HideIPVPN Review 2019


Highlights of HideIPVPN

In this HideIPVPN review, we bring you a summary of HideIPVPN features.

  • SmartDNS service.
  • Good Customer support.
  • Availability of Manuals and Installation procedures.
  • Protocols such SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and SoftEther are supported.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Country-specific VPN options.
  • 28 VPN servers from US, UK, NL, DE, CA, FR, LU, PL, LT and SG;
  • A variety of Payment options.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • No limitations on the traffics.
  • Anonymous web surfing.
  • Easier setup option.


  • Comes with a massive 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Allows the use of Three Simultaneous Device at a single time
  • Has Kill-Switch functionality
  • Smart DNS Option available
  • Contains every type of protocol such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEV2, SoftEther, SSTP and PPTP
  • P2P allowed
  • Strong Privacy Policy
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection


  • Kind of unstable requirement if you need to connect to other servers
  • Customer Support Staff not quite experienced
  • A small set of server networks
  • Cannot help you in accessing Netflix

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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HideIPVPN Review: Discover Each and Everything About HideIPVPN

Well, whenever we talk about the security of our computer system over the Internet, the phenomenon of VPN truly comes into the limelight. Yes, without a VPN, your computer systems might not be that secure and government censorship can truly be disastrous. Hence, here in this article, I will be giving an in-depth HideIPVPN review.

Hence, as of now, let us move ahead, take dig deep and discover a full review of HideIPVPN:

HideIPVPN Review: Is This the VPN You Are Looking For?

Features of HideIPVPN

Server Network and its Location

Since the very launch of HideIPVPN in the year 2009, the company has maintained a fair network of servers and have kept their location quite useful.  

At least, as compared to some of the top VPN brands who have got an endless network of servers, the HideIPVPN does quite a brilliant job.

Hence, given below is the listing of server locations which is provided by HideIPVPN:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • France

Now, moving ahead in this HideIPVPN review, in the process of connecting to a VPN Server in a different continent, you might have to compromise on the service speed.

But, one thing worth noting is that HideIPVPN’s network is a lot more stable for the people of the US & Canada East Coast citizens.

While in the case of other countries, you might face some speed issues if you are using HideIPVPN.

Privacy Policy

Without any doubt, the privacy policy stands to be one of the most important pages while choosing the best VPN Service provider.

Hence, the same applies to every VPN Service provider that they make a fairly good and decent page

What is the provider’s policy page?

When it comes to understanding the provider’s policy page, it basically gives a good insight to the customer of what goes inside the company.

Further, a different set of things which will make you understand about the provider’s policy page are:

  • How the company does handle a customer’s data?
  • Does the service collect any logs?
  • What is the service mainly for?

But, when it comes to a company like HideIPVPN, it doesn’t mention a single detailing about the company’s logging policy.

While in a response to the question, ”What information do you store”, the company said, “We do store your name and your billing details. We do not keep any server logs”.

Hence, by the above statement, the company claims not to keep any logging details which is indeed a good thing.

HideIPVPN review: Take a look at some Key Terms of Service:

  • Transferring of Torrents are allowed. But only on Germany and Netherland Servers.
  • Only 3 simultaneous accounts are allowed per account
  • A Failure to connect with the help of a router, refunds can’t be claimed.
  • Only the users from Mac OS X, Windows and Linux can be eligible for refunds.

Different Encryption Methods of HideIPVPN:

  • OpenVPN: Makes the use of AES 128-bit key encryption followed by an AES-2048-bit certificate.
  • SSTP: Uses 256-bit encryption keys following the 2048-bit certificate.
  • L2TP/IPSec: Comes with AES 128-bit or even 256-bit keys accompanied by RSA 2048-bit certificate.
  • SoftEther: 256-bit keys followed by AES 2048-bit certificate.
  • PPTP: 128-bit MPEE Keys.

Ease of Use

Well, in the midst to choose a good VPN Service provider, ease of use stands to be one of the most important factors. Right from the first look, the site looks pretty good and is well planned in almost every scenario.

Further, every concept of VPN is well explained and does contain lots of technical details spread all over the website.

Overall, the website looks user-friendly, attractive which is one of the prime reasons customers are opting for HideIPVPN.

In case if you are wondering about the main navigation, it is located at the very top of the screen.

Although, it remains fixed as and when you scroll down the screen right till the bottom.

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HideIPVPN Review: What about the Blog on the company’s Website?

Other than an easy navigation menu and a sleek design, the HideIPVPN company even has got their own blog.

Hence, users can be regularly updated about the latest VPN news and even different latest features of HideIPVPN.

Here, the frequency of posts is around 3 times per month which is more than sufficient for a small-scale VPN company.

In addition, the company has their own Facebook profile which you can follow and get notification of every latest report and updates.

With their Facebook profile, the company redirects the attention of the public to their new blog posts on their site.

However, the company even runs occasional promotions on their social media platforms. Hence, with this, you can get a chance to win their free service without spending even a penny.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support in this HideIPVPN review, you have the privilege to access the live chat option.

