How to Access the Deep Web and Darknet Anonymously?


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How to Access the Deep Web and Darknet Anonymously? The web is not only what Google shows you. There is a lot much on the internet that is hidden on purpose or not indexed by the regular search engines. You may have heard about these apparently fishy terms Dark web and Deepnet, but certainly not know the truth and nitty-gritty facts about them. Here are we to give you the complete guidance not only on deep web and darknet but also to tell you the ways by which you can access the deep web and darknet anonymously.

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Google! This name has become the brand recognition that knows everything about anything. Do you really believe Google knows everything? Is there anything on the web that Google does not know? You may be wondering why am I challenging the world’s best search engine that is famous of knowing all on the web. But, there is something that even Google does not know! Let me pop the bubble of your misconception and tell you right away that only tiny fraction of content on the web is indexed by Google and there is 500 times more content on the internet that Google does not index.

Perhaps, you may find the rest of the content present on the web using some other sources like dark web or darknet. However, these networks have become quite a popular for malicious or illicit businesses. But, the fact lies on the other side, it is not always the case that any website on the black web is involved in shady business. Here, at The Best VPN Analysis, we will bring light to the facts about deep web and darknet. Also, we will guide you the ways by which you can access the deep web and darknet.

What Is Deep Web?

The concept behind the term is not as difficult as you may be thinking. To put this into simple words, the websites that you can search through the standard search engines like Google are known as the Surface web. Whereas, the other web pages that are hidden behind pop-ups or behind the login forms are the deep web. These web pages are not indexed by the search engines because they are not publicly linked. So, the simple rule is that the web pages Google shows you are Surface web and those that are not displayed on Google are the Deep web. Therefore, you need to learn the ways to access the deep web and darknet anonymously.

What Is Dark Net?

The darknet is often confused with the deep web, and it is also called black net. Basically, the darknet is a tiny fraction of deep web that is hidden on purpose. The web pages and the content on the darknet do need a particular software or browser to access. The websites on the darknet are often used for illicit retailing or by pedophiles and perverts, sharing images there. However, it has become more of a myth that every other website on darknet links with either terrorism or cyber crimes.

This area of the internet is misinterpreted by the government and the public at large. Arguably, there is much illegal content found on the darknet or the dealing of drugs and guns often done there. But such stuff can also be found on the Surface web.

If you focus on the brighter side of the darknet, then you will notice that this area of internet used with anonymisation of TOR browser gives the user an extra layer of privacy and anonymisation. This side of the web can be utilized by the anonymity and privacy geeks with no intention of doing the illicit activity. (10 CYBER SECURITY TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW – YOU MAY GET SURPRISED!)

The biggest attraction of the darknet is its anonymity. None of the netizens over the darknet could know the identity of the person whom they are dealing with. Moreover, the users are free from the spying government’s watchdogs and agency’s hawk eyes.

Besides, this area of the web is often accessed by the high profile journalist and investigators to exchange sensitive information with anonymity and safety. And Edward Snowden also uses darknet on purpose.

How To Access the Deep Web and Darknet Anonymously?

Undeniably, anonymisation has nothing to do with the wrong intention. However, it is always taken as if a person is seeking anonymity over the web is sure to be involved in some shady activities. On the other hand, it is not the rule of thumb. Sometimes people seek internet privacy and anonymity because it is their fundamental right to attain anonymity over the web. So, if you are looking for the ways to access the deep web or darknet anonymously, go through the following ways to obtain anonymity over the deep web and darknet.


Although, darknet accessible with TOR comes with anonymity and using such area of the internet will not let the ISP or the government know which website or content you are accessing to. But, in case you are only using TOR to access the deep web and darknet anonymously, the government or ISP could know that you are using TOR browser. This is enough to make you suspicious in their eyes.

So, to avoid such situation, you need to add an extra layer of VPN to prevent the ISP or government snooping you from any corner. A VPN works in such a way that it completely encrypts the whole internet traffic by tunneling it with end-to-end encryption and a remote service on its back end. This makes impossible for anyone to intercept this powerful encrypted tunnel and reach your data. In general, there are two ways to access the deep web and darknet anonymously. First is TOR over VPN and the other is vice versa. ( also read VPN BUYING GUIDE 2017)


Using this method is somewhat a standard method of using dark web and Deepnet anonymously. In this method, you first connect your VPN, then access the TOR browser to open darknet website. In this case, the VPN first encrypts your internet traffic, making your ISP unable to spy on your internet activity. Now, accessing the TOR network after connecting VPN will save you from your ISP’s eyes, but your VPN provider can see that you are using TOR; though he still can not see the website you are visiting via TOR. (also see IS USING TOR SAFE FOR PRIVACY?)

For this method, your VPN provider should be trustable enough, and there must not be any log keeping the policy of your VPN provider. The NordVPN and ExpressVPN are highly preferable in such condition because these VPNs are completely logless that do not keep traffic logs and session logs. Traffic logs have the subject of your internet activity such as the browsing queries and sites you accessed. Whereas, the session logs contain the metadata of your internet like the IP address and the amount of data exchanged.


This method is not a popular one, and we do not recommend you because it requires you to trust your ISP, that is a big No! Particularly in this time where ISPs are freely selling your data and retain it as per the government’s order. The order of both VPN and TOR is change. First, you need to use the TOR software then a VPN. This will let your ISP know that you are using TOR. But, it does not show anything to your VPN provider and can save you from the security lapse at the exit node of TOR browsing due to connecting it via VPN.

Comparatively, the TOR over VPN method is safer because you can trust your VPN provider if they are logless but trusting ISPs is like pushing yourself into a well of troubles. However, it has got a caveat that is the speed issue. TOR browser itself slows down the speed and adding VPN will do further. So, to achieve anonymity, you need to be a bit patient.

Conclusion-How to Access the Deep Web and Darknet Anonymously?

In a nutshell, both surface and darknet can have malicious websites. So, labelling any area of the internet with anything malicious only is not right. There are many netizens who access darknet due to its anonymity. Especially, that time when people’s privacy is at high risk and the government is overlooking the matter of consumer’s privacy. Thus, it is better to access the deep web and darknet anonymously by following the methods explained above.


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