5 Best Free VPN Services 2022


Virtual Private Network is the real solution to access data safely, securely and most importantly people seek it for an anonymous access. The happiness has no bounds when the VPN is available freely to us! Even though no money is leaving over pockets, we should be careful that we let none of our necessary features of a VPN missing in it. Because our ultimate aim is not using a VPN service or any other free networking service but both combined in an effective manner that can serve the purpose. Here we carefully picked and enlisted the 5 best Free VPN services, that you can select as per your need and which are safe to use with no burden on your pocket.

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What Free VPN can’t do?

Even the best free VPN service provider has a limited scope of service regarding the speed and reliability of the connections. Just because it is available freely, people crowd along the lane and this makes their quality of service drop down. Also, a free VPN does not guarantee us any data log policy. This means that our data can be even traded among third parties and they may use it for online fraudulent activities. We might go beyond a VPN just for it costs nothing but what we get out of it matters the most, and we should think about it before providing our information to them as data logs.

Why are Paid VPNs better than Free VPNs?

Paid VPNs are always the better even the best free VPN service available for the following reasons.

  • Free VPNs does not assure reliable and faster connections.
  • They are prone to hacking and cracking and these may even lead to the capturing of our bank passwords.
  • They act like proxies and may install malware to steal our data.
  • There is no legal liability for the provider even though it is a top free VPN, and there is no privacy assurance associated.

So beware of using such free VPNs and choose only the best among the list. We have compiled you a list that those are considered providing a better quality service in the arena.

5 Best Free VPNs



TunnelBear follows a funny design it adheres to good privacy policies. Therefore, it never compromises on letting one’s identity to the other and we can use it as a reliable and the best free VPN. It also supports almost all the platforms and devices and uses good encryption standards. With an easier deployment option, it allows five simultaneous connections and all-servers-for- all. That means it does not restrict the free users to access only from particular servers of countries.eous connection option


It limits the data usage to 500 MB per month and this really an inadequate amount for streaming services. People seek a free VPN service mainly to evade geo-restrictions and because of its data limits, the users are often disappointed. Anyhow, we can get 1GB more data with some social shares.

Tunnelbear also offers ‘giant’ and ‘grizzly’ packaging plans, the former costs $4.99 per month and the latter costs $49.99 for a 12-months term.

Hide me


Hide Me provides us a 2GB data usage for a month and it is really a great space for those unblock global web pages. Being a Malaysian company with servers in 22 countries, it offers a high-quality customer care service. It follows a strict no log policy and accepts the most anonymous online payment option, the Bitcoin.


There is no way to increase the data limit freely by social promotions, etc. The users need to restrict all their browsing within 2 GB. It also has a limited protocol support and offers just a single connection at a time.

Hide Me has two other packaging options – ‘premium’ and ‘Plus’. The Premium is most popular and costs $11.67 per month (with no data limits) and the Plus subscription costs $5.42 per month (with a 75 GB data limit).



It uses a 256-bit encryption as that it uses for a paid customer. Though the software it deploys is much technical, the user-friendliness is maintained throughout its services. It allows 40 VPN servers for providing free services and they are in 15 countries including the US, the UK, and France. CyberGhost follows a no logging policy and offer an excellent customer support.


The free connection disconnects at least once in every three hours and we need to wait in a queue to reach the free server slots to reconnect. Also, it provides only a single device connection at a time and supports only the OpenVPN protocol. It does not allow streaming and torrent services.

CyberGhost has other plans such as the ‘Premium’ and the ‘premium+’. The former costs $5.83 per month (with single device connection) and the latter costs $9.16 per month billed annually or $10.99 per month billed monthly (with five simultaneous connections).

Hotspot Shield


It has servers in the US, which enable us to unblock geo-restricted websites and to stream contents. It offers top-notch security with a wide variety of device and platform such as Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, and Kindle.


It displays ads almost on all sides of our screen and it has reduced internet speeds and response times. The data usage is also limited to 256MB per 24 hours for Android users and it is 750 MB per 24 hours for desktop based users. This limitation is frustrating and its Client Software alters our browser settings.

HotSpot Shield has a variety of paid plans that range from monthly to once in two years. It costs $11.95 for a month, $3.33 per month for a 6-month plan, $2.50 per month for a 12-month plan, $2.08 per month for a 24-months plan. There is also a lifetime plan that costs $99.95 one time charge.



It offers 10 GB of data per month, and it is relatively faster. The Client Software offers a variety of features with no logging policy and a transparent privacy policy. Also, the encryption used is noteworthy to mention along with the shared IP feature.


It is established in the year 2016 and is newer in the field. It might not be fully aware of the Ins and OUTs of the VPN industry and later there are chances to cancel the free service. Also, the customer support by Windscribe is very much limited.

Windscribe also offers two different plans such as the monthly and yearly. It charges $9.00 for a monthly plan and costs $ 7.50 per month when billed annually.

Points to Consider Before Using Free VPN

  • Even the best free VPN service provider allocates a good proportion of their bandwidth to their paid customers.
  • Therefore, as a free user, we are only next to them in getting their services.
  • We need to face a lot of buffering issues as the free user’s count is far more which creates overloaded servers.
  • To earn a second income, they display ads and if we wish to eliminate those ads, then we should go for a paid VPN service.
  • We should not go beyond a VPN just for it offers no money policy as later it may be a reason for our data being stolen.
  • Low-level encryptions are used with freely available VPNs and it is a security threat.

Conclusion- 5 Best Free VPN Services

The choice of a free VPN to be chosen depends highly on for what purpose we intend to use it. If it is just to unblock geo-restricted contents, then the list we have recommended would work well. But if you really consider the security and privacy of the data, a paid VPN service is always the best.

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