Facebook, Google, VPN’s and Others Will Pay Fines Under Copyright Proposed Law


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After Google failed to connect their systems to the Russian national blacklist of blocked sites. Hence, Google is now under the radar of fines and will have to pay it under the copyright proposed law.

The current fines are too small and will not have an effect on the big companies. However, the same can change and the companies can deal with some hefty fines.

As per the legislation laws, VPN and Google can face a huge fine of up to the US $.7 million much earlier.

Hence, to let you know more about the copyright proposed law, let’s move ahead and discover some deep information on the latest proposed law.

Facebook, Google & other VPN’s Will Pay Fines Under Copyright Proposed Law Story

As per the legislation which was passed the very last year, Russian made a central database of every single blocked site.

Now, for the search companies, they were said to connect with these databases which are typically known as FGIS. With this, every single banned site will be removed from search engines at the earliest.

However, while most of the companies are complying by the given law, Google seems to be on a completely different track.

Hence, Google was found to breach the federal law whereas a warning was given to the company. In this warning, it was told to connect within three days and began their filtering process.

But, Google failed to do the same and as of now, they will have to pay some hefty fines. Here, the fines can typically range from 500,000 to 700,000 which becomes USD $7,611 to USD $10,656.

Moving ahead, on Monday, the Russian watchdog Roscomnadzor said that they have opened a case against Google.

Now, while the negotiation process is underway, it seems that the small fines are not a threat to Google.

This is the matter which the Russian government will need to address and fix it as soon as possible.

A Take on the Russian Watchdog Roscomnadzor

Roscomnadzor says that Google Facebook, Google, Telegram and other tech giants have considerably breached the laws. Whereas, a failure to hand encryption into the hands of the Russian government is the most prominent one.

Now, while the proposals appear to target the tech giants such as Google, Telegram and Facebook, services such as VPN will also be a part of the legislation.

Talking about Telegram, they too collect the personal data of Russian citizens and stores it outside the country.

Additionally, the companies have breached data multiple times which the Russian government will have to take into consideration.

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Final Word of Mouth: Facebook, Google & other VPN’s Will Pay Fines Under Copyright Proposed Law Story

Summing things up, Google has definitely broken the Russian laws and will face fine, inevitably. On the other hand, Russia is keeping an eye on other tech companies and they will have to pay fines alongside Google.

Finally, it will be a good thing to see how Google and tech giants will deal with the copyright proposed law. And, can the Russian government win on this? We will have to wait and watch out for.

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