Countries with Banned VPN List – Freedom Is Not so Freely Available


Countries with Banned VPN List– Undeniably, VPN has gained a lot of popularity over a short period. It’s mainly because of the rising cybercrimes and internet censorship around the globe. From bypassing geo-blocking, internet censorship and protection from cybercriminals to the prevention of ISP spying; VPNs help us in many ways. This is why many countries in the world have started implementing laws that exert control over the internet accessibility. Since VPN can help you evade government censorship and snooping; many countries now ban VPNs. Let’s dig deep into what are those countries with banned VPN list.

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Countries with Banned VPN List – Freedom Is Not so Freely Available

Countries With Banned VPN List

This is the time that’s most difficult in terms of attaining freedom; which is not easily available to all of us. Here is the top countries with banned VPN list.


China is one of those countries in the world where the restriction is at its peak; especially when it comes to using the internet freely. The Great Firewall of China blocks not only VPNs but many popular websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook and many other famous big names that we use every day. Even worse, the recent crackdown against VPN in China has made it difficult for the citizens and expats to access their favorite websites that have been blocked in China.(Also check, Why Is China Cracking Down On VPN)

However, there are still some VPNs that work pretty well in China; because the Chinese government blocked all the VPN websites except few that are approved by the government.
The shortfalls of this are apparent. Government-approved VPNs will not enable you to access websites banned in the country. Furthermore, the government can intervene anytime to snoop the VPN users and get what so the information they want. Subsequently, if you don’t abide by the laws against VPN, this can lead you to hefty fines or some cases can even land you in jail.(Also see, Best Working VPN in China Revealed)

North Korea

North Korea, another state where netizen’s freedom of using the internet is nowhere on the priority list. It’s one of the countries with strictest internet laws across the globe. In fact, it has unwaveringly been aiming towards a national intranet. This indicates North Koreans may soon be entirely cut-off from the global internet at large. Only a few of government officials have real access to the internet, and even they have many sites blocked.


The Russian government has always been leery of ‘dissent’ amongst the heaps. This impacts online dissent particularly. For instance, LGBTQ activists, and liberals who promote these fundamental human rights are often subjected to hefty fines and penalties when found uttering their views online.

So netizens in the Russian Federation have been utilizing VPNs to discreetly connect with like-minded personalities and voice their views of the government’s oppressiveness. But the government has caught on to this and later passed some laws banning VPN.


Turkey considered being a safer haven and a liberal Islamic country. The state grants its citizens greater rights to enjoy than any other Islamic state in the world. This has typically stretched to the internet as well.

Nevertheless, in recent times, the Turkish government’s strategy has changed towards cutback of internet freedom. Their social media has been suppressed to local bans, and this move is being assumed to be long-lasting.

So to recapitulate free internet access, many netizens resorted to using VPNs. But the government was prompt to find this and made some crackdowns on VPN service providers and users. Now as it rises, it can be tedious to use VPNs in the country.


Ever since the US intrusion of Iraq, the nation has been grappling to find its foundations and repeatedly disappointed. Insurgency is prevalent in the country, and people’s lives are constantly affected by civil turmoil and violence. The rise of ISIS has further driven to curtailment of fundamental rights.

In a bid to prevent more ISIS publicity from befouling social media in the country, Iraq’s government has simply turned off internet services in the whole country. Naturally, VPNs are part of the package, and if you get caught with one, you can face a serious problem.

The United Arab Emirates

UAE might have unlocked its door to foreign travelers, international investors, and others, but it still is one of the most prohibitive regimes in the world. It is universally known for inflicting a lot of restrictions on behavior, and speech and the internet is no exemption to this. In a recent set of encumbrances, the country has banned VPN, but there is a catch. Only those movements bypassing regular internet bans are deemed illegal. If you use VPNs within state defined boundaries, it is not an issue. In case you’re traveling to the UAE for the first time, you’ll be astonished to find out that even VoIP apps like Skype and Whatsapp are not allowed.(Also see, Skype Blocked in UAE: Are VPN’s the Only Savior for the Cause?)

Conclusion -Countries with Banned VPN List

Undoubtedly, VPNs are now no less than an integral part of the internet world. From attaining web anonymity to accessing banned websites to protecting the right to freedom of speech; VPN helps us do this all very easily. But, if you happen to live or travel in countries with banned VPN list, you should go with caution. It’s because going against law can land you some serious issues that include hefty fines and sometimes even in jails.

Before you download and start using a VPN, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the encompassing laws and penalties linked to them. That way, you can understand how to be safe and still have all the comforts the internet can provide. If you intend to travel in a restrictive country (such as China), make sure you already have a VPN installed on your system. Also, move with caution because the use of VPNs is banned there.


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