FrostWire Review: Why this Free Torrent Client is Safer?


FrostWire Review: FrostWire is a BitTorrent client; that was first started in the year 2004 as a branch of LimeWire; another BitTorrent client. It has comparable features initially, but as the time passed; it succeeded to append extensive features and functions, exceeding LimeWire with efficiency.(also see, 9 Best EZTV Alternatives 2018- Similar Websites to EZTV Torrents)

In this guide, we present a FrostWire Review of its different features and functions, while telling whether it is a preferred option for Torrent users. Before you begin downloading files from FrostWire, it is highly suggested to use the best VPN for Torrenting to retain your online name hidden.

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FrostWire Review: Why this Free Torrent Client is Safer?

User Interface

FrostWire interface is simpler to understand for novice Torrent users, but for a conventional Torrent user, they won’t need learning anything. All the options are there at the top of the menu which makes it a lot easier to find media player options.

Moreover, at the top menu, it has a Search Menu from where you can get Torrents in one click. Filtering out results concerning the file type, sites, and seeds are also done easy. The plus point is it’s completely ad-free which many BitTorrent clients fail to offer as to maximize their profits.


FrostWire supports an extensive list of links and files including Magnet links for BitTorrent extension and protocols, private Torrent links, PEX (Peer Exchange), and so much more. The preview for an individual file in a single file has also become easy with FrostWire. This feature is the best amongst the rest because it will make you know beforehand how your final download file will look like.

Unlike other BitTorrent clients, it has an inbuilt media player that plays any video or audio file. Further, it has a sharing option that allows you to share any audio or video file right from your computer.

FrostWire has created a platform that welcomes Content Creators, Developers, Film Makers, Writers, and other professionals to give their work for free to millions of users without having to pay a dime for hosting their file in FrostWire.

Further, the FrostWire application allows you to stream free music anytime. You can even restrict the bandwidth or check the internet speed and encryption.

Supported Platforms

FrostWire is available for all the major platforms and operating systems. It is available in Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, RPM, and Tarball. It is easily accessible on the Play Store, Microsoft Store, and Apple Store. Having all these apps for various platforms automatically makes it the best BitTorrent client.

Application Size and Other Features

The FrostWire setup file fills up to 24 MB which is pretty small when matched to its counterparts, i.e., BitLord and uTorrent. However, the bundled software, you need to be familiar with, or if need be, you are asked to uncheck any other additional software or application that comes with it.

Is FrostWire Safe?

FrostWire is entirely safe because it would never tolerate any viruses, malware, adware, or spyware to be downloaded on your device. However, the torrenters must assure that they download FrostWire from its site.

It is necessary to understand that FrostWire itself does not control or host the content, but it links you to other computers and servers to locate your desired material. To understand it more readily, it works as an internet web browser where they do not produce or host the website, but you can survey and download the content through it.

To conduct a FrostWire review, it was recognized that FrostWire did add features that would protect your system from malicious content, but it is of no use until you master some of the basics before you download any file.

  1. Match the file size with the content you want to download. Check whether it makes sense
  2. Check the source link and read comments from users; who have already downloaded the content
  3. Make sure you have an updated anti-virus software
  4. Get the best VPN for Torrenting (Highly Recommendable) to prevent any spyware or malware from spying on your system. (also see, 5 Best VPN for Torrenting & P2P File Sharing 2018)

Conclusion -FrostWire Review

Our FrostWire review has presented you many great features about FrostWire; that has met expectations on how it operates. Amongst its numerous great features; it is straightforward to use, fast to download; carries zero advertisements, and is available for all kinds of operating systems and platforms. When matched to other BitTorrent clients; only BitLord is competent enough to match its feature. Finally, it is highly suggested to use best VPN for Torrenting to make your device safe when downloading Torrents.


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