FrootVPN Review 2019


Highlights of FrootVPN

In this FrootVPN Review, we bring you a summary of FrootVPN features

  • Allows anonymous surfing.
  • Gained 100,000 customers within a week’s time.
  • Operates in 19+ countries.
  • Endorsed by the Pirate Bay website.
  • Maintains no logs.
  • Fights internet surveillance.
  • 2048-bit strong encryption.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Super fast network with multiple 10 Gbit/sec.
  • Uptime guarantees of 99.99%.
  • Server selection options.
  • 30-Days Money-back guarantee.
  • PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocol support.
  • 40+ dedicated servers.
  • Unblocks Geo-restricted contents.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi protection.
  • Pushes NS entries and protects from DNS leaks.
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android.
  • User-friendly Client software.
  • Excellent guides and manuals.
  • Exhaustive FAQs section.
  • Live Chat facility.
  • Simpler joining procedure.


  • Comes with a stronger 2048-bit root encryption policy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
  • Keeps no logging as well as no NAT policy
  • Supports the P2P Sharing
  • 24/7 Customer Support Available
  • Live Chat Support Section on demand
  • Accepts Payment in the form of Bitcoin
  • Support for the Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Comes with a set of Affordable pricing
  • OpenVPN Support available
  • Works with Netflix
  • Usability up to the mark


  • No free trials.
  • Lack of NAT Firewall.
  • No Port Forwarding feature.
  • No Internet Kill Switch.
  • Lack of explicit DNS leaks protection.
  • No DDoS protection.
  • Does not contains a dedicated software client
  • Some serious concerns regarding performance
  • Does not contain any add-ons of malware protection
  • Much slower download speed

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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FrootVPN Review

Well, first of all, we all know the stringent censorship issues which are ongoing in the whole world. Be it powerful China or any other smaller country, every country is trying hard to levy the stringent level of censorship. But, guess what, this FrootVPN review can help you to the deepest core extents.

So, what I have brought out for you? Well, here in this post, I will be giving an in-depth review of FrootVPN.

Hence, without wasting any further time, let us jump into the topic and discover some of the most amazing things about FrootVPN.

FrootVPN Review: Take a look at everything related to FrootVPN

Little Bit You Must know about FrootVPN

First of all, FrootVPN was founded by Frootynet AB company which is Sweden based in the year 2014. Further, it is one of the most affordable VPN Service providers which is currently available in the present date market.

But, does only pricing makes FrootVPN that great? That is what we together will be covering in this article.

Features of FrootVPN

Server Locations

First of all, in this FrootVPN review, the most important thing is the server locations and the number of servers. Here, as the frootVPN is based in Sweden, it is also a part of the “Fourteen Eyes” network where every country shares their intelligence with each other.

Further, coming down on the number of servers, FrootVPN has around 36 servers which are widespread in 19 countries. Whereas, 12 servers are located in Sweden for delivering high speeds to their loving Sweden residents.

In addition, the other server locations include a nice mix of Russia, Israel, Brazil and much more.

Take a look at the countries where FrootVPN servers are widespread:

  • Canada
  • France
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • German
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Hong Kong
  • South Korea
  • Brazil
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Isle of Man
  • Singapore

Now, other than the above-given country names, the VPN company is still looking to expand in much more locations, with time and pace.

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Security and Privacy

Now, in the second important section of this FrootVPN review, security and privacy have to be the basic norm.

Hence, in the case of FrootVPN, the company supports different VPN protocols such as L2TP, PPTP and even the latest one, OpenVPN.

Here, I am quite happy to see OpenVPN in the listings as it is the most secure one from the rest.

Now, as I have mentioned earlier. The FrootVPN is a Sweden based company and comes under the Fourteen Eyes Data Retention & sharing agreement format.

Thus, here the data sharing can be done but still, the company has got a stronghold over privacy concerns.

Hence, in case if you want to check out for more information on the Fourteen eyes group, you can read the same by clicking here.

What about the Encryption of FrootVPN?

When it comes to Encryption, the FrootVPN runs an AES-256-CBC Encryption which is a combination of SHA-384 hash and a 2048-bit key.

In addition to that, there is even a support for TLS 1.1+ with the help of Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Hence, with such things, it really depicts that FrootVPN truly cares about their customer’s privacy to some good extents.

FrootVPN Review: No Logging Policy

Apart from maintaining strict policy rules, FrootVPN even maintains the “No Logging Policy”. Yes, keeping such a policy is a great thing as it further builds trust among the customers.

Hence, none of the user’s data can be logged and every single data can be kept in a well-protected and secure format.

Customer Support

Again, for almost every VPN consumer, one of the most essential things they are worried about the most is the customer support section.

Here, in case of any problem, people can reach up to the respective VPN company and resolve their issue in no time.

Hence, when it comes to the customer support of FrootVPN, it is a par more than the satisfactory level.

First of all, the company has a ticket based system to resolve consumers question and queries. Further, it even contains an FAQ section which is nicely designed and can resolve most of your queries.

Are you willing to chat live with FrootVPN Customer Support? Well, even for this case, the company offers live chat support section.

