How to Avoid Data Retention in Australia?


How to Avoid Data Retention in Australia? Bear this bad news with me, all the netizen out there in Australia especially the privacy geeks pull you to say a hard-heartedly goodbye to your online privacy that actually will not be a real breakup but a forced one. This is because back in 2015 Australian government had given a deadline of 18 months to all the ISPs out there to incorporate all the necessary measures to get the Australian Data Retention Laws into effect.

And this deadline has already been over on 13th April 2017. Now all the ISPs are required to retain all your online data. For the next two years, gunning a headshot to your online privacy. But you do not have to be worried about this. As long as we are here to help you.

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What Is Data Retention Law In Australia?

Furthermore, the data retention issue was first caught fire in the Australian Parliament. In 2014 followed by a much heated up discussion. That resulted in the approval of a data retention bill. And this tendentious bill was finally passed in March. The bill is based on the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979. That obligates every telecommunication company and all the internet service providers. To retain your internet data for two years from the implementation.

However, the Australian government justifies this law. By calling Data Retention law a potential aid for law enforcement agency. In a bid to combat internal terrorism. And banish the rapidly grown cyber crimes from across the country. In response to this law, many protesters have raised their voices, but the Australian government turns deaf ears to all those voices in the name of war against cybercrime. Whether or not it would reduce cybercrime or not, it has already taken the right of every citizen to maintain their online privacy. But never fear, here are we to tell you ways to avoid data retention in Australia. (see our ultimate privacy guide)

How Does It Affect Your Online Privacy?

The data retention laws in Australia and its stern implementation. That can bring some serious effects to the online privacy. And you may feel suffocated while using your internet now. It is because all your online activity is being watched by your ISPs. Even your phone calls details are being kept. With an intention to pass it to the data retention authorities.

Moreover, the email addresses all the users are now stored. So as to help them differentiating a particular pattern. However, the content will not be snooped. Your browsing history, downloading, socializing. Hence, all your online activity will be monitored. On a daily basis so as to ensure whether or not you’re doing anything. That violates Australian internet laws. Read on to know how to avoid data retention in Australia.

How To Avoid Data Retention In Australia

Well, there are several ways that can help you. To avoid data retention in Australia. But the most recommendable, safest and most reliable way is using a VPN. (Read other Cyber Security Tips). If you want to make yourself free from the government’s unfair data retention laws safely. Then you are highly recommended to opt for a good VPN. To avoid data retention in Australia. Here is how it can help you avoid data retention in Australia. (see our VPN guide)

Using VPN:

Before we move further, I need to make sure you know it how the ISPs acquire your data and track your location. All this is done by using your IP address. That has a location in it, and through it, your ISP can watch you in Australia. A VPN or Virtual Private Network works like magic. To vanish your real IP address and protect you from ISPs eavesdropping. Apart from this a VPN using a military level encryption. Also, it sends your internet data through an encrypted tunnel. That is linked with a remote server on the other end. This extra and powerful layer of encryption. It does not allow anyone to snoop through your data. And not even your ISP can intercept this and watch over you. All your ISP could see is your data being tunnelled to a remote server but will not be able to intercept it.

Never Opt For Australian Based VPNs:

Selecting the right VPN never comes easy, it involves several factors to consider, like VPN protocols, privacy policy, speed, and bandwidth. But the most important factor to consider while making your choice of VPN (check our best VPN for Australia) to avoid data retention in Australia is the region where VPN is based. We suggest you to not go for those VPNs that are operated by Australia.

It is because as they are based in Australia, they are also bound to abide all Australian laws even the data retention law too. This would unmistakably kill the purpose of using a VPN in Australia because if your data is still retained even after using VPN, then it is nothing but a waste of money and time. Go for VPNs operated from outside Australia to address your privacy concerns.

Other Options To Avoid Data Retention In Australia:

Here are some other potential ways to avoid data retention in Australia.

1. Tor: Tor makes you anonymous over the internet and preserves your online privacy by sending your data through multiple layers of proxies, but due to the layers the speed becomes slow, read more; is Tor safe for privacy.
2. HTTPS Everywhere Add-on: Https Everywhere is an add-on that turns HTTP websites into https to ensure your data and browsing will not be kept.

3. PGP: This is designed to encrypt the emails and save the content.

4. Script Blockers: These browser extensions work pretty well to block the tracking technologies and do not allow anyone to collect your data over the web.

5. Signal: An app for Android (checkout best VPN for Android) and iOS  (also see best VPN for Mac)to help you keep your text messages and phone calls encrypted.

Bottom line- How to Avoid Data Retention in Australia

In the end, let me leave you with the morsel of information that data retention law will likely to cost the government around AU$400 million yearly. So you better not expect any leniency in this expensive law and get yourself a non- Australian based out VPN to avoid data retention in Australia.

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