How to Choose the Best VPN Server Location?


Who is not aware of the benefits of a VPN? After the innovation of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Using the Internet in the most secure way has not been just a dream. In fact, it has become a reality. People can use the internet safely. Especially it is not less than any blessing for the people who prefer internet privacy over anything else. The innovation of VPN has eased those people big time. Who was suffering from strict internet censorship laws? Or active firewalls like the Great Firewall of China. Where many social networking websites are banned. And the netizens are unable to access. Likewise, VPN is widely used by the expats and citizens of the UAE. Or the Middle East where VoIP services are blocked. So to monopolize the State-owned telecommunication companies.

Furthermore, the VPN has become the choice of those people. Who wish to use the internet anonymously. And do not want the government to watch over them.
If you are also any of the conditions as mentioned above. Then VPN can be a great help for you. All you need to do is to buy a VPN. Download its software, select the best VPN server location. And get started with your secure internet connection. But wait! You probably do not know. How to choose the best server location for you. And why it is important to choose the best VPN server. If not? Then you have landed in the right place. Here I go by telling you everything about the best VPN server location. ( See best VPN for UAE)

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What is VPN Server Location?

Moreover, Before I bring the VPN server location to light. I must elaborate on you how a VPN works. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is primarily designed to provide an extra layer to the existing internet connection. The VPN software you installed is capable of sending all your data traffic to an encrypted tunnel that is linked to a remote server.
When you connect your VPN. You will be required to choose a server location. From the list of server locations offered by your VPN service provider. The leading VPN service providers offer the maximum number of location servers. That included almost all the countries of the world. Each server location has a virtual IP address. That will be altered by your original IP address once you select it.

For instance, you chose the UK-East London server location. Then after connecting your VPN with this server location the websites. You visit their servers can see you are virtually assigned an IP address. And not your original IP address. This way, you will be benefited with two things. First is anonymity and the second is the accessibility to all the blocked content. But to take full advantage of VPN service. You need to pick the server location wisely. In the next section of the article. You will be explained how to select the best VPN server location.

Why Do You Need To Choose the Best VPN Server Location?

Additionally, to boost the speed and connectivity of your VPN. You might feel the need for choosing the best VPN server for you. However, it will merely depend upon the nature of your use. If you want to make the most out of your VPN service. Then you should better learn how to use the VPN wisely. For which you are required to know. How you can select the best VPN server location for better performance of your VPN.

How To Select the Best VPN Server Location?

Here comes the million-dollar question. That is how you can choose the best VPN server location before connecting your VPN? You need to consider some factors while choosing the best VPN server. The server location preference varies in each case of the factor. For instance, if you are living in the UAE. Where VoIP service is blocked. So you opted for a VPN service to unblock VoIP in UAE. In this case, you should choose the VPN server location where VoIP service is not banned. Hence, you can easily use it.  Although this seems an insignificant issue to many. It can affect the productivity of your VPN to some extent.

Factor That Should Be Considered When Choosing Best VPN Server Location

Here are some factors that we have brought to you in case you need to decide the best VPN server location for you. All you need to do before selecting the best VPN server is to consider the following factors to identify your case and do accordingly.

1)  Your Location

Almost all of the leading content streaming websites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and BBC iPlayer is location restricted. In general, the streaming sites based in the UK or US mostly target the viewers of their region. Non-American and viewers residing outside the UK are left with the option of using a VPN to access these video streaming websites. This further calls for the need of choosing the best VPN server location. You will have to choose that server location whose content you intend to access (see the best VPN for USA).

For instance, If you are living in Europe and you want to watch Hulu. In this case, your access to Hulu will be more likely to be denied because Hulu is one of those streaming websites that are geo-restricted and only the people who live in the US can access it. So if you want to watch Hulu from outside the US, you need to use a VPN with US location servers. This way the Hulu website server will see the American IP address and grant you access to Hulu. (See best VPN for Hulu)

2)  Bypass Censorship

VPN has repeatedly been proved itself as the best tool for avoiding internet censorship. Mostly where there are internet laws, and censorship is very strict, such condition calls for a need of VPN. For example, residents of China find it difficult to access social networking sites such as Facebook and messenger software such as Skype (see the best VPN for China). The expats and citizens in China opt for a VPN service to unblock these websites in their home country.
But where they stuck,  when it comes to selecting the right server location to bypass the internet censorship with best of speed and network connectivity. The nearer the server location, the better the VPN performance. You are recommended to always go for that VPN server location that is most adjacent to your current location. For instance, people from UAE should choose servers from the UK, Germany, New York, and Netherland.

3)  Speed Factor

Speed is that factor which is not likely to compromise by anyone. Everyone wants to get an optimal level of speed when they connect their internet to any VPN service. Although VPNs slow the internet speed to some extent, it should not be as slow as a crawling snail (read our article Testing VPN Speed to know more). So to have an average speed of connection without lagging and speed throttling, you should select that server that is closest to your home country. For instance, if you are a resident of Europe, you should go for servers on US east coast.

4)  For Torrenting

There is no denying the fact that torrent has eased the downloaders in real-time. Torrent has made it easy and quick to download any huge amount of file in less time and with good speed(See best BitTorrent Clients). But unfortunately, some countries have banned torrent websites because it violates copyright laws. However, you can still access all the torrent websites with the help of an excellent VPN service. Additionally, You just need to choose that server location. Which is Torrent friendly. Also, that does not ban Torrent on its ground like Netherland. (You can also check our best VPN for torrent)

5)  For Privacy and Security

Safety and privacy are something that we all prefer over anything. And the primary purpose of a VPN is to provide a secure connection to the users. But the level of privacy and security varies from one server location to another. But if you want the best VPN server location for privacy and security then you must go for servers from the UK or US that will be more likely to be suitable for you. There are other servers offering excellent services may include Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. ( Also read other 10 cyber security tips you need to know)

Conclusion- How to Choose the Best VPN Server Location?

In short choosing, the best server location is essentially a point that should not be overshadowed when using a VPN. Remember your server location affects the quality of your VPN service. The closer your server location, the more speedy it will make your connection. And for the other factors, you must have learned about the server locations. All you need to do is to keep all the points mentioned above when choosing the best VPN server location.

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