How to Get Discounts on Shopping With NordVPN


Get Discounts on Shopping With NordVPN- Who doesn’t love online shopping? Now, there’s no need to get draped up and leave home, when you can browse the web in your pyjamas at night – the convenience cannot be amplified! With online shopping increasing, you can purchase just about anything online in a moment. But the question persists – how can you get the best online shopping bargains and save yourself some cash? Let’s find out how you can get discounts on shopping with NordVPN.(also read, How to Unblock Websites With NordVPN)

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How to Get Discounts on Shopping With NordVPN

Online shopping: everyone’s at it; with over 80% of Americans purchasing within the last month, and 5% on a daily basis, a new epoch of shopping has begun. American online shoppers spend a whopping average of $1,804 a year! Be it for convenience or the lower prices, shopping online unquestionably has its benefits. You’d think it was primarily millennials making up the preponderance of online shoppers. But in fact, it is women and men ages 45-54 that drive e-commerce trends, making up a massive 24% of online shoppers. But even Gen Xers are at it. The most common sites include the mammoth Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Nasty Girl, to name the top few.

Bypass Differential Pricing

You might be wondering ‘what is differential pricing?’ Now depending on your location in the US, your device, browsing history, and even your operating system, online websites will often confer varying prices: this is called as price discrimination. To get the best online shopping deals, you can’t think that everyone online is always getting the very deal, as this is not always the case. Many companies including Staples and Home Depot have changed prices dependent on a host of attributes of the user. Office Depot confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it uses “customers’ browsing history and geolocation” to change the deals that it displays to visitors.

There is also hotel price discrimination to take notice, as well as the car and flight businesses using the same dirty tactics. This is primarily due to the variations in average income dependent on geographic location. In other words, if your zip code area has a high average salary, you could well be spending more online.

Use a VPN to Beat Price Discrimination

The simple answer to work around price discrimination is to use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network, the complete shopping hack that will completely hide your geographic location, by masking your IP address and allowing for private browsing.

Get Discount on Shopping With NordVPN

The best way to avoid hotel price discrimination or any form of differential pricing is through the reliable and secure NordVPN. With double 256-bit AES encryption, NordVPN has a whopping 3517 servers across 61 countries to pick from, so you’ll never be short of the option. It also has the scored benefit of being able to connect up to six different devices at once, so you can add your Mac, PC, phone, and tablet onto one account.

Conclusion – How to Get Discounts on Shopping With NordVPN

Having said that; NordVPN makes the shopping experience safe, and you can also get discounts on shopping with NordVPN. Make sure to choose the right server location to avail the maximum discount on a particular item.(also see, NordVPN Server Locations)


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