But, this section is only available during Business Hours and you will have to be careful depending on the timing.

As per my testing, I submitted the ticket on Monday morning just to see the quality of the response. But, after seeing the results, I was pretty much amazed.

Here, I received the response within 24 hours which was truly a good thing.

In addition to this FrootVPN review, the company even maintains several profiles on such platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter

Hence, you can even send direct messages to their profiles in case if you need to ask questions, that way.

Cheap Pricing

Talking about one of the most affordable VPN’s will bring the FrootVPN straight into the limelight Here, FrootVPN’s, month to month pricing is just $7.99 which is deadly affordable.

In addition, you can even avail of some of the most massive discounts for both annually as well as quarterly plans.

In fact, the above sum equation makes it one of the cheapest VPNs at $2.99 per month.

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Quite Impressively Works with Netflix

As per the claims by FrootVPN, the company says that it works quite perfectly with NetFlix. Hence, after seeing such news, I was pretty much excited to test the same.

Here, I tried to connect NetFlix from a different server in Mexico City. And, guess what? Netflix actually worked without posing any sorts of issue.

In addition, I was able to watch a few shows on Netflix but you will have to be very specific about choosing an appropriate server.

Usability Up to the Mark

Coming down towards the usability section, the FrootVPN is pretty much simple to use. Further, the installation process was pretty much simple and I had no issues whatsoever.

Once, you will download the software, you will be taken to the log-in screen. Here are the things what you will visualize on the FrootVPN platform.

Hence, you can scroll down to the listings of servers and can connect to anyone, with ease. Or else, you can even star mark the essential servers or move down to the drop-down menu to connect to a server.

In addition, you can even select to which kind of VPN you need to connect to.

FrootVPN Review: Discover Some More Things In Relation to FrootVPN

The Website

Usually, whenever you will see the website of FrootVPN, it is a pleasing one which is filled with tons of useful information.

Further, every other function is accessible and you can get an access to almost every function.

Coming down towards the client area, here you can view different server listings and can even manage account settings.  

On top of that, the FrootVPN has a nice blog which contains very useful information about the VPN industry news and tips.

Unfortunately, on the dark side, there is a good amount of some poor English spread across the whole website. Right below, you can see the screenshot and the same is quite a disappointing scenario.

On the other hand, the “Privacy Policy” and the “Terms and Conditions” page need a touch of professionalism.

Here, if you are using a mobile phone, the text is hardly visible and you may find it difficult to read the same.

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FrootVPN Review: The Process

Signing Up

Well, in any case, if you are opting for this VPN after this review of FrootVPN, goodness awaits you. Here, with this VPN, the signing up process is pretty quick, easy and best of all, painless

All that you need is an email address and you are all set to become a member of FrootVPN.

The Windows Client

In case if you don’t know, the FrootVPN doesn’t have its own software client. Hence, you will need to set-up each and everything on your own.

Although this method is quite tedious, it even makes server switching quite a bit long. Further, if you aren’t from a technical background, it will be fairly difficult for you to troubleshoot on your own.

As for me, I downloaded all the necessary configuration files of the FrootVPN myself. Here, I was truly surprised to see the quickness of the whole process. After I downloaded the configuration files, you will only need to add the files right into the OpenVPN Client.

Finally, just add the credentials and you are done with the setting up process.

The Interface

FrootVPN does a brilliant job in providing a good online protection to all of their customers. In case if you are wondering about the strongest security protocol, FrootVPN will be using the same.

Hence, in any case, if you want to start using the FrootVPN, you will need to subscribe to their services. And then, you can install the FrootVPN installation files from a well-protected server.

As I have mentioned earlier, the Installation process is fairly simple and all you need to do is to follow the basic instructions. Hence, if you follow every instruction, you can finish the installation process within seconds.

Unfortunately, when we come towards the activation part, it isn’t as easy as you may like. Still, the company provides several sets of handy tutorials which can help you to activate the VPN.

Further, coming down towards the Interface Section, it is a lot more on the user-friendly side. And, if you are a fan of automatic settings, you will surely not face any sorts of issue.

Here, in the interface section, the company provides you with different options such as:

  • Which Server do you want to use?
  • Switching Between Server?
  • Manually choosing server

And Much More…

Performance (Speed Tests, WebRTC, IPV6 and DNS Tests)

When it comes down to speed, me you or almost no user will compromise. Almost everyone wants the top level speed from their VPN Service Provider.

However, it is worth noting that the use of OpenVPN does slow down the server speeds which needs to be taken into consideration.

Now, seeing the above graph, three section are shown such as:

  • Highest
  • Lowest
  • Average

Unfortunately, when I tried to test the FrootVPN from UK and France, I wasn’t able to do so. Additionally, if we talk about the collectively speed ratio, yes, the speed was just above average.

As a part of my speed test report, I even ran some DNS leak and IP tests to see whether FrootVPN leaked any of the information.

Hence, after my testing, I was happy to see that the FrootVPN doesn’t leak any of the data. And, I even recommend you the same to test on your own and then come to a conclusion.

Here, you can use or a similar type of testing software to test the speed of FrootVPN.

