ETTV calls EZTV Fake Torrent Company and Accused for Releases


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Well, if you are in the world of torrenting, you might know the fights which on goes every single day. This time, popular TV-torrent distribution group ETTV is accusing its main competitors which is non-other than EZTV. Here, ETTV calls EZTV Fake Torrent and is claiming that they took ETTV releases.

In addition, EZTV is rebranding the releases of ETTV and are even publishing fake torrents on behalf of ETTV.

Further, to let you know full insight on ETTV calls EZTV Fake Torrent, let us move into the article further and discover the same.

ETTV calls EZTV Fake Torrent Story

In an attempt to themselves, ETTV said, “If you want to be a distribution group you should be getting your source files privately,” 

On the other hand, Online Pirates are mostly not known by the citizens who abide by the law. For example, Scene group has to follow a strict set of rules which generally define different sorts of things.

Further, as we move down the piracy structure, we find the P2P distribution groups. Here, these people operate in public and make sure that every scene finds their way on a regular basis.

Hence, ETTV is a group among them which does has their expertise in the TV contents. Every other day, it uploads dozens of different scenes to public sites.

Further, the group prides of good speed, scene selection and things which is highly appreciated by the pirate users.

But, as the ETTV is running fluently, they have their competitors EZTV which are truly spreading nuisance.

Hence, in order to show that ETTV is offline, EZTV included a fake torrent to their feeds.

More specifically, they uploaded an adult film and disguising it as “Taskmaster” episode.

Given below, you can see that the title is accompanied by an additional message:” EZTV and TGX stop riding our releases”.

But, since then, the fake release has been removed out completely from EZTV website. Still, the drama didn’t end here and yet another release came disguised as Mr Mercedes episode.

A Word of Mouth by EZTV

In a meeting with TorrentFreak, EZTV said, “They are always using our content and we are getting tired of it. If you want to be a distribution group you should be getting your source files privately,”

In case if you don’t know, ETTV is a bot which mostly operates at an automation level. But, it is definitely not free and a certain amount of money is present in order to access such files.

Final Word of Mouth: ETTV calls EZTV Fake Torrent

Till now, as the scene goes between ETTV and EZTV, the fake torrent company’s surrender is doubtful. Still, EZTV doesn’t have a good reputation but still, its users don’t care about the issue and are still visiting the site.

And, this is probably not the first time when “Fake Torrent” things have happened. Out there in the torrent industry, you will get dozens of reports on the same.

Still, as of now, ETTV calls EZTV Fake Torrent and what else is there in this matter,” Time is definitely the right answer”.


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