Expat VPN Guide 2020 – Unblock TV With a VPN for Expats


Having chosen that you’re going to relocate to another country; one of the points you need to take note of is how much internet censorship has been inflicted on the kind of content that can be viewed over there. Why? Because you might go there and find out your favorite local channels and websites have been geo-blocked, so you wouldn’t be able to tune in a while abroad. To work-around this, you would have to start looking at the best VPNs for expats that unblock geo-restricted channels. (also see, How to Get a French IP Outside France?)

Unblock TV With a VPN for Expats

These will allow you to unlock content from anywhere, and also keep your online identity hidden from the public. In the Expat VPN Guide below, we’ll take a look at the best expat VPNs to use in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and China.

What is an Expat VPN?

An expat VPN lets you access geo-restricted content and blocked websites by spoofing your location. By using an expat VPN, you’re able to access TV shows from your home country securely and privately. Also, an expat VPN can also help you access websites like WhatsApp and Facebook that are blocked in some countries.

Why Every Expat Needs A VPN Service?

Stay Anonymous With An Expat VPN

There is a level of security that you get knowing that despite doing loads of sensitive work on the Internet, your details will be under wraps. Nobody will be able to reveal your name, your address, or even your bank details. Your information will become encrypted, and your IP well hidden, especially if you plan to end up in North Korea, China, Thailand, Russia or Saudi Arabia. This is the sort of service you get after signing up for a right VPN provider.(also see, Best VPN for Hong Kong)

Keep In Touch With An Expat VPN

There are a few of countries in the world where the Internet restrictions are so stern that the use of Social media is also dismissed. Countries like China, Cuba or the UAE are keen on controlling their communication. In case you find yourself in such lands, then you don’t have many alternatives to turn to. You could pick to cut off chatting regularly on social media with friends and family, or enlist an Expat VPN service. Doing so will let you change your IP address, and allow you to regain access to services such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter and a host of other social platforms.

Use Expat VPNs to Get Cheap Flights

Many travel agencies and various airlines use your IP address to find out where your location, and set their prices accordingly. A tourist planning to travel from the US will see higher rates compared to one plan to fly from Singapore. A good VPN service will enable you to bounce off your location based on where their servers are, and you’ll then be able to get the best prices on hotels and flights.

Unblock Geo-Sensitive Websites Through Expat VPN

All those geo-restricted websites and channels will be easily accessible as soon as you enlist a reliable VPN service provider like ExpressVPN. You’ll be able to catch up with the latest local news from wherever you might be.

You’ll also have the freedom to conduct anonymous transactions and subscribe to entertainment channels that offer the newest in movies, TV shows, and sports events direct to your living room. There is no point of getting in trouble with your different ISP because of accessing sites you’re used to while at home. Let VPN take care of that.

How A VPN for Expats Work?

Right after choosing a credible provider and purchasing a subscription; a user has to then log on to the VPN website to download the relevant version of the software for their device. Most VPN providers support a range of devices such as Windows; Linux, and Mac OSs. Expats are also open to download the software on a variety of methods if their preferred subscription supports more than one simultaneous connection.

An expat who just shifted to China, for instance; might not like the error message he’ll see when attempting to stream some programs from Netflix. The country is among those with the extraordinary censorship level in the world. If he chooses to connect to a VPN server based in the US; then he’ll have solved that little problem.

What Are the Best VPN for Expats?

The more servers a VPN company has; the better it is. Ideally, these server locations would also have to be equitably spread around the world to give their subscribers a good range of options. This would also make the connection quite durable as well.

The preferable VPN for an expat depends on where his home is, as well as the location where he’s moved to. A suitable service would have multiple servers in both locations. Most people rely on ExpressVPN or NordVPN to access geo-restricted sites while abroad. The prices and features on offer are worth a look.

Conclusion -Expat VPN Guide

If there is one kind of software that an expat should be aware of is to get uninterrupted entertainment irrespective of where he/she work; then its a VPN service. It’ll enable them to get past any geo-restriction wherever the level of censorship is higher than what you’d typically expect. Expats will be able to access websites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix to stream live sporting events such as the Champions League, and the F1 Championship to name a few. They’ll also be able to download movies and TV shows through torrents; without having to bother about any copyright infringement notices in their mail, or any ISP warnings as well. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are some providers that any expat hoping to secure a good service should look into.


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