Hollywood Companies Agree To Settle Piracy Lawsuit With Dragon Box

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If we talk about piracy in the year 2019, it’s definitely on the rising scale. Despite a series of complaints and lawsuits, pirate companies have found one way or other. Still, this time major Hollywood Companies have agreed to settle piracy lawsuits with Dragon Box.

However, settlement terms are not made public and it seems that Dragon Box will have to keep a full stop at their copyright infringing activities. the company promised the same in the past but failed to keep their promise.

This time, major Hollywood companies are agreeing to settle piracy lawsuit with dragon box. It’s definitely a good thing but contains some sort of hidden information. Therefore, let’s move ahead and uncover every sort of information, one by one.

Hollywood Companies Agree To Settle Piracy Lawsuit with Dragon Box Story

The very last year, different Hollywood companies such as Amazon, NetFlix and Hollywood Studios filed a lawsuit against Dragon Box. The brand is an international supplier of streaming devices. However, the devices are pirated ones which break copyright rules for major companies.

Also, under the anti-piracy group ACE, companies accused Dragon Box of making use of Kodi Media Player with pirate add-ons. With this, the company is definitely breaking copyright laws to a considerable extent.

On the other hand, Streaming box company responded to such allegations by stopping sales. Later, they decided to bring a change in their business model. They moved from the Kodi platform straight towards the latest BlendTV one.

After which, Box vendor said that the change made is completely legal but copyright holders are still unhappy. This made the Dragon Box halt their sales once again.

The owner doesn’t halt there itself. Later this month, they returned with another service by the name “My TV Hub”. However, on the basis of different Hollywood people, this service isn’t legal either. Such strict allegations made the Dragon Box take the matter to the court.

A Word of Mouth Attorney Matthew J. Faust

“Defendants respectfully notify the Court that the parties have agreed in principle to settle the above-entitled case. At this time, the parties are in the process of preparing a settlement agreement and intend to file the documents related to the final disposition of the case within the next few days,” said Matthew J. Faust.

On the other hand, the court listened to the appeal of both parties in relation to copyright infringement issues. However, one must wait for the paperwork to be done and filed before we make an assumption.

As of now, the boxes are not available for sale. But, the website is linking t “Blend TV” subscription. Therefore, users can buy subscription plans based on their free will.

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Wrapping Things Up: Hollywood Companies Agree To Settle Piracy Lawsuit with Dragon Box

Summing up the article, spokesperson of ACE said that they will release further information on this matter. Still, as far as the case goes, Dragon Box will try their best to win this case and re-start selling their boxes, without any company intervention.



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