A Guide on How Net Neutrality Affects Online Gamers


Net neutrality does not subsist anymore in the US; yes, you have understood it right. Wistfully, we wished against hope, but it was not the matter. The FCC has taken strict action through 3-2 voting against the net neutrality that implies ISPs have more control than the users. They can work as gatekeepers over the internet connections. Consequently, the concept “net neutrality gaming” is no more a viable choice for online gamers. This is because online players may need to spend to enjoy gaming accordingly. In this guide, we will let you know how net neutrality affects online gamers.(Also see, FCC Net neutrality Repeal: what the repeal means and how a VPN can help?)

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How Net Neutrality Affects Online Gamers

What does the Repeal of Net Neutrality Rules Mean?

The online gamers could handle the consequences of net neutrality repeal to another level. The gamers will not be capable of streaming their popular online games because of ISP speed throttling. Furthermore, there are likelihoods that they could arbitrate on their online privacy. Here is the listing of other consequences online gamers may face that includes:

  • ISPs may impose extra payment from gaming enthusiasts to access their favoured online games
  • ISPs could block the online actions of gaming enthusiasts for any purpose
  • The online gamers may have to give a specific fee to access gaming services on a monthly basis
  • The gaming business may not be capable of developing more games for the gamers
  • The developers may lose their businesses due to net neutrality revocation


Effects of FCC’s Net Neutrality Revocation on Online Gaming

The notion of free online gaming via net neutrality has vanished. It means the gamers may anticipate slowdowns in online gaming for MMOs and competitive shooters. You can consider the competitive shooters in the form of Destiny or Call of Duty.


Those gaming enthusiasts who have subscribed to online gaming streaming services like PS will have to bear the extra cost. However, there may be other consequences that you can view, and these are:

  • Free Data Plans for Gamers
  • Fast Internet Lanes for Gaming Enthusiasts

Free Data Plans for Gamers

Fortunately, the online gamers may think the other view of the story. The broadband services could allow free data plans for online gamers. Hence, those games fans who are not interested in bearing the additional cost for gaming, they can ponder about the program.

Fast Internet Lanes for Gaming Fans

Furthermore, the gaming enthusiasts can avail the fast internet lanes packages allowed by broadband companies. However, it depends entirely on the mindsets of ISPs. Moreover, the companies may charge additional cost for better online gaming streaming. This is how Net Neutrality affects online gamers.

How A VPN Allows the Online Gamers to Sustain their Online Privacy

A gaming VPN allows the users to tackle the matter of ISPs scrutiny with the help of alternative IP addresses. Furthermore, they can protect their online identity from the eyes of broadband services straightaway. Likewise, they can overcome detour ISP throttling problem by using a VPN.(Also see, Most Secure VPN Services in 2018)

To ease your preferred VPN service selection procedure, here is the list of best VPN providers you can consider. The list of VPN providers includes:

Online Gamers Shouldn’t Opt For a US Based VPN

Surprisingly, the online gamers should not use the VPN services that operate from the US. This is because the VPN providers those have headquarters based in the US have to abide by the data retention laws. Thus, you will be arbitrating on your online privacy, and this is not the secure bet at all.

The VPN providers must keep the account of online gamers in the US. However, you do not require to bother since you have other choices available at your disposal. Yes, you may select VPN services those operate from online gaming friendly countries.

The online gamers can select any VPN service of their choice that caters their gaming demands appropriately. From the above list, they can consider VPN services that provide extra mileage regarding gaming. This is how they can resume playing their favourite games on their own terms.

Conclusion -How Net Neutrality Affects Online Gamers

Perversely, the idea of free internet for all has taken its last puff. Moreover, the future of free online gaming looks pessimistic since gamers could have to pay to play their favourite games. However, the gaming freaks do not need to lose all their expectations.

Yes, you read it accurately because you can opt a VPN to remain playing your coveted games hassle-free. A VPN for gaming will enable the enthusiasts to ensure their online identity from their ISPs directly. Furthermore, the online gamers may spoof their online locations through alternate IP addresses.

This way, you can play your favoured online games from anywhere. Notwithstanding, if net neutrality is not revived, the gaming industry will have to suffer a lot. Also, the ISPs can block favourite online games like Counter-Strike and others.


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