Dragon Box Will Pay ACE 14.5 Million In The Piracy Damages


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Even in 2019, the sale of streaming boxes is on the rise and people are using boxes on a relentless basis. As of now, the ACE which is a combination of Hollywood Studios, NetFlix and Amazon have won against Dragon Box. The streaming box owner and reseller have landed under a huge set of trouble. Dragon Box will pay ACE 14.5 Million to the ACE which has to be done as soon as possible.

Also, the pirate box company will have to cease all pirate activities and will have to pay for major losses. Moving ahead, let’s come along and discover in-depth information about Dragon Box and ACE Piracy Damages.

Dragon Box will Pay ACE 14.5 Million For the Piracy Damages Story

Over the past years, streaming box vendors have become a major target of anti-piracy groups. In this whole scenario, the ACE (Alliance for Creativity and entertainment) is playing a key role in eradicating piracy. Among the ACE, Hollywood Studios, Amazon and even Netflix are doing their best to catch hold of pirate streaming companies.

Very last October, the ACE filed a lawsuit against the Dragon Media Inc, which is a seller of Kodi powered Streaming boxes. The owner of company Paul Christoforo and reseller Williams were said to be the major culprits.

Following the entire lawsuit procedure, Dragon Box immediately stopped selling streaming boxes. Later, the company made their mind to move from traditional Kodi add-on services. Firstly, they worked on “BlendTV” which later on became “My TV Hub”.

However, as per the ACE, none of the above options is legal and Dragon Box will pay ACE 14.5 Million, for sure. Even a few weeks ago, rights holders requested the court to intervene but were not given the permission.

A Word of mouth by Richard VanOrnum

“Today’s legal victory is another significant and positive step in reducing online piracy and supporting creators around the world. ACE is pleased the agreement will ensure the immediate shutdown of the illegal Dragon Box system. The theft of creative content is a pervasive threat to the dynamic legal marketplace for movie and television content, and ACE will continue its global efforts to advance creativity,” said Richard VanOrnum, ACE spokesperson

Also, apart from paying for the damages, Dragon Box owners cannot access prohibited copyright contents of ACE. This includes the movies, TV Shows and cannot offer the same in their Dragon Boxes.

ACE Spokesperson welcomed such a decision with a warm welcome and said that it will curb future piracy.

On an initial note, no details from the court have come out. But, as per the proposals, Dragon Box owner is willing to pay for the damages.

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Final Verdict: Dragon Box will Pay ACE 14.5 Million For the Piracy Damages

Still, Dragon Box will pay ACE 14.5 Million to the ACE and they are left with no options. Other vendors will have to take such things as a steep warning and will have to remove piracy contents, as early as possible.

Lastly, Dragon Box is going helpless and what their owners will do after such a massive lawsuit, we will have to wait and watch out for.

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