Hence, what you need to do is to click on the grey oblong located at the bottom left on the page.

And in another case, if there is someone at the help desk, you can ask them for help via the “Live Chat” field without any issue.

So what you really need to do? Well, pretty much one thing. You just need to enter your name, email address if you really want to start the conversation.

In either case, if there is no option available, you can access the “Contact Us” tab and a new window will be opened.

Although the “Live Desk Support” team is not quite knowledgeable, still they do the work quite effortlessly.

HideIPVPN Review: What about the FAQ Section?

In case if you will tap on the support menu, you will be taken to the FAQ page on the website. Well, from the first read, the answers on the page are pretty much comprehensive and can deliver answers to your questions.

In addition, there are buttons present at the top which takes you to a set of tutorials guide.

Here, you can learn how to install different service packages which is the Proxy and Smart DNS Server.

What about the Contact Form?

Wondering about a way to contact HideIPVPN? Well, you will get a contact form right at the bottom of the FAQ Page.

However, this method is not pretty much useful and you must always choose the live chat option.

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HideIPVPN Review: Take a look at some more Essential Things About HideIPVPN

The Process

In case if you don’t know, HideIPVPN does place a certain set of instructions on the refund policy, it will be better to test the system taking the trial offer.

Hence, make sure to test each and everything like I have done if you need to get a complete hands on the HideIPVPN.

Free Trial

For every free trial lover, the HideIPVPN does offer the same functionality to all their users.

Here, right on their Home Page, you will see the free-trial option where you will need to click on, “Get My Free Trial Now” button.

After which, you need to enter your email id, password and click on the giant green button presented in front of you.

Here, you should note that the email address you are providing must be real as the credential details will be sent there itself.

Signing Up

Moving ahead in this review of HideIPVPN, the process of signing up stands to be one of the most crucial parts.

Hence, in any case, if you really want to pay for the service, you need to select the subscription period. After which, click on the “Order Now” button placed beneath the subscription plans.

Now, Enter your Email Address if you already have purchased the plan or have got the free trial. Again, tap on the Logging button, enter your username, password and you are good to go.

Payment Choosing

After you have entered your details, choose the appropriate payment type, check on the Terms of Service and tap on the green button to proceed ahead.

Now, depending on your payment option, the format on the payment screen will shuffle.

How Can I Receive the Confirmation of my account?

All the confirmation of your account will be received straight to your email address. And, in case if you have tried the free trial, the paid plan will run on the same account.

However, you will see that the expiry date of your previous account is extended.

In any case, if you want to access the software download and installation, you can access the same by going into the support page.

Or else, you can access the package details option right in the Client Area.

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VPN Client for Windows: HideIPVPN Review

The Installation Wizard will automatically install a kind of shortcut on your Desktop. Here, you must click on the shortcut and access the app.

Now, the very first time you will open the app, you will need to enter your username and password.

Further, do check on the “remember password” option with which you don’t need to enter your logging details again and again.

HideIPVPN Uses Five Methodologies

Well, in case if you don’t know, the HideIPVPN uses five different methodologies which you can configure yourself. Here, you will find all the options present on the top of the screen from where you are free to configure everything.

Further, moving towards the side menu, it comes with the settings page and facilitates you to run/stop app and tons of other options.  

In addition, you also get the feature to auto connect to any VPN Server which is an amazing thing.

In addition, you get the OpenVPN protocol option which is located at the bottom. Here, you get the option to choose between different VPN Server using UDP or TCP.

Although, I prefer UDP as it is extremely lightweight and does the transmission of rapid data transfers, video streaming and online gaming.

HideIPVPN Review: KillSwitch Functionality Available

Although the HideIPVPN contains Killswitch, it is a bit on the complicated side. Here, you need to nominate each of the apps which you want to really control.

Further, you can access this function from the “Application Killer” button located in the apps left menu side.

Now, coming back on the main screen, you will need to select on a particular server to which you want to connect. Click on the flag-decorated button for selecting a country by accessing the servers from drop-down server listings.

What’s there in the Drop Down Menu of HideIPVPN?

As soon as you will access the drop-down menu, you will see the server names arranged in alphabetical order.

Further, you even get the functionality to arrange the server based on quickness and see which server is the fastest.

So, how can you do this? Well, just go to sorting option, click on, “Sort by Speed” and you are good to go.

After which, you can easily click on the connect button for connecting to your chosen service.

Although the connection process takes a while once you will activate the VPN service, you can access VPN, without any issue.

Other Platforms Supported

Moving ahead in this HideIPVPN review, one thing for which the customers are concerned about is the Platforms supported.

Without any doubt, users will go for a VPN provider who generally has got platform support for almost every platform and device.

Hence, in the case of HideIPVPN, you get the platform and device support to:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux Machines

In addition, you can install the service on routers and your home set-top boxes. However, if we talk about the refund guarantee, it is only available for Windows, Linux and Mac Platforms.