On top of that, FrootVPN provides a good 99.99% uptime guarantee which is truly an amazing thing. Hence, with such an assurance, you won’t face many troubles when it comes towards the uptime of the FrootVPN Server.

In addition, it will even enable you to browse your Internet without any sorts of Limitations and connectivity issues.

What makes a FrootVPN boast of 99.99% uptime?

Well, there are over a number of factors which contribute to FrootVPNss’s 99.99% uptime. But, some of the most important ones are:

  • Usability of Top-Notch Protocols
  • High-Speed
  • Strong Encryption Policy

Other than that, I even ran a test from the US EU & different Asian servers just to see the speed performance of FrootVPN.

Hence, the following are the results what I really found before this FrootVPN review.

US Server (From California)

  • Ping: 181 ms
  • Download Speed: 19.47 Mbps
  • Upload: 14.19 Mbps

Now, visualizing the above speed, it is good but could have been a bit better.

EU Server (From Netherlands)

  • Ping: 46 ms
  • Download Speed: 18.59 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 40.57 Mbps

Hence, from the above-given speed conclusion, the speeds are pretty low

Now, let us move ahead and test the speed of FrootVPN from an Asian Server

Asia server (From Singapore)

  • Ping: 228 ms
  • Download Speed: 32.09 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 9.28 Mbps

To be honest, the result of the speed test was a bit on the disappointing side. Here, going from a whopping 46 Mbps upload to a mere 9 in Asia is a big disaster condition.

Still, if we talk on the overall basis of this FrootVPN review speed test, when we compare FrootVPN with the other VPN service providers, the company still does an average job.

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Multiple Platforms Supported

Well, let’s face it. For almost every customer who wants to buy VPN services, he/she wants a VPN Service which can work on almost every platform.

Hence, when we talk about FrootVPN, the company does a great job in this section.

Here, the FrootVPN Services work quite brilliantly on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Ubuntu

Hence, with the above range of devices given above, you can run FrootVPN on your wishful Android or iOS.

In addition, you have the privilege to connect up to five devices and can even protect your phones & computers online data.

FrootVPN Plans and Pricing

Now, that you have gone through a detailed speed test in this review of FrootVPN, let us move ahead and unwrap the Pricing and Plans Section.

Before that, let us look at some of the most interesting things which FrootVPN has to offer:

A Massive 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Yes, when it comes to refund money after the customer has purchased the VPN Service, not every VPN company is a pure gem.

I mean, its customer rights to get the money back guarantee in case they don’t like the VPN services.

Hence, coming down to FrootVPN, the company has a good 30-days money back guarantee. Thus, before investing your actual money, you can take a trial of the FrootVPN and then can come to a clear conclusion.

What types of Packages does FrootVPN Offers?

Here, visualizing the package section, you will find little or no difference in this case. Except for the amount and length, each of the packages offers a similar type of services.

Plans from FrootVPN

  • Monthly Plan: $4.99 per month
  • Quarterly Plan: $11.97 ($3.99 per month)
  • Annually Plan: $35.88 ($2.99 per month)

Hence, in the pricing and different plan section of FrootVPN, each and everything is one size fits all. Thus, there is no amount of guesswork involved with every package and their feature section.

With this, it keeps the pricing and plans section bit more simple when we compare it with the pricing plans of other VPN Service providers. Hence, with FrootVPN, there are absolutely no sorts of mystery whatsoever.

Now, talking about the plan’s accessibility, you can get an access to different FrootVPN plans across every country with ease.

In addition, you can access FrootVPN keeping 5 simultaneous devices working altogether. At the same time, you can even change your plan depending on the terms and conditions of FrootVPN.

A Dig At the Annual Pricing Section: FrootVPN Review

If you look at the annual pricing with concentration, you will truly find it as a competitive one.

Here, you can save some hefty amount of money i.e. 63% when we compare it with other plans.

In addition, if we talk about other VPN Service providers, you will not get $2.99 per month in any case.

The only downside which I found in the pricing is you have to pay the full payment. Still, its worth it and you wouldn’t find any issue with the payment metrics.

Now, in case, if you really don’t want to pay for one full year, there is still one good option for you. Here, you can go on with the three months option which will save you nearly 50%.

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FrootVPN Review: Payment Options

Coming down towards the payment option in this FrootVPN review, FrootVPN does give plenty of amazing options with which, you can make your payment.

Here, the available listing of options from FrootVPN includes:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money

And, yes, their payment window remains open for 24×7 with which you can easily pay for your desired plan, in minute’s time.

Wrapping Things Up: FrootVPN Review

Well, to sum up, the whole review of FrootVPN, you will have to take your call whether to go for this VPN or not.

In either case, if you are looking for an affordable VPN and have a basic understanding to set up VPN manually, FrootVPN can be a good choice for you.

Where, you get solid encryption, good customer support, bitcoin payments and tons of other marvellous features.

Although, there several drawbacks which you must take into consideration such as low speeds, service availability and much more.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Right after this FrootVPN review, you can do one thing.

Opt for FrootVPN, use it and in any case if you don’t like it, the 30-days money back guarantee will come handy, inevitably.

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