy then you should be more cautious because the internet world has become a cradle for hacking and identity theft, keeping government’s censorship and monitoring in the minds. Thus, these all problems call for a solution and that solution is none other than but a VPN. You may be familiar with this term VPN but you probably never think of using it, or you may be unable to decide whether you should consider using a VPN or not, read to know a VPN in detail in our VPN guide. If anyone of these is your case, then you are at the right place. Here I’m to tell you whether you need a VPN service or not. So, keep reading this article to know all about VPN and its need.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a method that is designed to give the users access to any geo-blocked website. Not only a VPN can bypass geo-restrictions, but it also provides a secure internet connection because of its end-to-end encryption. A VPN is used to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your internet connection. It is because it works by tunneling all your data traffic with a military level of encryption that ensures that all the data which you send remain confidential and not even the internet provider can access it, learn all VPN encryption terms. The VPN is also powered with an unusual feature that allows the users to change their original IP address into any of the IP addresses of their desired location, choosing from the wide range of countries across the world. This enables the users to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock any of their favorite websites. All they need to do is to alter their IP address into the IP address of that location where their favorite website is accessible and this way they can easily unblock that website with the help of a VPN.

Why You Need a VPN?

If you are still ambiguous about whether you need a VPN or not then you should keep reading this article till the end. The million-dollar question is why do you need a VPN? Well, there are numerous reasons that will make you want a VPN. Some of these reasons are below.

  • Securing Your Internet Browsing

Who doesn’t want to be assured of secure browsing? Yes, we all want to use that internet connection which guarantees us a completely safe and encrypted internet connection. If you are also looking for such a connection, then you need to consider using a VPN (get the most secure VPN services). A VPN is security software that is designed to give the user a fully secured internet connection. How does it possibly do it? Of course, it is not made out of magic, although it seems like it works by tunneling all your internet data packets with the top layer of end-to-end encryption. This military level encryption works as a secure lock that completely protects your online activity and the internet traffic you send to the other party via your browser. So basically, it makes your internet browsing very secure.

  • Enhance Your Privacy

A good VPN developer always makes sure not to compromise the privacy of its users. If you are annoyed by the watchdogs of the government which is assigned to monitor your online activities round the clock, then a good VPN can be your choice (read our VPN buying guide to select the right VPN service). The VPN gives you complete privacy by concealing your original identity and gives you a complete sense of anonymity over the internet so that you will not feel your privacy to be at risk.

  • Unblock the Censored Websites

There is no denying the fact that a VPN is powered with many alluring features. One of these features is an extensive range of IP addresses of the countries across the globe. This allows you to unblock the censored websites that you wish to access for ages. Now you can access all those websites with the help of an excellent VPN service. All you need to do is to switch your geographical location by altering your IP address from a good range of IPs provided by your VPN service provider. You need to change your location virtually because the server of the websites tracks your location by your IP address and then block your access. But if you virtually change your IP address, it will make the server to think that you are not from the location where the website you are trying to access is blocked. Hence, you will be given access and can enjoy whatever you want to enjoy.

  • Bypass the Geo-restriction

One of the reasons why you need a VPN is you can circumvent the geo-restriction imposed by the government. Geo-restriction is a way of blocking the unwanted website with the help of an IP address assigned to every user. This method is usually used by the governments to limit the access of their netizen and to block any website that does not cater to their political and moral interests. This annoys the netizens a big-time, and the people all over the world are suffering from this unfair geo-restriction. How you can bypass the geo-restriction is to change your IP address and unblock the websites that are banned in your country.

Selecting a Right VPN for You

Choosing the right VPN has never been easy for a non-specialist. When it comes to doing so, you need to do some research before you make your final decision. There are some important factors that you should keep in mind when going to choose a right VPN for yourself.

  • Protocol

When you research about good VPN, you will see these names of protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN support, and SSL. According to our VPN security expert, Mr.Edward Ben. He explained these terms as the protocols that the VPN providers use to enhance the level of security for their users. All these protocols have different pros and cons, but the most commonly used protocol is OpenVPN and SSL. Whereas PPTP is proved to be the most vulnerable one that you should avoid. You can get to know more which is the best VPN protocols.

  • Number of Servers

The other factor that you should consider is the number of servers provided by your VPN service provider. This is one of the important factors when you wish to block any website you need to change your IP address with that of IP where the website is not blocked. So it is necessary to make sure that your VPN provider offers you a good range of servers and at least those servers that you require. Moreover, if you are a privacy geek, then you should also ensure that your VPN is based outside your home country to avoid the government’s snooping.

  • Logging

There is a common perception that some US-based VPN providers facilitate the government with your information from backdoors without your knowledge. This can be a dangerous threat to your online privacy for which you opted for a VPN. It is always not necessary that they are doing it but if they log then the government can ask them any time to access your information (get the best Anonymous VPN). So, if you do not want even your ISP to monitor your online activity, then you need a VPN with no logging.

  • Protection against malware and spyware

Using a VPN is not always a reliable shield against all malware and spyware. Some VPNs compromise on this factor. But to be completely safe, you need a VPN which offers you anti-malware and anti-spyware program to be protected over the internet.

  • Mobile Device Compatibility

When you need a VPN, we recommend you to go for that VPN which is mobile phone compatible, read the best VPN for Android. Once you decided to spend money on a VPN service, then it should be completely packed with all the necessary features, and one of these is mobile phone compatibility.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN?

There are some benefits that you can get using a VPN. Like when you are using a public Wifi, your personal and financial data becomes vulnerable. Using a VPN can help you to be protected from the threats coming from public Wifi. It can also provide you with anonymity and privacy over the Internet. Furthermore, all the websites that you can not access because of geo-restriction can become accessible using a VPN. In short, a VPN is full of security, privacy, anonymity, and can bypass the geo-restriction. In addition to these features, a good VPN doesn’t have a speed issue, and it is user-friendly too.

Conclusion – How To Decide Whether You Need A VPN

So, the punchline of this article is that you need a VPN to enhance your online privacy and to keep your data out of the reach of hackers and scammers. You could also be in need of a VPN if you want to unblock the websites that are banned in your home country. And lastly, you will need a VPN for all the concerns related to online privacy and security. So, you can now better decide whether you need a VPN or not.


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