How to Get a French IP Outside France?


How to Get a French IP Outside France? The fact that your ISP assigns you an IP address is unchangeable, but you can change the IP they assign to you. Changing your IP address becomes beneficiary when coming across blocked content online. The degree in which you get to freely surf the Internet relies on your IP address. Your IP reveals your location, and some websites or channels are limited to certain locations.

France TV, Canal Plus, Molotov TV, TF1, Zattoo, and Eurosport are platforms restricted to those who have a French IP address. Does this mean that those without a French IP address can’t watch any of these streaming services? The answer is no. A VPN is guaranteed to bring any of those streaming services to the devices owned by people of different nationalities. Whether you live in Germany, UK, US, or even Australia, you can use a VPN to get a French IP address outside France. Also see, 5 Best VPN for France 2018

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How to Get a French IP Outside France?

Getting A French IP Outside France

A VPN forms a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and a server run by the VPN service. Through that, a VPN obscures your IP address making it as if a change in location has occurred. To get a French IP address you must:

  • Sign up with a VPN that provides VPN servers in France. A good choice would be ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install your VPN app on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device.
  • Launch the application and sign in.
  • Choose a French VPN server and connect to it.
  • Check your IP address via a website like
  • As of now, you can surf the Internet anonymously as if you were in France.
  • Don’t even try your luck with free VPNs because they are pointless and useless. Instead, go with one of the VPNs we’ve selected for you in the table below.

Why Should You Get A French IP Address?

1- Unblock Geo-blocks

Getting to watch France TV and Zattoo is not a problem for those living in France, but might be an issue to French expats living abroad. TV watching across borders has been made easy through a change in the IP address. People from all over the globe can now enjoy watching any channel, program, or series by using a VPN.

2- Snoof Your Internet Activity

Isn’t better using a VPN than putting your privacy at risk? This is of high importance and necessity to those who deal with sensitive data and cannot have it breached. In all cases, people should be more concerned with what happens to the data they upload online, how it is used, and who is it being shared with? And because these are questions that some companies might find hard to answer, people must not give those companies the authority to access their data in the first place.(also see, How to Choose A VPN Based On Logging Policy)

3- Anonymity

What could be better than browsing the web anonymously and keeping online dangers at bay? Having a different IP address is similar to having a different identity. You can do whatever you want online, and no one will find out it’s you.

Conclusion -How to get a French IP outside France

All the devices connected to the internet have an IP address, and there are multiple reasons why you might want to change it. Having a French IP address or any worldwide address grants you privileges you’re not entitled to in your local country. Go ahead cross borders, unblock content, and surf the net freely with a VPN. Watch France’s most popular programs and series from anywhere in the world.


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