Facebook User Sentenced to 3 Weeks Jail for Uploading Pirated Copy of ‘Deadpool’


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Recently, there was a man from California who uploaded a pirated copy of the movie ‘Deadpool’ straight to Facebook. Hence, after such action, he is sent to prison for 3 weeks.

Now, talking about the film, it was drastically shared on every social media platform and after the reports, it was viewed at a whopping number of 6,386,456 times.

Here, the man was under the radar to follow an FBI investigation the very last year. After which, he got justice from the Court.

Hence, to let you know more about the ‘Deadpool’ Film Pirated Copy story, let us move ahead and discover the same with a keen and determined nature.

Facebook User Sent to 3 Weeks Jail for Uploading Pirated Copy of ‘Deadpool’

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the person who was sent to 3 weeks of prison. Hence, he is a 22-year Man, Trevon Franklin who is from Fresno, California.

Here, right after the first week of release of Deadpool in theatres, the man shared an exact copy of the movie on his social media network.

To be honest, Franklin was truly not the person who made the copy of Deadpool. He just downloads the movie from the Putlocker site.

After which, he uploaded the same on its Facebook Account by the screen name, “Tre-Von M.King”.

After which, the post went viral and gathered a whopping six million views. Hence, the same came under the radar of the Twentieth Century Fox which made the matter even more worse.

Thus, the FBI launched a full-running investigation against Trevon Franklin for uploading a pirated copy of ‘Deadpool’.

How the FBI did catch Franklin?

With every detailing of the Facebook credential available, Franklin was a mere easy catch. Moving ahead, the very last summer, he was an indictment.

Where he faced a limited defence and signed a plea agreement a few months later. Here, he admitted that he upload the pirated copy of the film.

Further, yesterday, a court in California sent Franklin to a prison for 3 weeks.

Now, moving on to the Government mindset, their move to send Franklin to jail for 3 weeks will send a strong message to every other citizen of California. In this, even the Facebook users will become aware of the mistake and no one will ever dare to do the same.

However, according to the court reports, Franklin hasn’t got any prior criminal records and is regretting on the mistakes he has made.

Wrapping Things Up: Facebook User Sent to 3 Weeks Jail for Uploading Pirated Copy of ‘Deadpool’

Till now, it is quite unclear so as to why the US Government has started such a case. Where the copyright infringement cases are rare, this time, the government looks in full-fledge to tackle the same.

However, it can even be to grab the attention of the media and gathering a high number of views on copyright infringement laws. Hence just like you, we too are unclear on Deadpool pirated copy scenario.

Thus, all we can do is to wait, watch and see what next stringent steps, the FBI will take on pirated copy issue.


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