Cybersecurity Trends of 2018


What will the Cybersecurity Trends of 2018 to be exactly? We are well into another year, and most technology followers must be querying about what trends cybersecurity will be up to this year. Cybersecurity has been a red-hot topic recently; with the abundance of cybercrimes on the growth. From crypto-currency hacks to massive ransomware attacks; 2017 signatories various malicious online attacks. 2018 will presumably witness even more cybersecurity fulminations.

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Cybersecurity Trends of 2018

From superstores being hacked to bank data being lifted to computers being held to ransom; the numerous types of cybercrimes have put netizens into a tizzy. Needless to mention, cybersecurity is also rising up its game; with unique and smarter technologies being built to counter cybercrimes.

Cybercrimes continue emerging, and so do cybersecurity trends. What served last year; may be inadequate to assure safety this year. Cybercriminals have a way to all latest technology and are becoming smarter by the minute. To outdo them, cybersecurity is getting tougher. The following are some of the cybercrime and cybersecurity trends of 2018 that are prophesied to be big this year.

Artificial Intelligence

It is no mystery that artificial intelligence is now frequently used by cybercrooks; thanks to the availability of free and accessible statistical AI implementations. While for so long Artificial intelligence remained on a much meagerer scale; this year could see cybercriminals practising AI to make more violent attacks.

Activities like email scams and phishing attacks need a lot of time; hence, cybercriminals use automation and machine learning to perform these tasks. AI can also guess passwords without much effort explicitly.

Cyber Hijacking

Majority of people have become accustomed to ransomware now – the type of malware that locks you out of your own device and asks a ransom to give back control.

Until now, these attacks were confined to a computer or a mobile device. 2018 is prognosticated to be the year when cyber hijacking will get worse.(Also see, The Rise of Ransomware: How to Get Protection From Ransomware)

Credits to the Internet of Things, technology and the internet now control almost everything. From your TV and your mattress to huge scale industries and motorized transport, the Internet governs everything.

This is good news for cybercrooks, for them it will be simple to hijack a whole system – from an industrial database to transport automation system – and deny access to the legitimate owner or user. The price will be a hefty ransom. Enemy nations could use this method to hold a whole country to ransom and demand a huge payment, like setting free dangerous terrorists.

Blockchain Attacks

Digital cryptocurrencies and the technology powering it – Blockchain – have gone to more mainstream than ever; with various places accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as lawful money. Besides, different industries implement the Blockchain system for various purposes.(Also see, The Pros And Cons Of Cryptocurrency)

This is a prime time for cybercriminals to attack Blockchain. Specialists think that the odds of cryptographic attacks against digital currencies are not too presumably, but other blockchain systems are more vulnerable because their cryptographic algorithms may not be as robust.

Those organizations that use Blockchain system to run vital operations could face a massive risk if cybercriminals find a way to breach the technology.

Cyber Insurance

Undeniably, cyber insurance is a concept. It has been around for quite a while but has only lately gone to the mainstream. Cyber insurance is much like any other insurance goods, except that it is to shield against jeopardies related to online threats.

For example, if a malware attack hits your warranted digital assets, you are liable for compensation. Cyber insurance is imperative for business running critical operations on the Internet. In case of a data infringement resulting in massive losses, cyber insurance could give some form of protection.

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Conclusion – Cybersecurity Trends 2018

These and other several trends are likely to define cybersecurity this year. Those in the cyberspace should keep their eyes open for more to come.


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