How to Delete Google Search History?


How to Delete Google Search History? Do you think only deleting your browser’s history is enough to protect your privacy? Think again! It’s because only deleting browser’s history will not be of any good; if you won’t delete your Google History too. Also, some of us think using private browsers and incognito modes; that do not store browsing history is enough. But, are you sure doing only this makes you completely secure? In this article; we are going to tell you how much it is important to delete not only your browsing history but Google history too. So, be with us until the end to know how to delete Google Search History.(Also see, What is a Phishing Attack and How to Avoid It).

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How to Delete Google Search History?

Why Should You Delete Google Search History?

When you send your internet data, and it travels through the internet; it does have a direct path; there are several entities in between that can track your online activities. From your ISP and government watchdogs to hackers – whatever you are sending online is highly vulnerable to them. Deleting browser history is just removing the data from local aspect which is limited to the device you are using. However, you should always do that; so as to not let anybody with your computer access can track your activities.

Besides, Google also saves whatever you browse using its search engine. Google does this to create your personal profile so that it can forward the data to the third-party marketers for injecting target ads. Can you recall what you had search a few years ago? Maybe you can’t, but Google certainly can! So, always make sure to delete Google search history too.

How To Delete Google Search History?

Make sure you disable the activity controls before you delete Google search history. If they are enabled; Google will be able to track you and make more record.

Let’s proceed with these steps to delete the history. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Log into your Google account.
  • Head over to the web activity section.
  • Here you will see three tabs – Computer, Android, and iPhone.
  • The directions for all three platforms are there. Follow them to prevent Google from listing your activities.
  • You’ll notice all your online activities posted in the My Activity section.
  • On the left side, you can view Delete Activity By option. Click on it.
  • Click All Time in the drop-down menu and click Delete.

With these steps, your Google search history will be gone. And if you want to save the history before you remove it; you can download a copy of it for yourself.

You can choose how to obtain your archive. You can either get the download link on email or add it to Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

While Google keeps track of your online activities to generate a profile and to show the best results your way, you can choose to keep your details protected. Your online activity is your business, and you should decide if someone can see it or not.

Conclusion -How To Delete Google Search History?

To sum up, I want to add one tip for keeping yourself more protected; is to get yourself a good VPN. VPN adds an extra security layer to your connection and keeps you even more secure.(Also see, Best VPN With Most Servers)


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