Copyright Law Professor Says Australia To Cancel Site-Blocking Laws


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It is the end of 2018 and site blocking trend is inevitably on the road of expansion. Each day, hundreds of sites are under blocking radar and the pirate sites are facing a tremendous backlash. Now, as per the latest news, a copyright law professor is urging Australia to cancel site-blocking laws.

Now, as we take the Australian government into consideration, there are at top speed to expand their site-blocking laws.

Further, to let you know more about the site blocking laws and copyright law professor view, let’s move ahead and reap some essential information.

Copyright Law Professor Wants Australia to Repel Site-Blocking Laws

First of all, the latest proposals have made it far easier to block the upcoming domains. Further, it will even allow the search engines to block such domains at the earliest.

Now, according to a law professor named Mathew Rimmer, his view on site blocking is little different.

He is telling that the government must work on “bill of rights” which can protect the freedom of Australians. Further, different copyright holders can protect their products with the help of bill of rights.

Three years ago, Australia implemented its copyright law for paving the way to block every single pirate site.

According to the section 115a of Australia’s copyright act, it allows the rightsholders to request ISP’s and block infringing sites in every local court.

Now, while different entertainment industries have said that pirate site blocking is difficult, the Australian government have taken a step ahead to help them.

Here, the government has agreed and is looking to impose amendments to enhance blocking capabilities.

A Word of Mouth by Rimmer

“Given the United States Congress rejected the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) site-blocking legislation, the Australian Parliament should similarly reject the crude policy option of site-blocking,” Rimmer’s first recommendation reads.

Meanwhile, Google has asked the government for slowing down the process. Similarly, social media groups such as Facebook, Twitter have given disadvantages on such expansions.

Now, what is actually is in the site blocking law? The new plans of copyright laws will also target the appearances in searches other than online locations.

With this, Google and other search engines will have to remove pirate site domains from their database.

Coming down to the professor, there is no fool-proof evidence to say that the current blocking tactics are effective. Here, the evidence has come from the entertainment industry which truly looks like a weak foundation.

Hence, instead of expanding the current copyright laws, Rimmer is telling to cancel the current site-blocking laws.

Further, the professor even urges that the current plans will have a greater impact on the global anti-piracy regime.

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Final Word of Mouth: Copyright Law Professor Wants Australia to Repel Site-Blocking Laws

As of now, instead of levying different site-blocking laws, the professor wants the government to make “bill of rights”. With this, the demands of entertainment companies, as well as citizens, can be fulfilled.

Still, if we look at the Australian government, they don’t really seem to put a halt on their law, in any case.

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