Hotel WiFi Risks: Why It’s Risky to Use Hotel WiFi and How To Stay Safe?


All the privacy geeks would definitely know that using the public Wi-Fi network is not at all safe; as it makes your private data vulnerable to hackers and intruders. However, the reputed hotels will never attempt to steal your private data; but, there can be a hacker who can set up a dummy Wi-Fi hotspot which apparently looks like a hotel’s Wifi connection. If you happen to get trapped and connect to it; the hacker can then see all your private data and can use against you. So, today we thought to present you a guide on Hotel WiFi risks.

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Hotel WiFi Risks: Why It’s Risky to Use Hotel WiFi and How To Stay Safe?

Now is the time when we have to care most about our online privacy. It’s because today where there is easy access to free Wifi; there are privacy threats too. It’s because WiFi hotspot generator can easily make its way to your system and then to your personal data. So, it is the high time to take care of your privacy and avoid using public Wifi without any precautionary measures.

A hacker can inject a virus on your device through that network. And if the hacker is really efficient; they can utilize this method to make their ways into the hotel’s security system and steal the guest details; which is very scary if you are a traveller.

Using a VPN can shield you from this type of hacking attack, but not every guest knows about VPN or uses it; which makes it a favourable condition for the hackers to gain access to guest’s social media or financial account credentials.

Why Use Hotel WiFi In the First Place?

Travelers often opt for free hotel’s Wifi because using their mobile 4G data can cost them a fortune; so they look for ways to cut down their extra expense and use free WiFi; without being aware of the hotel Wifi risks and threats, it brings with it.(Also check, 6 Reasons Every Traveler Needs a VPN)

But, it’s also a fact that we can’t isolate ourselves with the world while travelling. The Internet has become more of a need than a luxury. Even if we are on the go, we have to check emails or stay connected to the workplace remotely. Also, nomads do need to google different places to make their travelling worthwhile. This all need to be connected to an Internet connection. This is why nobody can compromise on the internet connection or can travel without internet.

Hotel Wifi Risks: How To Stay Safe?

For those privacy geeks who just can not trust hotel WiFi security; we present some tips for them to stay safe while using the hotel Wifi.

  • Don’t just blindly join any WiFi network that has your Hotel name. Instead, first check with your hotel authorities and confirm which is their own authentic WiFi network.
  • Also, check its protection details before joining. A secure WiFi connection is always protected by WPA2.
  • Try any other password, and see it is connecting; if yes, then it is rigged for sure.
  • It’s highly recommended to always use a VPN before connecting to any free public WiFi. Once you connect with a VPN, your internet traffic routes through an encrypted tunnel that nobody can ever decrypt.

Some Other Ways That Can Keep You Safe

Other than VPN, following are some more ways to keep yourself safe.

  • Make sure your operating system is up to date.
  • Always prefer using https websites; as they are considered as safe and secure websites.(Also see, Why HTTPS is Important For Online Security)
  • Don’t check your bank accounts or make online purchases while you’re on a public Wi-Fi.
  • If you connect to the hotel Wi-Fi, make sure the option for file sharing is off. If file sharing is turned on; a hacker can gain access to the files on your device.

Conclusion – Hotel WiFi Risks

With all that’s said, you can always keep the security of your online data in your hand by implementing the tips given above. Also, using a good VPN can cost you a bit, but it would be surely worth the price; as it makes your entire connection encrypted and secure.


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