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Speed Test of HideIPVPN (VPN Analysis)

As per my testing, I performed it from the Carribean location using the all-time good OpenVPN protocol. Here, I kept the methodology to transport and the data transmission protocol was UDP.

After conducting the first test, given below is the download and upload speeds on the server test server without opting for a VPN.

Hence, after I performed the app speed test, the company’s server in Oklahoma City, I again tried the speed test from Miami keeping the VPN turned ON.

And, guess what, the VPN worked exceptionally well and I saw no lags in any case.

Now, without a VPN kept in working, the speed which we recorded from the O2 server in Slough, UK is as follows:

Actually, the server of HideIPVPN which is located in the UK showed faster speeds when we compare it with other locations.

Hence, from the overall speed test, we can see that the extra security protection from HideIPVPN didn’t result in slowing down the connection.

Overall, it’s a win-win situation for you if you are opting for HideIPVPN just for its speed feature.

Can you Unblock Netflix & Other TV Shows with the use of HideIPVPN?

HideIPVPN does offer three unique methods which can let you unblock and access video streaming services.

Here, you can try the Smart DNS or even a proxy server at your rescue. Hence, to give you a complete overlook on the HideIPVPN access to different services.

First of all, I tried to access video streaming services from USA, UK and see how the thing goes.

In every case, I connected to the US servers and tried to access ABC, NBC and Netflix server USA.

Although, the privacy server wasn’t able to get pass Netflix USA and ABC, I was able to watch BBC iPLayer.

Hence, right from my testing, the DNS system of HideIPVPN didn’t have any influence on the Netflix.

Overall, with the use of Smart DNS system, you can get access to almost every video streaming service. But, when it comes to Netflix, HideIPVPN fails to deliver the performance, its bound to.

Is HideIPVPN Secure?

Among my testing, I was actually concerned about the security of HideIPVPN. Hence, after a deep analysis, I have conclusions for you.

First of all, the HideIPVPN uses OpenVPN and even different protocols such as IKEv2, L2TP, SoftEther, SSTP and PPTP.

Hence, you can access all the above protocols in HideIPVPN app which are all useful options for different purposes.

However, in our HideIPVPN review, we will only focus on OpenVPN as it is one of the most used protocol.

OpenVPN used in HideIPVPN is generally implemented using AES encryption. This probably is one of the most fantastic used cyphers till date.

Further, HideVPN uses a 256-bit key for Encryption which is another good thing in terms of security.

In addition, for protecting user’s data, HideIPVPN uses RSA encryption which is a public usage cipher.

But, as of now, we would be happy to see HideIPVPN use the all-new 4096-bit key for stronger encryption.

Pricing & Plans of HideIPVPN

Coming down towards the Plans and Pricing in HideIPVPN review, there is much more variety. Here, you get to choose any subscription plan for a month, year or for three months.

Wondering about the top package? Well, it contains accessibility to every other server, the company offers.

In either case, if you don’t really want to access every server location, choosing a minimum price plan can get the job done.

Firstly, the very starting plan gives you an access to the following servers in the United States:

  • Washington DC
  • Los Angeles
  • Buffalo
  • San Jose
  • Chicago
  • Texas

In either case, if you want protection while downloading different torrent files, the Dutch servers can come at a rescue. This includes total eight servers where three are n Germany and five in the Netherlands.

Hence, with the help of Ninja Package, you can get an access to the following servers without any issue.

Also, there is no limitation on the number of connections you can actually make using DNS service.

Thus, with each VPN plan, you are able to connect 3 devices on a simultaneous basis. However, you will not be able to share account if you are opting for any HideIPVPN plan.

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HideIPVPN Payment Options

For any consumer who likes to buy a VPN, the very first thing they will look at is the payment options.

And, from the VPN Service provider side, their aim must be to provide as much as a flexible payment option as possible.

Hence, talking about HideIPVPN, they have got some pretty good payment options which are as follows:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

In addition, the company even offers a massive 30-days money back guarantee. Still, you got to read the terms and conditions properly before claiming for a refund.

Here, you can only refund in the first month after which, the claim will become invalid.

In addition, you will get a refund only if you are using Windows, Linux or Mac. And, there is absolutely no refund agreement if the user is using VPN on their Mobile OS.

Hence, seeing the limitations of the refund policy, it is better to use the free trial before you go on to purchase any subscription.

Final Word of Mouth: HideIPVPN Review

Well, after giving you an in-depth review of HideiPVPN, we are here in the concluding phase.

To be honest, if you are a beginner or an amateur and want to get your hands on a VPN, the HdieIPVPN is a true choice.

Here, it comes with a massive 30-days money back guarantee, smart DNS Leak protection, easy to use interface and heck lots of marvellous features.

Although, it has some cons the same is the case with every single VPN Service provider. Hence, at the end after reading this HideIPVPN review all depends on your own preferences. And, without any issue, may you end up with a fantastic VPN service provider.

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